Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun’s Constellation Breakdowns By: Xet_Per


Hey everyone!

I want to go in-depth on how each of Raiden’s constellations works. If you want to see a visual showcase, I will post my vid link below.

Constellation 1: Ominous Inscription

Resolve is about 27% filled from using 80 energy in general. Ominous inscription will have resolve fill up higher when your characters, besides Raiden, use their ult. 80 energy from electro can fill resolve about 48%. In that case, Non-electro can have 35% filled if it’s 80 energy. You can technically get full resolve if you have three non-electro ults with 80 energy.

Constellation 2: Steel Breaker

Steel breaker will let Raiden’s ult ignore 60% of the opponent’s defense. This only applies if Raiden is hitting her target. From my video, it appears that I was doing 60% more bonus damage. This has the most value of all the other constellations in my opinion.

Constellation 3: Shinkage Bygones

Increases Raiden Shogun’s ult talent by three levels. From the comparison, I was doing about 1k to 3k more damage from lvl 7 to lvl 10. I would say this is the second most important constellation.

Constellation 4: Pledge of Propriety

Pledge of propriety grants your team, besides Raiden, a 30% bonus attack for 10 seconds when her ult expires. Keep in mind, c4 can still trigger if you switch Raiden during her ult. This will automatically make her ult expire. Which, in turn, triggers the buff for your other 3 characters.

Constellation 5: Shogun’s Descent

Shogun’s descent increases Raiden’s skill baleful omen talent (the eye) by three levels! I believe I was doing about 1k to 2k more damage from talent level 6 to 9. Just remember that it also increases the coordinated slash attack and your team’s burst damage!

Constellation 6: Wishbearer

Raiden’s last constellation pretty much makes her ult burst attacks reduce your whole team, besides her, by five seconds max. Each attack on her burst per second reduces the other 3 characters by one second. This seems to be more useful with characters with a 20-second ult cooldown that can fill up their energy fast! You should also consider the animation time they use their ult if you want to fully utilize this constellation.


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