Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Build Guide/Tips


There has been a lot of negativity surrounding her kit since yesterday, I do agree that Raiden need fixes but a lot of Raiden havers are left without any guide to boost her damage

Tip 1: Ascend your Raiden

Raiden 4th ascension passive makes a world of difference. By building ER on Raiden, she can get a lot of Electro DMG bonus

Tip 2: Atk% goblet is better (in most cases):

With 4 piece Emblem of Severed Fate gives a lot of % bonus to Raiden, especially when she is built on ER, coupled with her ascension passive, electro dmg bonus goblet actually has diminishing returns and atk% goblet actually provide more damage in most cases.

Tip 3: Beidou Taser (workaround):

Team: Xingqiu/Childe, Raiden, Beidou, Sucrose/Kazuha

Cycle: Raiden E, Sucrose E, Sucrose ult, Beidou ult, Childe E, normal attack, ult, Raiden ult

In my team here, sucrose actually outperforms Kazuha by a little, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers buff and EM buff provide more damage to my team since I have too much electro damage on Baal (Result may vary depending your build, do some damage testing to determine which is better for your team)

Tip 4: Get “The Catch”:

Aside from other 5* weapons, “The Catch” outperforms other 4* polearm by quite some margin. Its energy recharge substat is always a plus for Raiden. Its crit rate buff also allows us to focus more on crit dmg while building Raiden.

Tip 5: Level up her ult talent:

Most of us are still capped at level 6 before doing the new Weekly boss. (Use dream solvent to convert to her weekly boss material)

It’s unfortunate that we have to make do with what we have on Raiden right now but hopefully this can help people can enjoy their Raiden more

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