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Genshin Impact My Opinion on BiS for Main DPS Beidou By: bakaSky



Not going to cover Physical Main DPS build here since ultimately her Burst covers the largest portion of her overall dps.

Thundering Fury + Noblesse Oblige:

– Total modifier = 15% Electro ; 35% Burst Damage.

– Great option for Burst-oriented sub-dps Beidou.

– Downside: Great boost in Burst damage, but loses 20% bonus damage to Normal attack and E.

– Not to mention, the bonus Burst damage is additive to 24% Electro from A6 Beidou + 46.6% Electro Goblet, which yield about 11% dps increase instead of 20%. Which means a TL13 Burst, taking average 10 hit from maximum 15 hit, only get about 1100% bonus modifiers instead of 2040% increase.

– With how diminishing return works, NO is actually not so impressive.

Thundersoother 4pcs set:

– Total Modifier = 35% on Electro debuff enemies.

– 4TS set combo actually gives the same total of +35% Bonus Damage to character as TF + NO.

– But what’s superior here is 4TS boost not only Burst, but also her white damage Normal/Charged attack and E.

– Its easy to maintain 100% Electro uptime with Electro-charged / Electro team comp.

– The downside of 4TS: only works with specific team comp – Electro / Electro-charged team. Practically useless on team comp aside from EC reaction team.

– Similar to TF+NO, diminishing return to DPS increase kicks in as well.

Thundering Fury 4pcs set:

– Personally think BiS for Main DPS Beidou.

– The 2~3seconds CD Reduction benefits alot to her survivability, dps, error tolerance, and also energy recharge. Great QoL to Beidou’s Gameplay.

– Beidou often have ER issues due to her 80 Energy Cost. Even if she is paired with Fischl as Electro Battery, she still need some ER% on substats. But with TF4, she is able to gain 1~2 extra Tidecaller chance during the 20s Burst CD, gaining more energy particles than common set hence increasing likelihood to fill up her Gauge within 20s. Not to mention, if we able to Full Counter on those extra hit, 4 energy particle will spawn instead of usual 2.

– Mathematically, if we assume to get one Full Counter from this extra hit chance, that’s a 1866% on two enemies [TL13 E], which easily outwin the 1100% modifier from NO buff or TS4.

– Hence TF4 is arguably the best option for Main DPS Beidou.

QUICK NOTE: Thundering Fury + Noblesse Oblige = Thundersoother 4pcs set with 100% Electro debuff uptime.

Now now. This is about which set is best to maximise her main dps potential. So its actually still good to grab TS4, TF2+NO, or TF2+Gladiator and take whatever with better substats.

In the end, this is based on my opinion so I too might be wrong. Am open to any discussion and critique. Cheerio~

If you looking for detailed explanation, feel free to watch my YouTube video about this topic.

Video Title: “Beidou In-Depth Character Guide: Best Artifact for Main DPS with Comparison”

Thanks for reading and I hope you learn something here!


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