Genshin Impact PYRO KAEYA AND MELT KAEYA GUIDE IS HERE! How I incorporated Kaeya to the Meta


Greetings to all! Luiz Rhetor here. I’m the Kaeya main who has been recently showcasing some Kaeya achievements, such as clearing the Peak of Vindagnyr in just 17 seconds, and beating Level 90 Childe Flawlessly in Less Than 60 Seconds (Without food buffs)

I’m proud to present to the community my Pyro Kaeya and Melt Kaeya DPS Carry video Guide.

Melt Kaeya being the Free to Play alternative to the previous showcased Pyro Kaeya (That can also be F2P but relies heavily on Bennett’s C6). The Melt Kaeya party does not require Bennett at all to function well, and it should be one of, if not the most powerful beginner party in the game, while remaining powerful throughout the mid to late game.

In it I will show how you can make an insanely strong party with Kaeya as the Main Carry DPS. The goal of this party is to be as much versatile and flexible as it can be, seeing that some of the previous Kaeya builds weren’t so versatile since they relied heavily on only Frozen elemental reactions, on mostly Cryo DMG and on the Blizzard Strayer 4-piece set, meaning that their DPS would fall a lot against Cryo Immune/Resistant enemies. Just keep in mind I’m not saying that the Pyro / Melt Kaeya build is superior to permafreeze and Cryo Kaeya, or any other way to build Kaeya, it’s just more versatile overall, for the reasons I explain in the guide.

In the guide I’ll be talking about:
– Difference between the Pyro Kaeya and Melt Kaeya team compositions;
– Why Kaeya is an ideal main DPS carry for the party;
– Weapon recommendations;
– Artifacts recommendations;
– The perfect synergy between the Frozen Elemental Reaction and Melt Elemental Reaction;
– Possible teammates alternatives (Both builds are flexible teammate wise);
(Amber, Barbara, Xinyan, Sucrose, Ganyu, Albedo)
– The combos you should be using depending on the chosen artifact set;
– And much more!

Hope this can help out clear Kaeya’s name, who have been wronged for far too long thanks to baseless tierlists who didn’t even give him a chance in the first place. Cheers! And thank you very much for everyone who supported my goal to show how good Kaeya really is.

Link to the video Guide:

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