Genshin Impact Quick Guide to Eula By: Someday-in-the-Rain


Video version here:

I’ve seen a lot of people make guides on how to build Eula, but what’s always bothered me is that they seem to take a long time to reach conclusions. So I wanted to make a succinct guide on the optimal way to run her, especially since she’s one of the most simple to build characters released for a while. The text as follows offers more detail than I go into in the video.

I’ll omit mentioning what her abilities do, if you’re the type to read, then the game gives it to you.


At least 50% of her damage comes from her burst, which is physical, so even though she could technically be run as a reverse melt with Chong, it doesn’t work well because you aren’t optimizing for your biggest damage source. So she is best as a physical carry. Basically that’s the story for running Eula in general, we work entirely around her burst. You want at least one other cryo support to fund her, since she has an 80 energy ult. And since that ult is physical damage, you also want a electro character. To minimize the need for perfect rotations, you probably want to run triple cryo and fischl, so the best team ends up being Eula/Diona/Rosaria/Fischl. You can swap Rosaria with Kaeya, but probably not for Diona, since Eula is surprisingly squishy, so you’ll want a healer and a shielder. If you have good ER substats on multiple characters, Eula’s biggest damage team is Eula/Diona/Fischl/Beidou, but you need to run a lot of ER substats on both Eula and Beidou, ~140% each. A final consideration, if you have him, is to swap Diona for Zhongli, but this requires you to have enough energy gen from the other cryo character, and you’re only really gaining shield strength, since Eula’s skill and Superconduct tend to shred enemies’ phys resist past diminishing returns.

(If the transformation reactions buff comes through like leaks/speculation suggest, perhaps swapping one of the cryos for XQ would result in good damage via shatter, but as it stands, shatter damage isn’t worth it. This is actually a good thing, as it makes Eula one of the few main dps that doesn’t want to run XQ)


Weapon: Wolfs’ Gravestone > Song of broken pines > Other 5* > Lithic with 2 Liyue (hard to do) > Serpent Spine > Archaic > Snowtombed > Everything else

Artifacts: 4 piece Pale Flame > 2 Pale flame/2 Bloodstained ~= 2 Pale flame (or bloodstained)/2 Glad > 4 glad ~= 2 Pale Flame (or bloodstained)/2 Noblesse ~= 4 noblesse

yes that means, if for some reason you need her to be the one running noblesse, it kind of works. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it kind of works. Another consideration is that you probably have a ton of noblesse pieces compared to Pale flame stuff, so you may find that running one of the “worst” sets gives you overall better damage because of substats. Consider using an optimizer.


Her best normal string is 4 normals then a cancel (skill or dash). Her 5th normal takes too long to come out (even if it does look the coolest). Unfortunately her tap skill CD is just slightly too long to cancel every 4 string with it, so you’ll end up mixing in dash cancels a few times. Outside of her burst, you basically never want to use Hold skill because it makes the CD too long and your overall dmg actually suffers. That being said, you should be bursting on cd, so you will find yourself using the hold skill more.

Her accepted “best” ult rotation is Tap skill > Burst > 4 normals > hold skill > 4 normals > (burst explodes). Then you probably want to rotate through your supports. When you get back to her, you just do 4 normals weaving in tap skills until your burst comes back off CD (or you fund her burst…).

Closing thoughts:

That’s just a quick overview and should get you like 80% of the way to maximum Eula output. If you want my personal opinion on her, she’s really clunky to play and it’s somewhat disappointing that you are kind of forced into a physical playstyle with her. I tinkered a bit with reverse melt and her normal atk values are actually really good so it looked promising (because melt is busted) but then I realized after comparing notes with KQM and tenten that her burst carries like 50% of her damage values. So even reverse melt, it ends up being like 30% and then you’re basically running a split damage carry which are usually never viable.

She is fun to play mechanically though, if a little frustrating because of the “lag” on her burst damage. It is what it is.

If you want further detail, here’s KQM’s spreadsheet on Eula notes:

And Tenten’s video: