Genshin Impact Reputation System Guide By: noxxisgaming


I’ve made a quick guide for the reputation system. Thought this might help a lot of players especially beginners.

So what is the city reputation all about?

It’s basically a combination of a new reward system and quality of life updates designed to improve overall gameplay. Players are given access to a reputation board which they can level periodically. Rewards include Moras, Skins, and blueprints to new QOL items.

How can you access it?

Look for the Knights of Favonius Coordinator Hertha and Ministry of Civil Affairs Secretary Ms. Yu. Both of these NPCs are marked with a triangle icon in each city map.

There are two conditions required before players can unlock this feature: First, they must reach AR25. Second, they must have completed two specific city-related archon quests, namely ”The Outlander Who Caught the Wind’ Prologue: Act I’ for Mondstadt and ”Farewell, Archaic Lord’ Chapter I: Act II’ for Liyue.

So what’s in the reputation system?

After unlocking it, players will be greeted by four scoreboards of sort – the regional quests, world exploration, bounties and requests. All of these scoreboards will grant players reputation points when specific goals are met which will then accumulate for the overall reputation level in that city.

Important takeaways in this guide:

Scoreboard breakdown
Level Rewards breakdown
Tips to level fast
Tips on which city to focus on

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