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Genshin Impact – Spiral Abyss Floor 7 Explanation Guide meant for all players


Greetings Genshin players, welcome to the video Today, I will be going through a detail guide on how to clear floor 7 efficiently Take note: this guide is meant for all players including F2P who wants to clear for 5* arti or those who aims for all stars As you can see, I have already gotten all the stars but I will clear it again and tell you what will be your priorities Always check the floor Leyline Disorder and see what buff they give. As you can see, characters with high crit will benefit here Check the enemies you’re about to deal with When it comes to time attack stages, there are scenarios where you will pick the wrong targets. Take note of these 2 factors 1. Aim for the highest threat by killing the following order Hydro > Electro > Cryo > Pyro > Geo > Ameno 2.

Aim those that counter your team Team 1: Amber, Kaeya, Barbara, Ningguang Ning is my main dps so she can carry by herself as she has high crit and crit dmg Team 2: Xingqiu, Xiangling, Fischl, Qiqi These 4 characters work together with their elemental mastery Since you’re aiming to clear, choose buff that mainly provides damage Wave 1: Hydro > Cryo Hydro will heal his partner if you aim the other first so better kill the healer asap Wave 2: Hydro > Electro > Cryo Follow the killing sequence will help you better Amber is not useless, her element makes her viable to destroy shields easily.

FYI, your character does not need to be strong to clear these shields. Even level 1 also can do it Wave 1: Pyro > Cryo Pyro has lower hp pool than Cryo. Aiming cryo will get backstabbed by pyro at times Wave 2: Pyro > Cryo > Ameno Again, aim pyro. Ameno will come closer and does not have shield buff so will die during the clash Only damage. Nothing else Wave 1: Cryo > Geo I have Ning so she can deal with the Geo easily. Otherwise will be vice versa Wave 2: Cryo > Electro > Geo Only aim Geo first if you don’t have a counter for Geo Wave 1: Geo > Pyro Remember 2nd factor? Aim the ones that counter your team. My 2nd team does not have a Geo element nor a claymore user to clear off his shield if he activates it If the shield is up, your damage will be low and will take some time to finish it Xingqiu’s rain swords will cause vaporize as you get closer to Pyro, making it easier to break the shield Wave 2: Geo > Ameno > Pyro Again, get Geo out.

You can stop him from shielding with element stuns like overload, freeze, etc See how Xingqiu’s rain sword doing the work? Wave: Hydro > Electro > Ameno Always, always aim Hydro first. He doesn’t heal himself other than others Wave: Pyro > Electro > Ameno Pyro is the only range attacker along with 2 melees. Aiming Pyro will group Electro and Ameno together, allowing you to finish them off faster But you might die if you’re not careful enough. So watch your surroundings Ice is the most effective method to bring down electro shield. Kaeya’s burst and skill is one of the best otherwise Chongyun is viable And there you have it, everything has been cleared Once again, I want to remind that even F2P’s can do it. Invest 2 characters that can bring DPS I guess that’s it for now. Thank you for watching and have a great day ahead! See ya!.

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