Genshin Impact Simple food guide By: Jimichaelk


So I was bored and looking up food so I figured I might as well make a simple guide with my opinions and possibly get some feedback from other people. The goal is easy food to obtain because personally I don’t feel the game is hard enough to specifically gather a bunch of things for the best food.


Jade Parcels: Lotus head, Jaeyun Chili, Cabbage, Ham

Lotus head from expeditions, Cabbage are bought, Ham are bought or made using bought meat, Jaeyun Chili need to be farmed but imo it is worth it because of how easy it is to get a ton of them.


Lotus Flower Crisp: Almonds, Flour, Butter, Sugar

Almonds are bought, flour is made using bought wheat, butter is made using bought milk, sugar can be bought or made with sweet flowers from expeditions.


Barbatos Ratatouille: Carrots, Potatoes, Onions

Carrots from expeditions, Potatoes are bought, Onions are bought. Easy to make and sprinting is all that is important in combat.


I guess Matsutake Meat Rolls or Sweet Madame. Matsutake Meat Rolls will give a use to the Matsutake from lotus head expeditions, but it uses more meat. Sweet Madame is probably nicer since it uses fowl you can buy from the hunter while buying meat and sweet flowers from expeditions. I think most people keep a healer in their team and qiqi is my favorite character so I rarely heal with food anyway.


Golden Shrimp Balls: Shrimp, Potatoes, Flour

Buy Shrimp, Potatoes, and wheat. Then just make flour, easy.



Maybe there will be a good/easy 4* recipe from the rep but I don’t think anyone is that high yet.

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