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Genshin Impact Monstadt Tutorial By: Lforice


TLDR:TLDR: Killed Cryo Regisvine while still in tutorial https://i.imgur.com/wrxW0tE.png

TLDRs littered throughout the post

Meet Kimno, my Monstadt locked Ultimate Solo. After recently maxing my Maplestory dailies I decided to up the ante, to forge my own journey from scratch. No questing, no spells, no gliding, no party members, no listening to Paimon but this time I can’t progress in the story. All leading up to eventually taking on one of Genshin Impact’s biggest challenges: the Cryo Regisvine.

I started off my journey in Teyvat like everyone else, at the beach. I picked the male character because I heard he has faster run speed. I swam to the exquisite chest on the rock island south of the beach. I was able to get lucky with two artifacts:

TLDR1: The starting artifacts were nutty.

At this point I was still exploring the beginning area and trying to climb everywhere (including the cliff to StormBearer mountain to my right) after seeing the “Zero Stamina Climbing – Using Lisa” video. After failing for 20 mins and being called an idiot I backtracked to the waterfall and climbed regularly.

TLDR2: Paimon is still waiting on the cliff overlooking the first statue of the seven. I did not unlock the statue, spells, party members nor gliding.

At the top of the cliff I found (Pyro WhopperFlower) and some (Pyro Slimes). After dying to them once I climbed right back up to challenge them again. I thought that I would get something cool for killing mobs without spells but nothing happened beyond some gold drops and random mats. I decided to take the idea further and see how far I could progress in the game with no spells, no party members, and just autoattacks. Then I encountered some (HiliChurls) and fights agaisnt a group of them was super rewarding. Learning to weave in auto attacks while dodging ranged attacks and the approaching melee fighters was engaging and at this point I got hooked into this type of gameplay. The following are some of the points I learned while fighting some of the mobs I encountered on my way to the city of Monstadt.

  • (Blazing Axe Mitachurl) Just had to wait for him to attack so I could deal damage safely. Kept distance from him when he was spinning and autoing.

  • (Wooden Shield MitaChurl and Wooden Shield HiliChurl Guard) Just had wait for them to attack/charge so I did not have to break their wooden shields.

  • (Elemental HiliChurl Shooters) Yeah, just dodged their attacks at range, their wind up time to shoot allows you to weave in around 5 auto attacks.

  • (Rune Guardian) Can’t keep too much distance from it, or else it will shoot the missle attack while stalls the fighter longer. Kept a close distance, weaved in auto attacks and jumped away from his feet during stomp, clap, and spinning attacks. There was no consistent and feasible way to hit his weakpoints without ranged attacks and the only time he was on the ground for an extended period of time without doing anything was after his jump attack which occurs after 2 swings.

  • (Elemental Samachurl) Closed distances on these lesser mages and only thng to look out for was their elemental synergies with slimes around and their occasional melee auto attack where they swing their staff.


  • Lured mobs away from group to pick them off one by one when possible.

  • When mobs are standing on platforms because I had no glider, I had to find creative ways to close the distance (ie jump from nearby boxes and crates).

  • Avoided fights with mages and slimes if possible due to their elemental reactions being annoying (mostly the ice slime and water mage combo).

  • To maximize dps, I auto attack 4 times and then use my charge attack to knock monsters back (Similiar to mabingoi 3-1 aa style if you are familiar).

TLDR3: They said I couldn’t kill the (Rune Guardian). They owe me a Popeyes chicken sandwich now.

While exploring I discovered that there are prelit fires where I could cook food with the ingredients I scavenged. Additionally, I read up on the artifacts that I was looting from chests and discovered that I could utilize the Adventurer 4 piece set bonus: Opening a chest regenerates 30% Max HP over 5s. To bring my health up after fights and perserve food I would switch my damage artifacts (Berserk’s Rose and Berserker’s Indigo Feather) and equip adventurer set artifacts purely to open the chest for the set bonus, then switch back to the damage ones when I was about to fight. In really tight fights where I was one hit from dying, I used the character level up to instantly restore my hp back to 100%.

TLDR4: You gotta utilize what you have when your resources are limited.

Then, I entered the glorious city of Monstadt. I discovered that I luckily was able to use teleport waypoints even though my map was stilled blacked out. I visited all the luxurious chests in the city but was unable to get a 3 star sword, so I had to make do with my 2 star one that I found on my way here. Finally, I was about to roll one of the most important factors for an account type like mine. Because I am locked to the Monstadt region, there is only one opportunity for me to get a 4 star artifact and it was at the Favonius Church. I crawled my way up those flights of stairs, opened the grand doors, and made my way to Nun Victoria. I spoke to her and selected the second dialog option for the artifact reward from her. Readying myself to recive the chalice I knew this was a once in a account life roll and many of my friends have lost before and got defence percent or hp. I recieved:

  • Bloodstained Chevalier’s Goblet with main line: Physical DMG Bonus

  • Additional line: CRIT DMG, DEF, HP

This. Changes. E V E R Y T H I N G.

With such a POWERFUL artifact my potential DPS skyrocketed, by enhanching this chalice and my berserk rose and feather I would be able to gain significant bonuses towards Crit damage, Crit Rate, physical damage, and attack. These would all contribute to my dps and make killing mobs and exploring a lot easier. Riding on this high, I was able to start going through Monstadt planning my ascents up buildings and learning that to save myself when dropping I need to use plunge attack.

TLDR5: Died 1000 times falling from buildings.

Leaving Monstadt, I decided to explore the entire map available to me. I encountered more mobs and was able to take them down, nothing compared to the (Rune Guardian) fight thus far.

  • (Elemental Abyssal Mages) Their shields can actually be broken with brute force auto attacks, it just takes a while.

  • (Geo slimes) Same here, geo slime shields can be broken with brute force.

The ice elemental abyssal mage fight on StormBearer mountain (I skipped the ice mage near the Thousand Winds Temple when I thought their shield was invincible) was the most interesting one up to now. Learning his attack pattern with the quick frost bolt attack and 3 frost shards falling nearly killed me many times. During this fight I also figured out that during your death animation before your character hits the ground you are able to level up your character and have them restore back to 100%, avoiding the death.

TLDR6: Cheat death by leveling up.

After exploring the map, I geared up for the final fight.

I leveled up my 2 star silver sword to level 20 with any required mats. Since I was capped at 20, I kept myself at level 17 since I wanted to reserve 3 levels for 100% hp restores.

I enhanced my artifacts and ended up with:

  • +4 Berserker’s Rose with additional lines CRIT DMG %, CRIT RATE %, HP %

  • +8 Berserker’s Indigo Feather with additional lines CRIT RATE %, CRIT DMG %, ATK %

  • +4 Adventurer’s Pocket Watch with main line ATK %, additional lines flat ATK, CRIT DMG %

  • +8 Bloodstained Chevalier’s Goblet with main line Physical DMG bonus %, additional line CRIT DMG %, flat DEF, flat HP, ATK %

  • +0 Adventuer’s Bandana with main line CRIT DMG %

Didn’t upgrade my bandana since I only used it for set bonus.

Additionally, I found that I was able to avoid the first statue and activate another statue of the seven at Galesong Hill. This was possible because I think the game is coded to give you skills upon touching the first statue at Starfell Valley after the cutscene with Paimon. Here I was able to offer anemoculus that I found annd was able to increase my stamina to 114. Also spent around 40k gold at Monstadt to buy ability boosting drinks and high healing food for the fight.

TLDR7: None of these preparations actually made a difference in the end, only big things were artifacts, stamina, and weapon upgrade.

Learning the fight and then just doing it.

Cryo Regisvine This boss has many attacks with an optimal way of avoiding it depending on where you are standing

If you are standing next to the boss dpsing

  • Ice laser attack – theres a timing where you need to look at the laser and dash into it to avoid it. Ice lasers usually come one after the other.

  • Sweep attack – theres an audio cue where you hear the boss wind up the attack and you have to time your dash in any direction to avoid it. When you dash based on the audio cue has slight changes in timing depending if you are looking directly at the the boss or behind it.

  • Smash attack x1 – it winds up and looks at the ground, a cue to check for is you see its stem have a blue flash travel upwards. To avoid this just dash away from it.

  • Smash attack x3 – same as above, to be safe I dash away from the original smash location, attack twice, and dash away to avoid the potential for another smash attack.

  • Ice Field attack – snow forms around you in a small area around the boss stem base, you need to dash out ASAP, double dash to be safe. When the resulting ice field forms on the ground, you take dot if you stand on the field so during the ice field you cannot safely dps the boss.

TLDR8: Smash that like button, comment, and subscribe for the youtube algorithim.

If you are standing away from the boss, avoiding the ice field there are 2 possible phases General Attack Phase

  • Ice laser attack – the timing is a lot more generous, as long as you are running and dashing you can avoid it if you time it well

  • Sweep attack – sometimes does this you should be fine, it can’t hit you.

  • Smash attack x1, Smash attack x3 – just dash away from the area to avoid the damage.

  • Homing Ice Shard attack – don’t run in multiple directions, keep to one (clockwise or counterclockwise) and stick with it. Dash when the ice shards from the side closests to you is about to hit to dodge.

Ice Crystal Spawning phase I found that you can actually run off to a side area just outside of the ice shard spawn range and you can relax during this phase without resetting the boss. Heal up, strech, get water. The cue to walk back into the outer circle is when the ice field next to its stem despawns and you should run into the circle towards the stem and not sprint. Since my character was level 17 and did not get one shot by the boss, you can actually delay healing if you got hit when you were dpsing if you are confident and save healing for this phase when you are safe and waiting.

TLDR9: Why did I actually just write a boss guide.

When dying I would end up at the entrance of the Temple of the Wolf. There is a ledge to the southeast where you can jump off and plunge attack to start the fight instantly. This is how I was able to get a lot of practice in without traveling back to the boss from the Galesong Hill teleport.

Death count: Over 9000

After a lot of attempts, I finally killed the boss. Lost the footage of the beginning of the fight but had the footage for the end and mechanics were the same throughout. Proof in pics and video below.


I can finally play the game now

Final TLDR: If I could eat Paimon during the fight for HP I would.


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