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Genshin Impact Short Hypostatic Symphony Guide – Tips For All Three Bosses By: TeraFlare255


This guide is aimed both at people who are having trouble figuring out the boss patterns and people looking for general tips on how to improve their score, be it to get all rewards, or for personal satisfaction.

All Bosses

  • Having Double Pyro or Double Geo on your team can increase your damage.

  • Focusing your team on 1 DPS + 3 supports can help. Equip Noblesse sets on your supports, even if they are level 1, so you have three ATK+ buffs for your main DPS. This is if you don’t plan to have those supports dealing significant damage. Edit: The point isn’t stacking because it doesn’t stack. Use one burst per boss rotation so you will have up to three +20% ATK buffs on your DPS during the duration of the fight.

  • Swap your headpieces between CR and CD accordingly if the daily debuff is CR down or CD down, so you don’t have negative CR or below 50% CD.

  • You can use food on any day.

Electro Boss

  • You can start not too far away, neither too close and he will always do the Rock, Paper, Scissor attack. The middle of the circle on the ground where you begin the challenge is a safe place to be at the start.

  • If you do not touch him while he’s invulnerable he won’t use the Homing Balls attack. Just make sure that once he’s getting up, you’re not between the boss and the center of the arena.

  • You can easily superconduct every rotation of this boss with Kaeya, making it viable to deal with using Physical builds, regardless of the debuff.

  • Characters like Xiangling can easily destroy the crystals with nothing but her burst.

  • If you need to get below 50% HP to nullify the debuff on day 4, just take one or two hits from his initial Rock, Paper, Scissor attack after dodging and swapping characters and you’ll be good.

Anemo Boss

  • Equip Viridiscent Venerer artifact set on a support of the same element of your main DPS. Causing a Swirl Reaction with the set equipped will lower it’s defenses. The VV set work both ways, and as such, it will also work if you use an element on Anemo rather than Anemo on an element.

  • Avoid attacking him while he’s invulnerable, sometimes it will make him stall for longer.

  • Try to kill the boss the first time by the ~40s mark, or else you won’t be able to kill him again after he revives after collecting all orbs.

  • If you want your health to go below 50%, take a hit from his clap attack after dodging and swapping characters.

Geo Boss

  • Even though this boss is Geo, he doesn’t crystalize elements when you apply them to him, and as such, can be inflicted with any element and therefore is the only cube where you can do any elemental reaction to it freely. The element won’t appear in the UI, however, so you’ll need to memorize what was the last element you applied to him.

  • If you have him, Zhong Li can one shot the three pillars at the end with his E (hold) + Meteor. Another safe characters to destroy these pillars is Noelle or Razor, although they will take slightly longer.

  • If you destroy the first pillar before the boss send out the orbs to activate the lasers, the fight can get easier.

  • You can place Geo MC constructs below the pillars that the boss spawns right at the start, which will instantly destroy them.

If anyone has any further tips, or if any tips aren’t accurate, just write in the comments and I can change.


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