Genshin Impact: Rare Monsters And Ascension Materials!


Some enemies in Genshin impact are much more rare than any other enemy like these geovision hatchlings. These are little hedgehog guys and they drop one of the most important crafting materials in the game. If you’re looking to ascend your weapons to the highest levels, there’s a good chance, at least one of them needs fragile sturdy bone or the upgraded purple version now finding. These is not an easy task, so i wanted to go over not only finding these bad boys but multiple other rare enemies in the game that you’re going to need to fight.

If you want to ascend all of your weapons, all of your characters, all of your talents and everything to make you as op as humanly possible. Now before i get into the video, i want to recommend if you guys find a location for a rare monster. You see a bunch of them spawn there make sure to note it in the comment section below that way. I can make a future video and update things as we go, and maybe you can save someone’s grinding life because you’ve saved them a bunch of time. Hey everyone mtash here and today i wanted to talk about farming, rare monsters if your weapon is in the level 40 50 or even to the 60 and 70 range you’re gon na start getting rarer and rarer materials required that are going to take some specific farming.

Now most of these you’re going to get through playing and your first few ascensions will probably happen pretty naturally, but after a certain point, it starts getting much more expensive if you want to ascend your weapons and also requires a lot more effort. Now i’m sure many of you know this already, but if you go into your guidebook, you can go and find all the different bosses and, as you level up in world tiers, many of these bosses will spawn in at higher levels and give better rewards if you’re Looking at the drops, you know, a basic mage will drop, the green, a level 40 plus will drop the blue and, if you’re, getting the level 60 plus you’re gon na get the nice crispy purples.

Now there are multiple of these enemies that can spawn in around the map. They’Ve got some areas they’d like to go to, and i’m going to show you an area – that’s very plentiful with rare mobs like this, but you can also track them from your little guidebook. Now, there’s a finite amount of navigated, guided enemies that you can find. So, if you’re looking to farm these elite enemies to get upgraded materials for your weapons, you can go to your guidebook and you can actually navigate directly to them. Now, there’s a finite amount of them that you can find using this method, and i recommend you do this every day because it resets once a day.

It will take you five to ten minutes, maybe 20 minutes to do all of these. But these are materials. You are desperately going to need later on. Another tip, for this is many of the enemies can spawn in very similar areas. So once you teleport to an area, try tracking each of them get an idea of where they are, and you can kind of just run from monster to monster, to monster without a whole bunch of loading and teleporting. I don’t know if that matters too much for people, because it is relatively quick, but it might save you. You know five minutes even even six minutes off of a run uh when you’re going and you’re farming all of these back to back to back to back. Also something i should mention is the enemies that spawn are in different areas and they have almost like a a region level.

If you will uh in some of the beginner areas, they might be level 38, where, if you’re spawning in some of the endgame areas, they might be 40 or 45 or even 49, and so some of the drops in some regions will be worse. But it’s still better than nothing alternate between the enemies, just to make sure that there’s none like directly beside you that you’re missing and eventually you’re, going to run out of them they’re not going to spawn anymore in this fashion. This is the navigated directed content, but there are other enemies like this that can spawn around the map.

So if you find them kill them, that’s great they’ll still drop the same stuff, but these are just kind of give me’s or hand-me-outs that the game is giving. You so that you can track them and make some progression now, let’s talk about the best area in the game that i know of for absolutely ludicrous farming all right. This is gon na, be one of the bigger tips that i’ve given in genji impact, because this has saved me a ton of time when trying to ascend my weapons. I was kind of road blocked because many of the enemies i couldn’t find enough of, i couldn’t find them in a plentiful enough to farm them efficiently and get these ascensions. So between the dunya ruins the taqwin valley and the kuju slope. There are a ton of upgrade materials, there are ruined sentinels, there are the hedgehog guys. There is the agents, the little ninja guys who drop these sacrificial knives.

There are, let me just show you the footage why i mean why am i even talking, but this is the location. I’Ve marked it on the map. I’Ve got a little star, there’s teleports, all over uh. One of the easiest routes is just to start here on the top of the mountain here and make your way through the ruins you can drop down into all them, but just make your way through up into the ruins here and all around the hillside, because the Hedgehog guys can kind of spawn anywhere in the hillside. There is more hedgehogs in this one spot than anywhere else in the game. Then you can push towards the kind of kuju slope, there’s a ton of different agents and enemies in this region.

Let’S take a peek, so i ended up finding one. These are some elusive little buggers and their sturdy bone is one of the biggest uh sought-after items, because there is not a lot of spawns for these. Now, from what i’ve seen, they are very generous with the drops uh like more generous than many of the other ones. It seems like they give you a lot of different shards. I think that is because they’re so rare, but in this valley and anywhere around it, there are a bunch of spawns but also uh. There’S these little assassin guys. I don’t know what to call them.

I’M not gon na. Look it up even i’m too lazy, but there’s assassins, there’s, there’s tons of different enemies in this region, uh that are relatively rare compared to other areas in the game, so make sure you make your way through here and farm them, because you’re going to need their Materials for ascension later on, you can also see there’s a mage that spawns here. So i don’t know what it is about this little area, but there’s a ton of rare monsters in this region. The other thing, too, is in this region: they’re, typically high enough level that you’re gon na get the best drops available in your world tier, sometimes if you’re roaming around in some of the other areas, they’re actually lower level, and they can’t drop the blues. And so every blue is essentially three greens right, so this is really really good.

Also, your little hedgehog just spawn in i’m going look. Look at this. There’S ruin guards, ruin hunters there’s another one down there like they’re. All over the place. This place is infested so um. You know this is probably the most efficient way to farm these materials in the game right now, but then maybe there’s some other locations that are available that i don’t know about, but right now this has been the saving grace for ascension. Oh, my god.

The damage holy cow – maybe you guys, should watch my video where i talk about how to get almost 10 times the amount of damage that you used to do because i know a way, and i want you to watch that video. So another thing – and i know this is pretty obvious, but i want to point it out because some people kind of get roadblocks here when they don’t know what they’re doing there’s always going to be. You know some basic materials from basic enemies, so kill anything. You see honestly kill anything you see, but there are going to be materials that require some farming and they’re going to require you to use your resin now it actually will say where you can get them from so domain of mastery or domain of mastery on sunday. You can get wednesday and saturday there’s different domains that will swap out and they’ll give you different rewards easiest way to look at what is available is by going to your domains and clicking what you need.

There are going to be weapon, ascension materials, there’s going to be artifacts, you can farm, there’s going to be down here, talent, level, up materials and it’s going to be different ones, each time so make sure you’re picking the domain. That has the item that you need. So that you’re, not farming, some random domain, that’s not going to get you uh what you want. So if you look at these materials, you know some of these are for bows. Some of them are for swords or claymores, and they don’t all use the same ones. So i would focus you know in my other video, i talk about building a character and building uh for the most damage possible. In my case, fishel is my strongest character bar none, and so, when i’m ascending things, i’m gon na be hunting down for these things.

First right, i’ve got the arrowheads right here. Um, i’m gon na be fighting. You know the electric uh boss here when i’m doing my talents, i’m trying to save up and and max these out as best i can – and it requires these. So you know it’s going to take a lot of farming and, if you’re spreading yourself too thin on all the characters, you literally don’t have enough resin to keep up. If you look at the map here, i’ve got 30 out of 120. This is gon na replenish over time.

You can also use primo gems and you can use um the fragile resin, but i would focus on using this resin on the characters that actually need it now. I think most people understand this, but the bosses also require resin and they’re, like the only main way to get the materials needed to send. So if you don’t know this by now we’re in trouble, but i guess i’ll figure, i figured i’d, throw it into the video if you’re looking for crafting materials to ascend your character to the next ascension uh, it’s from these bosses there’s one of every element or Uh, it’s a plant boss.

So there’s you know, there’s a fire one, there’s a a cryo one and then we got a whole bunch of boxes and they all have slightly different, mechanics and stuff, but that’s it so make sure you’re farming. These make sure you’re timing. These out and farming them, then, what i want you to do is i want you to go to uh this location right here on the map boop and go all throughout these ruins kind of kind of this loop right here. Anything in there is going to be valuable.

You can start here and kind of make your way up, there’s going to be tons of elite level or elite type enemies for you to farm those materials for weapons, and then you can start doing all your domains and doing whatever you need to uh level up Your skills, okay, sound good you’re gon na be set you’re gon na be level 70 before you know, you’re gon na be cracked you’re doing 200 000 damage all right. That’S it talk to you soon. Bye-Bye

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