Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Act 1 Quick Guide By: JustCrowGaming


Midsummer Act 1

+ Genshin Impact x Epic Games Redeem Code



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+ The island is TEMPORARY and will disappear after 1.6 so remember to collect everything (chest, resource, complete challenge…)
Use the official map if you want to find all the chest:

+ Jump out of the boat to reset Boat’s stamina, it will become full when you get in again.

+ Follow beacons to unlock the map of the event.

+ Cannon is auto aim so just fire away.

+ Pithy Pearl reduces Heavy cannon cooldown by 10 secs.

+ You don’t need to clear all the barricades to complete, just need to kill all the Hilichurl.

+ If you get knocked down, you can use the ship to jump up again.

+ Use Ranged Character so you don’t have to travel between towers.

+ If the next location is far away you can use Teleport.

+ You only need to complete 6 objectives to receive full reward further completion will have no benefit. 2000 Shiny Flotsam is enough to buy everything in the shop.

+ Toolbox can restore 50% Boat HP with 90-sec cooldown. You can receive it after complete 1 location (200 Shiny).

+ At the moment, there are only 5 Echoing Conch that can be found in the area. More will be unlocked at a later Act of the event when we discover more areas.

+ Mysterious Bubble can be found around the map, follow it to the end to receive the reward.

+ Challenge can also be found around the map, complete it to receive rewards.

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