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Genshin Impact Ningguang Build Guide | Best Artifacts & Best Weapons | Genshin Impact


Ninguang is currently one of the most slept on characters in against impact. It’S time to wake up, and you guys are probably waking up and that’s why you’re here welcome to the ultimate ninguang damage dealing character, guide. Ninghuang is both the master of burst damage as well as party support. This is through the utilization of a very combo centric and oriented fighting style, as well as the unique use of several artifacts in silence that only are available to her as ninguang’s combo centric. Fighting style is oriented around the starjade system.

Let’S talk about how the best ways to use this system are. Her normal attack is going to award you one single star, jade upon activation, her charge attack will consume, said star jades and do bonus damage per star jade consumed. Her jade screen is going to do two things for you. It’S going to allow you to do a large amount of damage on summoning of the jade screen later on.

You will be able to walk through the jade screen and gain elemental damage a bonus also, while the jade screen is present on the battlefield, it will prevent you from taking damage from enemy projectiles. Her final ability, her star shatter, is where her big damage comes from, and thankfully it has a very low cooldown of only 12 seconds in an extremely low energy cost of only 40 energy upon using star shatter, you are going to pelt the enemy with a large Amount of star shades and if your jade screen is active on the battlefield, the damage will be further increased. She also has two very pivotal ascensions that will increase the damage that you can do in the consistency of the damage that you do when used properly. The first one is a backup plan. While you are in possession of a single star, jade or more, your charger deck will consume. No stamina cost.

This is going to prevent you from being stamina dry, and it will allow you to sprint around dodge and weave and avoid a damage that way which is very unique to ninguang. Her final ascension is going to be a strategic reserve if a character passes through the jade screen. While it is up, they will gain 12 geo damage bonus for 10 seconds, and with this you can see her full, capable combo oriented, combat style. As always, the constellations do increase the amount of damage in support that your character can do, and ninguang is no exception. She does have a couple pivotal ones, but they are not necessary in order for her to be a reckoning on your team, her first constellations, piercing fragments, does make her normal attack do area of effect damage.

The second one here shock effect is incredibly powerful. If you do gain access to this one, it actually does increase the amount of combo damage that you can do with your ninguang. This is because, when the jade screen is shattered, the cooldown on it will reset – and this can occur every six seconds, and this does count her elemental burst, shattering it and doing damage. This allows you to do. Summon jade screen elemental burst charge attack, summon jade screen for a large amount of damage in a small amount of time. Also, her final constellation here, granger of the seven stars when star shatter, is used. Ning one will gain seven extra jade stars, her constellation. Four invincible to the jade screen will gain a couple of extra levels on the jade screen and exquisite, be the jade outshining. All beneath will increase the survivability of your team by increasing their elemental resistance by ten percent, while next to a said, jade screen pinguang’s full combo can be incredibly deadly. This involves dropping the drain screen, walking through it, using your elemental, burst, using the star, jades accumulated and then dropping the jade screen.

Again, if you do have said ability that allows you to do a plethora of damage, generate a lot of elemental crystals for your teammates and apply the damage bonus if you’re using the archaic, petra set speaking of gear, the two five-star catalysts currently available in genji impact. The skyward atlas, as well as the lost prayer to the sacred winds, are both incredibly powerful for her, though sacred winds provides critical hit chance as the main stat, as well as the skyward atlas, provides a larger base attack with attack percent as the base stat as Well, they both also apply elemental damage buffs to the character with the skyward atlas, also providing some extra damage over time on a normal attack. Proc, if you don’t have the five star books, do not despair.

There are some fantastic four star options for ninguang. The witsif is a very unique option, as it plays extremely well two out of three times with her burst damage. This is because the wood sith has two things going for it. Its subset is going to be critical hit, damage, which is one of the best sub stats to build around in gun, should impact for damage dealers, regardless of what they are. If you can build up high critical hit rate high critical hit damage on your ninguan, you are going to see insane damage with the wood sith. On top of that, the wizard has a unique proc upon swapping in your character will either gain one of three different buffs: an attack percent buff, an elemental damage buff or an elemental mastery buff, the elemental mastery buff does not increase the damage.

Ninguang does do in any way shape or form, although it will increase the shields that you are making and generating from the crystallized effects. However, the large attack percent buff, as well as the extremely large elemental damage buff, which lasts a very generous 10 seconds, will increase the damage that you do do with that burst combo and you have more than enough time to fire off the full combo. We talked about if you do not have the witset, though the solar pearl is another fantastic option for you from the battle pass. This is going to offer up critical hit chance as the substat making that critical hit chance and critical hit damage ratio easier to get and gain access to get up to at least 50 critical hit chance and then start getting that critical hit damage. The more critical hit chance you have, the more damage you have, the better off you’re going to be now. Sadly, there are no good four-star crafted books for damage, dealer type, catalyst users in generation impact, but the eye of perception is also from the gotcha. If you do have access to this, you can think of the ir perception as a slightly worse version of the 5 star book. Skyward atlas very functional in the same way has an extra proc 4 damage on your attack there. After that, there is no really solid. Great options for three-star books, otherworldly story – none of these are exceptionally amazing there. Sadly, that is the worst part about catalyst users.

Currently in dentin, when it comes to artifacts, there are only two different sets. You guys should be looking at for end game on ninguang. These are going to be the summer nights bloom set or the archaic petra set. The summer nights bloom set is going to increase the amount of shields that you generate from your geo elemental reaction, crystallized effects by 35 percent, while also increasing your character’s normal attack and charge attack damage by 40. While they are shielded – and this does count, the elemental shields that you gain from the crystallized effect, this will increase the damage. Part of your charge, attack combo with ninguang now her second set and arguably her best set – is the archaic petra set. This set sheds the boundaries between a damage dealer set and a support set further, increasing the damage of ning guang’s geo capabilities, while also giving her the unique opportunity of increasing your other character’s damage by up substantial amount.

The two-piece set does increase the equipped character’s geo damage by 15 and the four set while confusing at first allows you to increase hydrocryo pyro or electro damage teammates by 35 elemental damage bonus for 10 seconds. This is applied by picking up an elemental, crystallized reaction crystal on the ground and quickly swapping to that character. When you pick up the elemental reaction crystal on ninguang, which she is going to generate through the use of her combos that other teammates have hit, she will generate the crystals. You will pick them up and then once her burst is done, you will swap back to them and they will have that 35 damage. Bonus. Ninguan can form the role of core support and core burst damage dealers in a lot of team composition. She is going to be the backbone of a double geo, double other elemental or double geo, single elemental team composition. She is very, very powerful in conjunction with another geo elemental character. This is because of the enduring rock pass of. This will increase your resistance to interruption when protected by a shield also increases your damage by 15.

She will be used right now, a lot of the times with noel in the future. I suspect, zhong li fans are going to be using ninguang to the fullest extent. She works way too well with him, but for right now you can combine her with another geo character or run her with some other supportive characters in your party to perform her giant burst her damage bonus. She works very well with. Basically, any team combination currently out there. So now you guys know it’s time to stop sleeping on ninguang. Send this to all your ninguan friend haters out there level her up. Do the damage increase the damage of the rest of your teammates? If you want to see more in pit content coverage check it out on the channel subscribe for more obviously hit that, like on that video helps out a ton guys and then until then, guys i’ll see you in the next one take care guys.

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