Genshin Impact SECRET QUEST & DUNGEON Guide! ALL Geoculus & 5 Star Artifact Rewards!


There are a plethora of things for you to findand discover in genshin impact, but today we’regoing over the biggest secret geoculus vaultthis is gon na, be rewarded to you for fulfillingseveral objectives in this game, you’re gon na haveto find all 130 of the geoculus is floating aroundthe. Southern province and genshin impact on topof that one of them is actually hidden within asort of a secret quest of itself, the chi of guyunquest, where you’re going to have to navigate northwest of the village. Where you accept the questonce, you have that finished up. That’S going! Tohave, its grand finale in this secret lair whereyou have to fight against a bunch of theserobot type enemies.

These guardians uh after youdo defeat all of these you’re going to be rewardedwith. A large treasure stash in the back of thisdungeon, but inside that treasure stash is goingto. Be your final geoculus. You have to be able tofinish in this quest. The chi of guyun can be veryinvolved in and of itself. It’S got its own questline. It has all of its own puzzles. It’S basicallyits own entity, but this is the final lock thatyou’re going to need to solve. Basically becauseyour final geoculus is going to be hidden inhere. If you haven’t done this quest line, yetand there’s no way to get that final, one to getyour statue to level 10 to get the final sphereto unlock the actual hidden, dungeon andgentian impact. Without doing this quest linefirst, so you’re gon na have to do the grannyquest line. You have to find the differentuh three different gate keys to unlock thischamber. It can be involved that can be in depthbut. It has its own good, rewards and you’regoing to need to do this one in order to dothe final quest that we’re getting into in thisvideo, so make sure you take these bosses, outyou know use whatever elemental combinationsyou have to do it’s really, not that involvedit’s, not that In-Depth you’re fighting some ruinguards and then like a ruin hunter at the end hereuh they do like to walk in the water, so you canelectrocute them uh.

You can do kind of whatever itis that you want. You can freeze them. You can baitthem into the water. You do a lot of cool stuffin here, depending on what sort of team that you’rebringing, but it just survive this little gauntletof enemies and collect your rewards in here. Makesure. You get that geoculus at the end and thengo right back out and finish up the stuff that youneed to do for the final geoculus chamber now onceyou have acquired all of the geoculus. Make sureyou make your way back to the statue of the sevenafter. You level your statute to 10. You willhave enough of these rewards that the statuegives you it gives you a sphere and you’re gonnabe. Utilizing these spheres to open up this secretfinal area and you’ll also get the achievementof the unmovable mountain. So once you have allof this stuff ready and raring to go, you’regonna head right on over to the qg slopes hereand. Once you go into the qg slopes, this iswhere, your final little puzzle is going topresent itself, so you’re going to teleport down tothe qt slopes. Do a 180 and run right on out hereyou will see several towers here. These towersare going to have a layer of stone around thembut in this final example.

Here, as you guys, can seeyou’re gon na head right on down to the final towerof. Whatever tower it is that you haven’t done, yetand you’re, going to implant each of these spheresinto, the bright shining face that you see beforeyou after that is done. The dungeon will open foryou to explore, and inside of here you are goingto have to go through another onslaught of foeseach with a small little mechanic. In addition, tothe enemies being there you’ll have these littletiny flaming sort of stone monuments that uhtake bonus damage from claymores earth. Damageand these are going to need to be destroyedbecause. These are going to buff the theever-living crap out of the enemies here that youare fighting making them very, very, very tanky andhard to deal with you’ll have a combinationof, the armadillo type enemies, as well as thenormal stone statue. Guardians and then you’llhave, the grand final boss of this endeavor as wellyou, will have the flying ruin hunter f092681, herelevel, 50.

So these monsters are pretty high, levelbut uh. By the time you acquire all the geoculusyou should be. Okay, here, try to hit it in the facethat will deactivate it. I was not so luckyto do so. In this instance, you are gon na haveto run around the map and deactivate thesestone structures, because these are going tospawn and buff. The boss, as well as anyadditional, adds that do spawn up hereand you’re, just gon na have to go through hereand fight this enemy. He does hit very, very hardand. He can take you out uh quite easily, so dododge duck weave dive whatever it is. You need todo uh, make sure you’re using your elemental, combosyour elemental affinities to uh electrocute him uhmaybe, even freeze him.

If you have water and icethat could be very powerful in this situationto just kind of get some extra damage in therewhatever. It is that you need to do whatever yourteam is based around. You need to try to make useof it in the fullest here to destroy this enemyhere. But, to recap: ads are going to spawn you’regonna have to deactivate these statues becauseif you don’t. The monster is gon na be way harder, totake down and you’re gon na be in it for a littlebit of a mini boss battle here with these level 50monsters. Now, what is the grand reward here for allof? Your trouble all of your hard work, you’re goingto unlock a chamber here and the final chamber isgoing to reward you with two nice chests: okay aswell as a little bit of extra secrets here, youwill be able to see it floating in the backgroundit is going to be An actual five-star artifacthere for you guys from the nobles uh, i think thenobles uh oblige whatever it’s called it’s theroyal flora from the noble set here. I just call itthe noble set, but it is actually pretty powerfulit’s going to uh increase your uh, the noblestoblige.

It’S going to increase your elementalburst damage for the two-piece and then thefour-piece after using elemental bursts increasesall party members attack by 20 for 12 secondsso. This is a very strong, supportive artifactfor, a support on your team right. You don’twant to put this one on a dps character. Youwant, to put this on a support character that waywhen the elemental burst, they’ll do a little bitextra damage right. Someone like jean would be verystrong with this, get that extra elemental burstdamage get that extra healing for your party andthen your main damage dealers, who you’re actuallyequipped and ready to do damage with youcan swap to them and you’ll do an extra 20damage due to that 20 percent Attack you get that20 attack, increase and be very powerful uh as asupport option there. The royal flora here and itisn’t epic, it’s a five-star artifact, so make sureyou get in there and you do do this. It’S somethingthat is very powerful. It’S probably gon na be yourfirst five-star artifact as well, unless you’vebeen really slacking on those uh cooking.

Those geogeo-oculus is there out in the world ofgunship impact. So that’s what we’re doingtoday guys make sure you go in there and youdo this it’s gon na. Take time make sure youlook for those jack. This is as you’re doingthings as you’re doing questions you’re youknow activating statues as you’re getting treasurechests out in the world, and it’s gon na be a goodtime out there for you guys. So if you want tosee more stuff like this go ahead, you know wherethe channel is but be safe out. There have fun, andi’ll, see you guys in the next one take care guys. Oh you.

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