Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 11-2 with Anemo MC By: kadsoukui


A a quick guide to clear floor 11-2 with Anemo MC:

Team Composition:

I used freeze comp to better control the mob Anemo MC. But you can use any since it’s not a timed challenge.

Shielders are highly recommended to block the electro-pyro archer combo.

AI behavior 1st half:

Pyro Archers:

– 1st targets player

– 2nd/3rd targets Monolith

– 4th targets player

Electro Archers:

– 1st targets player

– 2nd/3rd targets Monolith

– 4th targets players

Rock shield hillichurls:

– targets monolith

– Killing all will spawn Axe Mitachurl

Beserker/Torch hillichurls:

– targets player

– Killing all will spawn Wooden Shield Mitachurl

Axe Mitachurl:

– targets Monolith

Wooden Shield Mitachurl:

– targets player


Using Anemo MC’s Hold-E will make aggroing the mobs easier. Plus her burst makes it easier to start the fight in the first half.

It’s ideal to kill the first pyro archer and leave the electro archer. You can do this by using Anemo MC (shown in the video)

Getting the attention of Rock shield hillichurl and Axe Mitachurl is easier by using Anemo mc hold-E skill.

AI behavior 2nd half:

2 Treasure hoarders potioneer:

– targets Monolith

Electro Cicin Mage:

– A pain to handle will randomly target player and Monolith.

– will teleport sometimes near the Monolith

2 Treasure hoarder crusher

– hammer and fist

– target the Monolith

Fatui Agent Pyro:

– target the player

For the Second half bringing your best DPS team is recommended. Focus on the 2 treasure hoarders’ potioneers first then proceed to Cicin Mage.

If you were successful with the first half your Monolith’s health will be between 85-95%. Which is enough even if Cicin mage decided to attack the monolith.

Then ignore Fatui agent and focus on the 2 Treasure hoarder crushers. Ignore the shovel guy, he won’t damage the monolith even if he attacks it.

Killing the 2 treasure hoarders pretty much clear this stage. Lure the agent away from the Monolith.


– Anemo MC hold-E skill is surprisingly useful in getting the attention of mobs. Her burst is a godsend in grouping the first group of mobs in the first half.

– 2nd half, just focus on treasure hoarder potioneer > cicin mage. Then 2 treasure hoarders crusher, ignore shovel guy and lure Fatui agent away from Monolith.

Thanks, I hope this helps a bit.

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