Genshin Impact Resin Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to this video, I will explain to you: How does resin work in the Jinshin effect, Thanks for watching the video so far, Remember to give it a thumbs up, Sign up and rang the bell to help The youtube algorithm Now go back to The video so for Do dungeon farms place certain things. A bunch of different aspects in the match You need resin, and you can see it in Top right, is how much resin you are currently using. You have Always recharged, so every resin It takes about eight minutes to recharge So may require late lines. You can see 20 resins here To do, and world leaders Like this. It would take 40. As you can see, it tells you how It will cost you a lot to collect Treasure, thus works the way You can always fight bosses Dungeons Do ley lines anything, but you He could not plunder the treasure Unless you have enough resin.

Now it’s good A way to check how much resin you have Open the map and then you can see it on The top right of your resin. Is there So far? I have 87 out of 120, But if you click on this moon icon, Then it tells you how long you have left. So it will recharge me in four minutes. So in four minutes I’ll have the next one One to 88 and will be fully shipped in The next four hours and 20 minutes in. If you weren’t aware that was it Thing, It shows you clearly and precisely How long do you need to recover your full Resin? Now there are different elements. You are Get into the game to help you Recharge the resin, for example, there Brittle resin that you might get as Part of the adventure rank bonuses and stuff Like this. I can’t remember the tab Available in Uh most likely this um, and this will Allow you to recover 60 resin and also you are able to 60 resins recharge To escalate amounts from [ Music ] A primer every day. For that first 60 It will cost you Like 50 Gems Primer. Then you become 100, then 150 and so on.

So the way to do it, You click on this plus icon And, as you can see, I already did for this day, So it will cost me a hundred Pirate Gems. If I want to have another 60 First time, six is 50, then It Then 150 and so on and so on, um, But I say avoid it like uh, Especially if you are like me or Free player, just let it recharge In 4 hours and 20 minutes. I will use it Recharged, The resin, that I have now also what I am I recommend doing resin Before I used them all, to put the Lights, for example, to try to get it Some of the more even yellow Give you a lot, Then blue might give You Handicrafts on other items, but instead now that I’m an adventurer rank 35 in really need More books by example. For my talents, There are some other things I need, So I need boarding materials In order to upgrade my character, Uh, I’m now paying about 70 or my guns Levels as well. So when you have certain requirements, For example, I need this book Ummm and Sunday, so I can do that prison cell, I would say, use your own resin To get your books already in order Promotion, All the materials you need to climb. So I say Up your characters first and send Your second weapon. Then your talents rise. Third

It will be the priority I recommend Do whatever you want. However, This is the arrangement that I recommend to you. Well, that’s the resin like this Resin works. It’S basically just a way to get content To make sure you don’t play. You know 20 hours 24 hours a day, because Simply if this system is not in place, Then there might be some people Tempt The game plays 24 hours a day, Not healthy. Now Some might think it’s okay, Just an excuse to withdraw money, But it really isn’t because of a fact. You can only recharge five times After five times, if you retired five times, And so it doesn’t matter how much The money you put in is still not able To play anymore. So these systems are put into These applications and these games To prevent you from playing 24 hours a day And that’s perfectly fine, because There is much more to do where you can Play the game easily Two hours, three four hours every day A day and don’t Run out of things to do, Especially with regard to the open world aspect With random treasure chests unlocked, Then, When you go up another 10 levels, The world rank will go up and then it will go up. She can do it again and get better Bonuses, etc.

So let me know, did you learn anything From this video? I hope I explained the resin to you As far as I can. If there is anything I also missed it, Then please, let me know, and those Comments are below Anyway, guys. That’S all for this video. If, Like it make sure to give him a thumbs up, You can watch a random video There. You see another download there Or you can click here to subscribe. Thanks goodbye guys.

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