Genshin Impact Mondstat Viewpoints Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and hello to this video, I’m going to show you where All views are on Mondstat in Genshin Impact, Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to like it and subscribe and ring the bell To help with youtube algorithm now back to video. As of correction 1.1 in gentian effect, They have added an archive. So if you go to your list by pressing the escape key, go to the archive, you can see this, Then we move to uh geography, and this is where all the points of view reside. So now we focus on Monstat area. There are also views in the expanse, but I’ll put that in a separate video. So these are the ten we’re following right now that give you a hint of where they are just in case you are. I really want to try to find them yourself, but if not, you can watch this video and I will Show you exactly where the ten are and I’ll also put timestamps In the video. So you can quickly serve it everywhere. So we’ll get to first Here Iraq inside the beast itself, we need to go to the headquarters of the Knights of Iphonius.

Let’S talk, Of course, you’ve jumped the wrong side nicely, so you want to get in and if you need to Anytime, please pause the video to see where you went is ok, so we want to go to the library To the right and the point of view There – and that is what the views are. Ah, it looks as you can see so just mark it It’s added to the archive and what we’ll do is when I get all 10 We’ll review the archive at the end of the video to see. If there is any additional information about each The one now, the next site we’re going to is the cathedral. So I’m going up these stairs And we want to go to the cathedral itself. Well, I see it’s really there. Let’S uh, let’s have it: Okay! Well, the next site we’re going to try is what it’s like Out of the way first, so we’re going up here to Bright Crown Valley. So let’s turn the distance. So some of it is a mini track, but you only have to do it once So. There is no point in marking it on the map, because once you have it, you will have it Forever. So we’re heading northwest Recharge our stamina a little bit now we really want Focus on being on these upper slopes even higher Now. The reason I try to use the scanner is because it has 25 fewer uses of stamina when it climbs And running, and things like that, so he can move around faster, but it doesn’t really matter. We just get and add points. So, let’s run we’re still running northwest. We want to find the view that overlooks the stone terrace, so it’s right there Well, that is that Okay, Okay, so the next location is right next door here. So let’s jump right in near the Fajr Winery. Okay! So that’s one

We have to head east And climbing that hill we’re basically looking for an overview of the winery By itself. Well, we might have to take it to a higher level. I don’t think we should scale up exist. Okay, so here we go now. The next place is the spring veil. So let’s go So we want to head west from the viewpoint and climb these hills A place. There is easy to find. Okay, then we want to get here and then run south. Let’S go south and see. I have uh the mining sites and everything is still Flagged and thank you for the uh positive comments on the unusual hills. Kids, video you uploaded Yesterday. I think the next video will be the same views but for the luway. Well, we’re looking for a point of view there. Okay, so let’s get this one! I guess we have a nice view of the tree. Okay, Okay, the next space is here so I’ll move on there And running west instead of climbing on a steep slope. Is your last Okay, so we want this header ramp that you can see on the mini map to the top left And I feel the need to collect everything And there it gives us a nice view of the monster There. We go City of the Wind. Next l location uh is actually to the northeast from here, so we will continue running from here A little out of the way, but not too far, oops anyone else, But this is the reason why the scanner is so useful, because I saw that I was able To avoid falls If he didn’t have an extra 25, I wouldn’t Okay, so I guess we have to go up here. Ok, Let’s see if we can find the vantage point in this whole region. Ah, it’s actually broken.

I’M mine, Okay! So we’re looking at the swamp. Next, so we’ll get to here, Then we’ll run to The Temple of a Thousand Winds is essentially this open courtyard area. Beware that this place has ruined escorts, but it’s also nice to know There is a room guard here in case you have a guard desperate to find one, But we’ll ignore it. For now We aim for this corridor. On the other side, The primary crucibles are back to me Already. Well, okay, you probably want to climb so, let’s climb up this cliff, I always try to spot the slopes ahead of time to make sure they’re not heading At the top, because oftentimes, if your head hits a block, it will fall off Well here it is Right. Then the last in uh da da, I probably slaughtered the pronunciation Here we go, he is here, That’s all 10 should be all so. The way we can confirm is back to the archive Go to uh geography, and you can see that we now have all 10 of them in the beast. So the wind says it will Carry away dandelion, seed, songs and stories, as well as bring the sweetest travelers out into the world. Welcome to the next beast: a poem says that a star once fell to the ground forming this lake, but another Tales say that even stars that shine like Anemacan eyes will fall into this lake. Next is how this plane says: uh swimming in the eternal breeze, an ancient ancient tree. She left her an old heroine talking loudly uh, sorry quietly in the wind, then uh Springville. So it is a wonderful, peaceful, suburban town with a long history of sweet spring hunting. Uh, water and the myth, uh of the spirit of good dwelling in the waters, has disappeared. Then the dawn of dawn says it is full of grape and wine scent.

Ownership of one of the premium monstart homes that city drinkers have conquered Uh, unparalleled wine that is in a way sacred ground for everyone who loves a bottle. Hajj must then be Vorphonius. Cathedral said The holy place run by the faithful followers of the Secretary. It was once a lavish monarchy in which the aristocracy flaunted its authority, Then Kings of Ivania’s, Library and Library, With the largest number of books in all the northern lands other than those collected in Restricted section. All books here are open for general reading and then Alif Old. He wins the temple, so rumors say of an ancient amphitheater gathering a thousand gruesome winds Here. They bring with them countless tails and carry that tail far and wide. Then uh Dwidge, hundreds of years passed and the world returned to peace. This forest of blades stands as testimony to the clashing sword, fighting hymns Among the warriors, the thunderstorm uh, the fall of monsters and the scarlet sky. As you read like blood, Then storm the layer of horror and say that the person who, once dwelt in this lonely tower no longer exists The fierce winds surrounding the tender town tell of the oldest stories. No humans now remember telling about their former master.

The Uncharted Wind Spirit And the chorus that caused this quail bird to cool off is all in the beast, So I’ll be sure to like me, make a separate video uh, showing all the sites for Time out. So I hope this video was helpful to you anyway, guys that’s for this video. If, Like make sure you like him, you can see a random video there that you watch Latest download is out there or you can click here to subscribe. Thanks guys, bye,

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