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Genshin Impact Short guide on getting more mora! By: ePower93


Hey Reddit! Hope everyone is doing well tonight. I just wanted to share some quick tips on how to get more mora in the game. One of the tips, I actually didn’t find out until earlier of this week. I hope that you find some value in this information! Cheers!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efuG-hqxIjc&ab_channel=ePower made a video showcasing this as well. (My first time working with adobe premiere, any feedback would be highly appreciated)

1) Boxes/Crates along the shores and beaches in Liyue and other pools of water

Not only do they contain mora, but they contain 2 geo sigils as well. I will explain the importance of these sigils in the next section. These crates are only found in Liyue and You can find them along the beaches, shores, and just about anywhere in Liyue. There is a great spot around Huaguang Stone Forest (most western part of Liyue right above Mt.Hula). The boxes do respawn daily but the locations might differ. So the next time you’re running around in Liyue. Keep an eye out for these little crates.

2) Geo and Anemo Sigil turn-ins

Sigils are a simple and easy way of getting mora, you can go to the shop in either Mondstadt or Liyue and go to the vendor marked with a diamond on the map. At the shop you can trade 1 sigil for 1600 mora. You can do this 60 times for each respective city. Liyue sigils are geo sigils and Mondstadt sigils are ameno sigils. If you are roughly around AR 30 or and have completed the main story line. You will have a ton of sigils to spend. Eventually as you keep playing, you will unlock everything in the sigil shop and you will be able to turn in 2 sigils for 1600 mora an unlimited number of times.

Now going back to the importance of geo sigils from Liyue, as I had mentioned before, the crates are respawnable. Which means that with each crate you pick up, you will be getting more than 2000 mora per crate you find if you have everything unlocked in the shop and are turning in the geo sigils for mora.

3) Destroying Artifacts (THIS IS NOT PRACTICAL)

This is what I had learned earlier of this week. With 3* and lower artifacts, you can destroy them through your inventory and you can get mora back. I will ONLY recommend this option if you are short a little bit of mora for your next character or weapon ascension. Artifacts are quite scarce and you can only level up artifacts with artifacts. So it is extremely important to keep them to keep as many of them as you can.

4) Leyline – Blossom of Wealth

One of the quickest ways of earning mora is farming blossom of wealth leylines. However they also come at a huge expense because you need to spend resin on them. As you already know by now, resin is an extremely limited resource so if there are other ways of earning mora, and it might not be ideal to use resin on these leylines.

5) Farming world bosses and Liyue Second Floor Bank Chest

Farming world bosses for mora is one of the slowest methods of mora farming in this game. However, farming world bosses becomes mandatory for those who are lacking ascension materials. There are many great farm routes featured on this reddit so definitely check them out!

I’m sure many of you already know, there is a chest in the second floor of Liyue that contains 200k mora.

Final Thoughts

That’s all I wanted to share with you all today. I hope this helps some of you as I know that many of this information has been leaked before but I wanted to bring more awareness to the topic, especially the one surrounding destroying artifacts. It seems that some people have taken it as a great way to make mora, however I would definitely use with caution as artifacts are extremely limited. In my video, I have included a giveaway for either a google/apple app store giftcard. So if you’re interested, please check it out!


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