Genshin Impact Refine Weapons Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys I’ll explain to you in this video How to Refine Weapons in the Genshin Impact, Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to like it by subscribing And the bell rang to help youtube now algorithm back to the video. So when you have certain weapons in the game, you can create them, for example, and you can improve them So, for example, this gun I’m using here at Ameno, is typical of the grudge. This is in fact uh made by mourning for me so that we can see the refinement here in first place To improve a weapon.

You must have an exact copy of the weapon in question, So let’s go to the blacksmith, who loved to make something that you clearly can’t make every one In-game element, but we’re going to use this as an example. So I’m going to formulate another of these Okay. This will take a few seconds to craft, so let’s make a second And there we finished getting just fine, so we made a second weapon just like the one you’re using, So that we can improve it so that we can improve the way to swap go-to weapons. We want to improve this quite well. Let’S go to boost Sorry to select which weapon you go to improve the weapon, you want Click on Refine and then you can add a similar weapon, so it should be exactly the same.

A weapon is the same as the one you’re revising, so let’s put that into it. So when you sort in the next order, it will appear Here. Attacks are usually charged and increase damage and defense by five percent For six seconds. A maximum of four groups, blah blah blah now four percent for six seconds so Purification, We have increased a percentage, but it is a way to get the most out of it Duplicate weapons. So if you have duplicate weapons, you don’t know what to do with them. Improve them Like merging it with old, existing weapons and making it better. So, let’s get better That was done and now my weapon has been improved to rank second, and I now think the highest ranking you can get is what I think is Fifth rank from what I heard but uh. This is the refining of weapons.

In case you saw it before This refined option and literally wondered what it was like just put identical weapons In the same weapon. You can refine it boost the ranking and make it better like an extra percentage For attack and defense. Why not and I’ll go higher? If I could, if I had any spare material, Then uh when it comes to cutting crystal and white iron ore, I will keep getting it Now with the map that I showed you in the other video you can find the final farming map, where I also recommend White iron ore and crystal pieces, which is sure to send you Your characters, are on expeditions every day too, but, for example, I’m always sending for Expedition of 20 hours, one or multiple hours, the more expeditions you take, the higher your level, The expeditions you can take.

I found, I think, maybe three of them so far, give you white Iron ore and crystal chunks wah a day may not look like many three or four white iron. The pieces are seven or eight Chris, Ah bristle pieces, Three or four white pieces. I know sorry, but basically, if You keep doing it every day before you know, you’ll have hundreds of more stuff. Now There may be a shortage of white iron ore, so, like I said, use the map to try to figure out where they are. I give you a hint a good place to grow white iron ore, either next to this teleport here at wolfendome. In this small area, you might get five and six of them. If you are lucky, then too Umm Uzang Mountain, so around the edge of this area.

You might find literally 20 of them, So be careful use some like mum and, like I said if you run prediction campaigns every In a day, and you always have spare materials that you see how quickly to polish They use it and it will become more and More powerful, because that is what we have always been Try to achieve the effect of gentian. If you have any better way to do this or otherwise Other ways, then please, let me know in those comments below anyway guys, that’s all for If you liked this video make sure you like it n Watch the video about There is another viewer download there or You can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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