Genshin Impact RemTM’s Meteorite Location Guide for Unreconciled Stars Event, Unknown Star (WIP) By: RemTM


Rather than attempting to edit image threads (which I can’t on reddit), I will instead start a new thread where I can post all the images, along with any updates and warnings as we learn more about part 1 of the event.

Current Warnings (After collecting 7 meteorites):

  • DO NOT die, teleport, or cause any other loading screen to occur

  • DO NOT leave the area of the map indicated by the event

  • DO NOT let a day go by (ie it is night, and then it becomes day)

Here are my findings currently (62 confirmed meteorite locations total):

Where Stars Fall“: 22 confirmed meteorite locations (Will update map soon)

Guyun Starcatcher“: 20 confirmed meteorite locations (Map coming soon)

Meteors Over Qingce“: 20 confirmed meteorite locations (Map coming soon)

Personal Notes:

  • I found 20 locations at “Where Stars Fall” during live-streaming (

  • 21st location pointed out to me by user/Qu1bbz/ here

  • Next 2 locations will be updated shortly as I search for them myself and post my findings here. Other travelers are free to share their knowledge here too, and I will update accordingly.

  • Interactive map found here appears to have all confirmed locations by other users. I will explore personally within the next hour and update everyone on my findings. Thanks again user/Qu1bbz/

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