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Genshin Impact Solo world Fishing Guide By: TheBullK1ng


dont know if its been done before but here is a small but somewhat complete guide on getting the Catch on solo world, so you if you dont feel like violating other peoples world here it is

The Catch needs 7 Raimei Angelfish, and 20 Rusty and Shiny Kois to obtain.

Raimei Angelfish locations:
-Ship graveyard off the coast of Tatarasuna, must kill all enemies and set time t/from 1800 to 0600

Rusty and Shiny Koi locations:
-Stormbearer river
-Abandoned Harbor off Wangshu Inn
-Broken Bridge east of Dragonspine-Liyue Border
-luhua pool
-Near Statue of the 7 in Seirai Island
they also spawn her but only 1 of each variant
-Northern Cider Lake
-Southern Cider lake

Pufferfish and Smelly Pufferfish locations are:
-North and South Cider lake
-A small little island off coast of Dawn Winery
-Near Qingxe village waterfall and teleporter
-A Far off shore in Liyue Harbor
-Ritou Port
-Kannazuka Shipwreck, also near location of “Fate of the Fighter” mission
-The Farther fishing spot across Statue of the 7 in Seirai Island
-Go down the waterfall near the Northern-most teleporter in Watatsumi Island

might be more locations for the Pufferfish but I havent checked if they can spawn there.

If you are wondering why fish arent spawning anymore, that probably means you have caught them all for that reset. So here is when some math comes


so yeah, you need to wait 3 days for all fish to respawn just like Ores, Chunks, and Lumps, I know it sucks its that long but even I am disappointed a bit, but thats Mihoyo for you, anyways…

per reset from all the locations you can obtain around:
3-5 Raimei Angelfish
6-8 Rusty Kois
6-8 Shiny Kois
5-8 Pufferfish
5-8 Smelly Pufferfish

for Medaka’s(Smol and EZ fish) and strickleback(long nose, barracuda-like fish) species of fish
15-30+ Medaka Species
10-28? Strickleback Species

So if you just want to obtain The Catch, even if lets say only 1 of each Koi spawns per spot and 1 pufferfish spawns per spot as well, It would take you around 3 to 4 resets/9 to 12 days to obtain The Catch and enough resources to Rank 2 – Rank 3 it.

But if you can almost guaranty that more than 1 each koi and each Pufferfish will spawn per spot then you will take around 2 to 3 resets/6 to 9 days to obtain and enough to Rank 3 – Rank 4 The Catch.

hope it was helpful a bit, goodluck and may RnG bless you


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