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Genshin Impact Paimon Emergency Food Recipe By: Raegorn


Hello there, mina-san, welcome back to Cooking with Valkyries, I’m your most renown conoisseur, El Kanjo.

I have a very special recipe for you today: how to make your own Paimon Emergency Food!

But first of all we have to adress one thing, what is a Paimon? Paimon is a very special type of talking butter, it’s both very sweet and very annoying. It’s important to note that Travelers only get one per world, so you only have one shot at making this dish.

After expending countless hours starting new accounts travelling to previous iterations of this world to try different recipes, I’ve come up with this one. It’s both simple (as good emergency food should be) and delicious with very few ingredients needed and some variations depending in what the Traveller has at hand in his/her particullar emergency.

Without further ado, let’s begin cooking!


First we need:

– 1 Paimon

– 1 Cooking pot

– 1l of water

– A pinch of salt

– Various condiments, depending of availability. [further explained later]


We start by putting our water in the cooking pot to boil. In the meantime, we have to prepare our Paimon. Paimon is very sus about being emergency food, so we have to tell her that we found a hot spring. Paimon is also very naive, so if we praise her for being the bestest guide and having deserved a rest, she is most likely to accept the offer, but different Travelers might like to handle their Paimon in different ways.

When the water is hot and our Paimon convinced, she can proceed to get in the pot. Once she’s in, we will add in the salt. If your Paimon is curious about the nature of the salt, say it’s bath salt, which purpose is making the experience more enjoyable for her.

Now it’s the time for the condiments. As this is an emergency situation, different travelers might have different resources at their disposal. Generally, the Paimon goes well with everything, but I would advise against sweet flower as your Paimon is quite sweet already.

You just need to start using a knife/sword/slashy object/power to make the condiments into little pieces. Bear in mind that if using powers like wind blade, the waiting on recharge times might ruin our Paimon by the time we have the condiments ready, so be sure to have them ready beforehand if this is the case.

To include them in the pot we’ll just say that they are like rose petals, meant for her to smell like flowers after the bath. At this stage your Paimon’s single neuron is half way melting, so convincing her shouldn’t prove difficult.

From this point onwards it’s only waiting about 10-15 minutes. We will see how our Paimon melts of the sheer pleasure until we get a sweet soup with a happy Paimon face on top. Just like those coffees that have drawings on top.

And that’s how you make your Paimon Emergency Food!

I must warn the fellow travelers that collecting this dish costs 60 resin, making it actually not that good as emergency food. I assume this is a bug and will be fixed shortly tho.

Thank you very much for cooking with us, I’ll see you… In another world ;D

El Kanjo

Disclaimer: Many Paimons were harmed to get us this information.


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