Genshin Impact simple guide to easily beat zhou formula dungeon (AR 40+) for noobs By: nightcloudsky


as someone who only farms in zhou formula every single day, I think I need to make this guide to clear some misconception and to make sure the noobs know what the hell are they doing over there and not just simply hack and slash like an idiot.

even at AR 45+ I still see so many dumb players utilizing the same mistake again and again, and it is really frustrating to see how they are not able to learn from just reading the ley line disorder guide


  1. DO NOT USE LIGHTNING ELEMENT CHARACTER or when you do, make sure to never use your element to cause overload, because you’ll get hit by powerful blast, that’s a penalty from this dungeon.
  2. Using DILUC is fine. I still see some dumbfucks complaining because I used Diluc, why the fuck not? there’s only two big fire slimes at the beginning and I can just hack and slash them without using my elemental damage. For example: My Diluc average damage is 7-8k that’s only for normal attack. You want to have him on your party because this dungeon requires you to have a great DPS character because of the time constraint. Don’t let two fire slimes at the beginning precludes you and any other players from using him. Use your brain. Duh.
  3. Get at least one water element character in there, preferably Barbara. Here’s why: when the enemy gets buffed ( you’ll notice by looking at the damn arrow going up surrounding your enemies), you can use her elemental attack to completely erase their buff so that your DPS can easily annihilate the enemies. Again, remember the time constraint.
  4. The first time fire mage appears, Barbara, or any other water element character needs to get the fuck out from whatever they are doing at that moment like killing the big Hilcurl and immediately goes to firemage to dismantle their damn bubble, the moment you killed the second Hilcurl, another firemage will appear, and you water element characters need to also get the fuck out of the current firemage and go the 2nd firemage immediately to dismantle the bubble.

the order of the enemies appearance in zhou formula dungeon goes like this:

2x big fire slime–>2x big Hillcurl–>2x fire mage, in that order.

The moment you beat the first big fire slime, the first Hilcurl appears, when you have two Hillcurls and you beat one of them, the first firemage appears.

I can’t emphasize how many times, the party gets wiped out because of firemage BBQing the entire party, or your DPS. Be aware of your surrounding, don’t just blindly attacking the same enemy. The moment firemage appears, dismantle them immediately don’t let them running rampage burning your party down while you and the other 3 party members are too busy killing the last big Hillcurl.

I am tired of noobs in my party that doesn’t even understand how to beat this dungeon properly. My party alone can solo this lvl 90 dungeon but it takes more concentration on my part, it would awesome if I can coop and the other players already understand their roles and what to do over there.

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