Genshin Impact Mona Ascend Philanemo Mushroom, Cleansing Heart, Varunada Fragment Locations Guide


Hey how’s everyone doing today, grunty gaming and i’m going to do a quick video on how to ascend mona all the items that you’re going to need, and it’s always going to be the same, no matter if you’re sending her from level 20 to 21, i guess Or level 40, what not? Okay, so easy video today we’re going to start with the film amino mushrooms, the cleansing heart, the water fragment and then we’re going to get to the shimmering nectar.

We’Re going to start with the mushrooms, though so, if you’re coming here for just the mushrooms, we’ll do that. First, because that’s like going to be the hardest one, i think the cleansing heart’s, pretty straightforward, but i’ll show you how to get that the water fragment easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Get that easy too. You get that multiple ways actually and the shimmering nectar will do last i’ll put time stamps in the description, so you guys can find them which ones you need and let’s start with the mushrooms now. So basically, the mushrooms are easy.

Um they’re hard to find. Unless you know where to look for them, they’re in monsta, actually they’re just on the buildings, so just search all the buildings you’ll see them glowing there. You can use your senses to help find them. If you can’t locate them and if you go around collecting them, they do respond in a couple of days. So this is something you can just collect and keep an eye out for, if you’re, using mona as a main – and you just always want to be collecting these mushrooms, because you’re always going to want to keep ascending here. So when you need to hit the adventure rank that you need to ascend or the next time just keep collecting these mushrooms, because you’re always going to need. Oh there’s one right: there we’re always going to need them and they’re going to be all over monster on all the buildings, so just search and search and they’re not really too hard to find when you know where and what you’re looking for. So that’s going to be the mushrooms very easy. You don’t even have to leave the city now to find the fragments, there’s two ways of doing this.

You can go to this lady right here and you can buy parts to make or craft fragments. I don’t know what they’re called, but it’s these blue ones – i’m not even gon na pronounce that. Essentially, you can do this with all the different fragments for all the characters, but we need the blue ones for mona, so we’re gon na buy them and you need um. What do you need? What’S the currency, these the memo coins? I guess i don’t even know what they’re called oh, the sigils, the amino sigils. You get those from opening chests in this region and you know upgrading the statue so we’re going to craft them. You do unlock these from doing adventure rank like rewards and stuff like that, as well. So they’re pretty easy to come by, so you can make them for any fragment. That’S a pretty easy way. Then there’s a second way. You got ta, go fight, ocean aid or oceanide um. You get the cleansing heart, which is the key item that you need and you get fragment pieces. So this is a second way to get them. This is the two birds and one stone you’re gon na have to kill this boss to upgrade mona.

It’S a necessity like you need to do it kind of a pain in the ass, but you know what you got to do it for every character. They all have their own bosses that you have to kill in order to ascend them and there’s a boss for every element, so yeah might as well just get it over with the minute you can and every single day i would kill this boss as moana’s. Your main and that’s what you’re collecting for i’d be killing this boss, probably every other day just keep collecting those fragments and you’ll have a ton saved up. So when you do need to ascend her, it’s not such a pain in the ass to go grind. So now we killed the boss go over here and you’ll need uh. I think it’s 40 uh original resin, which that will just recycle on a daily basis. So, just like, i said every other day, come back and kill this boss and you’ll get all what you need. So we got fragment pieces and we got um cleansing heart, that’s the name of it.

We got the cleansing heart so now we just need that um bittersweet nectar, whatever the hell that’s called and that’ll, be over here, those little plants, those whooping flowers or whatever they’re called they are all over the map. So you don’t need to come here to get it, but i know for a fact that there are some here we should be able to get at least four of those things. Where is this? Okay, we got ta go this way. Essentially, i know for a fact that they’re always going to be those whoopee flowers here, there’s a fire, a couple fire ones, but there’s some all over the map um some of them not even too far from monstat. You find these things everywhere, so just kill them.

Whenever you run into them and just save up for them, so we’ll kill this guy here, good thing he happens to be fire, it makes it convenient, they’re, actually sort of annoying actually pretty strong. I think we got a lot of hp and that’s that’s really essentially gon na, be it i’m gon na be trying to cover these items for all the main five star characters to start and then maybe we’ll do some more um yeah, really, that’s it. There’S guaranteed to get four of those things here, so we’ll collect these ones. Whooping flower nectar and you now essentially have all the items you need to ascend mona. Just keep collecting them come back every other day like the mushrooms.

Those are a key one, because you know, as you get a higher level, you’re gon na need more and more and more so just keep killing the boss keep collecting those keep getting the nectars and you’ll send her. No time hope this helps. I will leave timestamps in the description and we will see you in the next video!

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