Genshin Impact Quickswap, Team Comps, and Late End Game Builds By: CusOfTheInsinuation


To start I would like to preface this by saying this is not a guide, but simply my own observations and struggles moving my team from 2 main dps to 2 fully blown quickswap teams (albeit scuffed atm still).

This will be an extremely long post and will only grow in size over the next few weeks. Just a warning before you invest your time here.

This will be a work in progress post that I will be updating over the course of the next few weeks. If you want to be a part of it I would love the help! I am doing this to try to spread positive information to the community and welcome anyone’s help that wants to be a part of things. If you are interested in theory crafting with me DM me and I’ll send you a link to my Discord.

I need to be clear here; These are not individual builds for these characters. These are builds for entire teams so that each character can lean on the other and squeeze every ounce of damage out of each unit. If you run these builds on a “main dps” and not quickswap your dps will suffer due to energy recharge issues not to mention other damage issues.

I am in no way saying that everyone needs to play this way or that I can prove through math that this IS the best way to play. This is simply my opinion and if you are interested in hearing my story, struggles, and victories please take a seat.

I would also like to say that this post is in no way for those who are new to the game or are looking for accessible team comps and characters. This is for the grinders, whales, and veterans of Genshin Impact. I will not be giving very many F2P options, however I will not be going into heavy constellations for any of the 5 stars in depth as I myself have no experience with this. In some ways you could as a newer player use this, but it will be so you can get a glimpse of late end game and none of this will be practical until you can afford to kit at minimum 8 units out with (at the very least) scuffed, but well invested gear.

To get started let’s talk about what a “Quickswap” team is:

A quickswap team is essentially 4 well invested characters that have low cooldowns on either elemental skills and/or burst that can simultaneously create a lot of energy for each other AND do massive damage through spamming skills/ults that can react with each other for bigger multipliers. There is no “Main DPS”.

An example of this is the infamous “Jean Venti comp”. Venti is kitted as pure DPS. He and Jean both battery themselves, each other, and the rest of the team due to their low cooldown skills and ults, while also having some of the highest scaling damage in the game. This allows for some CRAZY fast AOE DPS. Here is a video for visual representation of a mediocre Quickswap team.

Quickswap Example

So what are are the pros and cons of a quickswap team?


-Very easy to use and understand. -Huge ceiling on DPS as skills and ults scale much higher than auto attacks (most of the time). -Constant crowd control, buffs, and enemy debuffs.


  • Needs high investment to do properly

  • Team comps become much more important and damage can be gated by a specific character. -Weakness towards anything that raises cooldowns and lowers energy recharge. -occasionally certain game mechanics such as shields can be very bothersome without a specific character.

I believe with proper planning, this kind of team comp can be run even by F2P; It will just take a lot of time, resources, and a little luck.

I want to take a moment to explain how I came to this team comp and why i decided to move not only 1, but 2 teams into it.

When i first started in Genshin I was probably playing very much like the rest of you. Crossing my fingers for that perfect 5* and watching the biggest genshin streamers on twitch for every nugget of information I could get my hands on. What I found was a very contradicting and confusing world. One streamer would claim math and say use this artifact set while another claimed (again through math) that they were all wrong and to use a completely different set. It can be very hard for a new player to sift through all of the information, especially because most streamers frankly don’t have your best interest in mind. I fortunately soon decided to do as much of my own testing as I possibly could and quickly stopped following any streamers so called “meta”. I pulled a Venti very soon in (didn’t even know how lucky I was) and soon after for my second 5* I got Jean. From this point on I pulled Mona, but could never get my hands on any 5* character that was really “suitable” for a “Main DPS”. I made my way through the abyss all the way through floor 11 on the backs of Fischl, Xiangling, and Razor. Then I hit Floor 12. Mind you this was before the new abyss. I was banging my head against a wall trying to find a solution, but the DPS check was just simply too high. That’s when I came across the Venti Jean Comp. I dove down the rabbit hole and within 2 weeks of Farming a mediocre set on both I had finally completed the dreaded floor 12. Since then I have pulled new characters based on this comp and if the new character will be a good fit in quickswap.

The hardest part about building quickswap is far and away the transition. It often leaves your teams with glaring holes and forces you to rely on scuffed strategies until you can finally kit up a few “carries” to get you by. This will take you months to achieve, but I feel as though (for me) it is panning out and is well worth the grind.

So because we are building almost entirely around our skills and ults this will objectively be almost all we look at when talking about who to build for our teams. I will be using talent level 8 as a reference as most do not ascend their characters to max level due to resource management. I will start with the characters that I am most familiar and try my best for the ones that I do not have. If you would like to add any input feel free! If you can give me a suitable amount of information regarding a character build I will happily add to or change my opinion and give you full credit.

For most every character I’ve done my best to build for the “golden ratio” that OKCode and TenTen quite frequently talk about. It is +112% atk%, 70% CR, 141% CD (the rest into ER and EM in that order). I am not certain that this is “the best” way to build characters, however I have 2 characters very close to this ratio and they both clear rooms. So the DPS is at least HIGH. Here is a link to a video from TenTen explaining this.

Golden Ratio


Skill: Skyward Sonnet – press 441.6% (6 sec CD) / hold 608% (15 sec CD) Ult: Wind Grand Ode – 60.16% DOT + 30.08% Elemental Damage (15 sec CD) Energy Cost 60

Sands: Atk% Goblet: Anemo% Helm: CR/CD

Set/s: 2 Noblesse / 2 Viridecent Venerer

Plain and simple Venti is currently the only 6* in the game. If you don’t agree with this statement it is because you either don’t have a Venti, you haven’t built your Venti, or you have a misunderstanding for the way he scales. Not only is he one of the best batteries in the game because of his 6 sec cooldown, but he hits like a truck and his crowd control ability is top notch. To play him we will spam “press” on skill and his ult on cooldown. To build Venti correctly in a quickswap team you will build him for pure damage on his ult. This means we will be running 2 piece Venerer and 2 piece Noblesse. This will maximize his effectiveness for DPS. If built correctly Venti can pretty much be your only DPS on the team and still breeze through almost every floor and chamber of the abyss. Because of our team comps Venti will be able to spam his skill and ult off cooldown.

As a side note I happen to have Skyward Harp R1, Amos Bow R1, and Stringless R3

DMG Per tick of Ode :

Skyward: 1801 DMG Crit , 821 DMG (70% CR) Amos: 1858 DMG Crit, 1008 DMG ( 50% CR) Stringless: 1677 DMG Crit, 910 Dmg (50% CR)

It is also notable to mention that it was a significant difference in the amount of Crits when not using Skyward. I believe that Skyward just barely beats out Amos, but that the damage will be minuscule at best.

I believe a R5 stringless would do enough to be on par or just barely below a 5* weapon level, but do not have the means to test it.


Skill: Passion Overload – Press 220.16% (5 sec CD) (we will only be pressing and never holding) Ult: Fantastic Voyage – 372.48% (20 sec CD) Energy Cost 60

Sands: Atk% or Elemental Mastery (need further testing although I’m leaning toward Atk%) Goblet: Pyro Helm: CR or CD

Set/s: 4 piece Noblesse, as a secondary you COULD run 2 piece Noblesse 2 piece Witch’s however this may lower your total DPS output.

As a side note Bennett is the only other character besides Diluc that can take full advantage of the completely broken Witch 4 piece set bonus. The reason why we do not run this in quickswap is because we would have to stay on Bennett for too long lowering our total DPS output. Noblesse gives a much better bonus for our total DPS.

Ahhh yes, the honorable mention 5*. Bennett is very near and dear to my heart. He is my favorite character in Genshin Impact and as long as I can fit him in he is always on one of my teams. Bennett works perfectly in quickswap for several reasons. The first is he not only heals your team, but also buffs the atk of your entire team by a significant portion. His ultimate hits very hard at high levels not to mention he is the highest scaling element in the game pyro. Because of his super low cooldown he works as a perfect battery for your team to create an immense amount of energy while continually melting or applying the pyro debuff to enemies. You will certainly want to run a cryo unit with him so you can get that juicy melt damage. A good pairing for him is someone like Chongyun.

The rotation would work like this:

-Use Chongyun E -Ult W/ Bennett -Rotate to other skills/ bursts

The reason why this is such an effective rotation is because Chongyun’s C2 lowers Cooldowns for skills and bursts for any that are used inside his circle while also applying cryo debuff to enemies. Then the Ult to Bennett to take advantage of melt AND the 4 piece Noblesse set bonus. Now the rest of your team is perfectly set up to use their skills and ults with lower Cooldown AND higher damage. These two are a match made in heaven. Even with Chongyun Bennett is a key pillar in your melt/vaporize comps simply because he adds so much utility, while still doing massive damage himself. Not much else needs to be said about such a good boi.

As a side note I am unsure as to which would be the superior sands to run on Bennett. It surely is either Atk% or Elemental Mastery, but I need to do more testing. In most team comps I believe Elemental mastery is the superior stat. This is because Bennett gives himself so much atk from his ult, that adding more atk% gives you “diminishing returns”. I use this phrase lightly as it is still a ton of atk. However, the bonus toward melt with a EM sands is massive. In a quick swap comp I believe Atk% sands would be better just because Bennett does not receive the bonus from his ult on the initial damage. Again, I am unsure and further testing needs to be done before I give false information. At the moment I am using EM and his ult still hits like a truck, but only when I time it with a melt.


Skill: Gale Blade – press 467.2% (6 sec CD) Ult: Dandelion Field – 679.68% (20 sec CD) Energy Cost 80

Sands: atk% or Energy recharge (depending on weapon) Goblet: Anemo% Helm: CR/CD

Set/s: 2 piece Venerer 2 piece Noblesse, 4 Piece Noblesse, 4 piece Venerer

This set is up for discussion. 4 piece Venerer is very Niche, but can work wonders when you can consistently proc it on enemies. I am of the mindset that although VV is a very strong set and debuff that you will be moving too quickly in a quickswap to take full advantage of it. That leaves the 2 sets or the 4 set Noblesse.

An interesting thing about Noblesse is that although it does not stack, it DOES reset the cooldown. If you run a good rotation you could theoretically always have the Noblesse bonus. This feels like a personal preference to me. I run 2 and 2, but this is totally up to your discretion.

Jean! I have to admit I slept on her potential. Often people are very split in opinion on her and that has a lot to do with the fact that she has “split damage”. This means that you can get a lot of damage output from building her physical, but it leaves her lackluster in the anemo department. This also works vice versa. Fortunately, for us we won’t be using her physical abilities at all which works very well in our favor. Jean has the absolute highest scaling skill in the game. She hits like an absolute atomic bomb every 6 seconds and can easily group small enemies together. You can also take advantage of the fall damage exploit that will essentially give you double damage on some of Genshin’s tankiest enemies (I’m looking at you pyro fatui skirmisher). Jean works as a PHENOMINAL battery not only for other Anemo users like Venti, but also the rest of your team. Her heal is huge and hits even harder than her overpowered skill does. She is incredibly simple to play and what’s even better is every single constellations adds more damage to her kit save one. If you have her I urge you to build her.


Skill: Layered Frost – 275.26% (15 sec CD) Ult: Cloud parting sky – 227.84% (12 sec CD) Energy Cost 40

Sands: Energy Recharge or atk% (depending on weapon and substats) Goblet: Cryo Helm: CR/CD

Set/s: 4 piece Noblesse, 2 piece Noblesse 2 piece Blizzard Strayer

4 piece Noblesse feels like the BIS to me. Chong’s CD is so low that you can have about 75% uptime on it. Again, this is up to your own rotations and personal preferences. I like starting the rotation with Bennett’s noblesse and then mid way through using Chong’s. If you’d rather just mash buttons the 2 piece sets will likely feel like more damage.

Before we had the goddess Ganyu we had very few options for Cryo and Chongyun might just be at the top of that list. His ult cooldown is a whopping low 12 seconds and his skill can have about a 90% uptime. In top of that his ult comes at the low low price of 40 energy!!! This allows us to time things well with applying his cryo so that our pyro units can go crazy with big big damage. His damage isn’t the most impressive thing, but it’s hard to turn your nose up at such a useful cryo applicator. Put enough energy recharge on him so that you can spam his ult off cooldown and he’ll be your new best friend…err Bennett or Diluc’s new best friend I mean.


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