Genshin Impact Mobile users with low FPS. I found a way to increase your FPS By: Tristepin_Rubilax


First, be aware if you currently are around 15fps you’ll never reach the 60fps but you’ll probably ne around 25-30 fps depending of your phone. If you are already around the 30 fps and want more FPS it might work too (can’t confirm as I only have low/mid tier phones)

One method is only for Samsung users, the other is for everyone

Let’s start with the easiest way, this method works only for Samsung. You have to install Game Launcher and Games Plugins from Galaxy Store.

Then go in Games Plugins and install “Games booster plus”. Once installed, go in the mentionned plugin, select Genshin Impact, enable “Max FPS” and press Apply. That’s it, can’t be more simple.

Now if you aren’t Samsung users or aren’t satisfy with the first method.

  • Go in Google Play Store and install “Gamers GL Tools”

  • Open the apps and select Genshin Impact to be optimized

  • Go back to App’s Home, Disable “Auto Gaming Mode” (press “tap to select option” to Enable/Disable), then Click on the circle at the bottom right and apply.

  • Now we enter the part configuration that depend of your phone, so I’ll be general.

  • Open the menu with the 3 bar at top left and go in “game tuner”

  • From there you will be able to change many options. Start to change Graphics into “smooth”. Click the circle and apply

  • Then change FPS to 45 (in case your phone can somehow pass the 30 fps bar). I repeat if you currently are around 15 fps you’ll never reach the 60 fps. If you are already around 30 fps, you can try but I promise nothing as I’m not able to try it myself

  • Finally there are 2 options that depend entirely on your phone capabilities Resolution and Shadow. If you don’t care about shadow, you can disable it without thinking. Then for Resolution you can do some test to find what fit better your performances/image quality preference

  • Remember everytime you change a setting click on the circle and apply

Hope this little guide help some of you

Sidenote For Samsung users : Game plugins can count the FPS with PerfZ. Do not combine the 2 methods, it’s useless

Sidenote for anyone : Gamers GL Tools is a free app but display 5-10 secs ads when you change a setting

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