Genshin Impact Razor Showcase Review! Combos, Moves and Talents, 4 Star Character Worth Getting?


[, Music, ], hey how’s, everyone doing today, grunty gaming, and we are here to talk about razer, which is a pretty reasonable character to obtain in this game, he’s very strong he’s, beto’s counterpart for our electro claymore, heavy hitter and honestly he’s probably one of the coolest Characters in game, his moves are really cool. He’S fun. To use he’s really strong he’s got a lot of momentum. He’S got a lot going for him, so we’re going to discuss him today, not to mention you can buy him in the shop and he’s a much more realistic character. You can build a team around because he’s a four-star character increases his odds of actually rolling for him, not to mention you can buy him in the shop for masterless stardust. So, even if you’re rolling and not getting him, it’s possible to save up enough to buy him and unlock his constellations and he’s really good.

Let’S look at his constellations. First picking up an elemental or particle increases. Razer’S damage by ten percent for eight seconds increases critical rate against enemies with less than thirty percent hp by ten percent increases level of lightning fang by three maximum upgrade level 15. All just increases here when creating cloud thunder, press enemies will hit after defense increased fifteen percent for seven seconds, increase the level of club thunder by three maximum upgrade level. Fifteen pretty standard for every ten seconds razor sword charges up, causing the next normal attack to release lightning that deals. 100 percent of razor’s attack as electro damage when razer is not using lightning fang a lightning strike on an enemy. Will great race will grant razer an electro schedule, so he gets the electro effect when he’s tackled normally so normal attack.

He performs up to four consecutive strikes same as baido very similar character. Just this character is a little more offensive. His charge attack was pretty cool because he just swings around it’s pretty badass and his plunge attacks the same too um as any other character. I suppose uh his thunder fang basically just does like a kind of like just an aura of electricity. Doesn’T really do too much, but just it’s not like he’s swinging a sword, but he just kind of hits the ground with a big electro burst that does damage uh, gathers electro energy and unleashes a lightning storm small area of effect, causing massive electrical damage. So it’s pretty standard. This is this cool one though lightning thing where he kind of summons that wolf behind him. So basically the wolf within strikes alongside razor, so you have like almost like two people attacking a deals.

Electro damage raises razor’s attack and speed. So he’s a lot faster and hits harder for this duration. So that’s what i’m saying he’s a really good momentum character and he builds off of his self uh, causing razor to immune uh to damage inflicted by with an electro charge status. Disables razors charged attacks increased okay, so you, when you this, is an effect. You cannot do a swinging around charge attack. You can only just do regular attacks, but your speed and momentum is going to be. Unreal. Decreases. Clock thunders cool down by 18 uh using lightning thing. Um with razer’s energy is below. 50 percent increases energy recharge by 30. Oh, that’s! A pretty neat one and increases all party members, sprinting stamina, consumption by 20. All right! So, if he’s below 50 he’s going to have a better recharge rate, so if he’s like worn down his hp, he’s gon na recharge, his electro moves faster and he can run faster. So that’s his plunge attack and here are his swings.

He’S pretty slow, like bido barbado, same kind of similar concept. Only beto is a much more defensive character and razors much more often. The thing about razer, though, is he’s he. He has a lot of momentum. He builds off of itself, see here’s a swinging attack here, that’s his charge attack. You cannot do that when the wolf winston is activated his ultimate ability. You know that’s his special there, his ground and pound, it’s sort of like just an aura effect where he slams the ground, and here is his ultimate special here, where this wolf comes out for duration and his attack, his speed and everything is going to be increased, But he cannot do a swinging attack while in this mode, but it doesn’t matter.

This is probably if it’s not the strongest special in the game. It’S definitely the coolest. Looking like it looks so cool all right. Let’S try this guy out here, so here’s his ground and pound, or not his ground and pound, but his special here and then he’ll have him swinging his sword. That’S his charge attack the difference. Yeah is that, like he kind of just hits the ground for a special and slams, and does this area of effect electro damage and obviously the more you upgrade it, the more you upgrade his constellations, the stronger his moves will become. You see he keeps these like electro sigils that follow him. That’S part of his ability as well, where he gains momentum and strength. As he’s going see, he collects them and he gets stronger and stronger the more he collects and more electro damage. He does that’s why i’m saying he’s more of an offensive option where bido is more of a defensive option and razer builds off of his own stamina like he just has so much momentum and the more he keeps going and the more you upgrade him.

The more levels you dump into he’s going to be unreal threat offensively, but he is a kind of character that you could essentially make your main build around. I have not used them all that much, but even in just making this video, he is a ton of fun to boot like the way he just rips his sword around is insane not to mention his special is probably the coolest in the game. We’Re gon na. Try and whip it out right here. I think the only downside with these claymore users, though, and the reason i don’t use them as much – is because they’re slow, as but man they’re good for cracking shields, even harvesting minerals. But look at this look, how cool this looks and it’s insanely strong. Imagine upgrading this bad boy a few times like holy. Imagine being just like mixing him with a good water character like mona or a good fire character like dai, luke or d luke, saying that right, it’d be nuts the damage they put out and razer’s a reasonably common character where you can actually obtain him. So he’s more of a reasonable bet to unlock his constellations.

You’Ll actually have a chance. I have unlocked one constellation already, but i’ve saved up enough masterless stardust to purchase another one. If i wanted to so anyways guys, i think he’s a great option for an electro user in a primary if you’re looking into them, and obviously you got to use the characters that you have the most fun with. He is a ton of fun he’s badass. His special is cool all his moves, look badass and on that note guys hope this gave you a good perspective of razer hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for our next video stay safe out there!

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