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Genshin Impact QiQi Healer/Utility Build By: InformalGamer2709


Decided to write another guide for the first 5-star I got in the game! Let me know what you think!

I am planning on writing some 4-star characters next. Any ideas on who I should do next?

Read the full post here: https://theinformalgamer.wordpress.com/2020/11/22/genshin-impact-icy-resurrection-qiqi-character-analysis-build/

Don’t let her looks fool you. Qiqi may look like a little girl, but she is actually a zombie that has been revived by an adepti. She has been blessed with the ability to never age nor die. However, she is cursed to obey the orders of her master. Qiqi will try to complete her task to the best of her ability, but will struggle with more complex instructions. She is currently under the care of the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, Baizhu, and works as his assistant. Qiqi is first introduced to the player while collecting materials for the rite of Rex Lapis. She has cryo vision and wields a sword as her weapon of choice.


This healer build for Qiqi focuses on making sure your team is always healthy in both single play and co-op. I would focus on leveling up both her elemental skill and burst because that is where her healing kit is focused on. Her normal attack will only be used to apply Fortune-Preserving Talisman, so it isn’t your highest priority.

For her recommended weapon, the Skyward Sword is a 5-star weapon that has the secondary effect of energy recharge. This build will depend heavily on using her elemental skill and burst, so energy recharge is important so you can use those skills faster. It has one of the highest base power for a sword and has the Sky-Piercing Fang ability. This ability grants the user increased CRIT Rate, Movement SPD, ATK SPD, and on her normal attack when she uses her elemental burst. The effect will allow Qiqi to hit faster and deal more damage overall.

The Sacrificial Sword can also be used since it has energy recharge for its secondary stat. The ability, Composed, works well to combat Qiqi’s long cooldown as it has a chance to reset her elemental skill cooldown. It is also a 4-star weapon, which is easier to obtain than the Skyward Sword.

The best artifact set for a healer is the Maiden Beloved. At a 4-piece set, Qiqi will gain 15% healing effectiveness, and using her elemental skill and burst will also increase healing to the party. Attack and energy recharge should be your top stats for your artifacts as that would guarantee you the best healing output. Energy recharge will also allow you to use your skills faster. Healing Bonus will also be nice as it would stack with Qiqi’s healing bonus she gets from her ascension levels.

Utility Build

If you want to focus on a more DPS build for Qiqi, this utility build will work best if she is your main damage dealer. Her skills scale with her attack, making her a viable damage dealer if you do choose to go down that route. This build will focus on both her healing potential and deal damage at the same time. You will want to focus on Qiqi’s normal attack and elemental skill to balance healing and attacking. Her elemental burst can take less priority if you want to conserve resources.

Her weapon of choice is the Aquila Favonia, a 5-star weapon, that increases physical damage. Its passive effect, Falcon’s Defiance, increases ATK by 20% and deals damage to nearby enemies, and heals Qiqi based on her attack. This weapon is incredible for this build because it allows Qiqi to deal damage while keeping herself healthy.

The Flute is another solid option because of its ability to unleash up to 200% ATK DMG to surrounding enemies. This pairs well with Qiqi’s rapid melee strikes, as she can easily collect 5 Harmonic chords to trigger The Flute’s effect.

Qiqi’s artifact set should remain as the Maiden Beloved to increase her overall healing output. In this build, her healing is focused more on herself than on healing her teammates. You can also choose to use a 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale to give her +18% ATK. A 2-piece Noblesse Oblige set will also work if you plan on using her elemental burst often. The stats on her artifacts should still have a focus on ATK and Energy Recharge so she can hit hard and use her skills more frequently.

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