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Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss Floor 8 Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to this video I’ll show you how Completed Earth spiral abyss 8. The first time In Genji Effect, Thanks for watching the video so far, Remember to give it a thumbs up, Sign up and rang the bell to help The youtube algorithm. Now go back to the video so Spiral Abyss. If you don’t know what Does it fall Down to the southeast From the Munstart area and there Videos already on how to get here Now by the time you get to the eighth floor, It really started to get challenging And then I think people were Impossible time Until you get to Earth Floor finishing 12, But that’s for a later video of that, The video focuses only on the 8th floor And how I accomplished that I had to Divide the team into two mum groups In order to reach the eighth floor, Because you do Half it With the first group we half with the group two, So let me quickly show you the first groups Selected We’re going to spin a little and as it is, I can see that I opened the floor 9 and beyond The groups you went to are A mother: Let’s take a look, so I put the scanner in Group 1. Then I put two fiery characters: Even Amber Wah, Shi Ling, Because There I am a mob of space and a mother, One is particularly innate and eight Free has a large mob space. So you like The fire to try to weaken them and heal them.

So Noelle put it okay, then A mother in the second group Just check my notes, yeah So in the second group put Am Amino. Who in my case is called me Free? I put an official mother, I put Barbara as a healer, And I put uh quinn as just another dps. Now some notes about this uh in The first group. You want to shoot to destroy Ice shields From the first two mobs and then into the group. Two want at least a watery foundation Personality to be taken down Fiery mobs shields in The second half of eight one and berbera Really effective at doing this, She is not just a healer, as she is Indeed a very formidable striker Or in the water. For this reason, I actually Escalated to Maximum Level, Then also in Eight two face: two ruin guards. In my opinion, my experience You need ranged in terms of the arc and Arrow To stun them by hitting them weak Point for you. If you hit them at Eye Or hit them crosswise in He came back twice and then they were stunned. Then you can Go crazy with them. Now what I’m really going to do recommend This again depends on experience.

With a group of level 80 mostly Be sure to focus on Room guards Since the beginning of the fighting, As if there is temptation To go after Charles Hills first and Then go after the room, you guys. But if you are Do so, you will likely be running out of time By the time you get to Try to finish the second rune Guard, so focus on guarding the room, All the time Dodge the high trolls. Once you enter the room Down the guards kill them, then The third one is eight free, simple Enough Against crowds of tall flowers In the first one for eight one free part he is, I am one blank and a mother, Eight. The second free part, is ice. Flower, Oh Lord, if you were like me and You play this game a lot, You probably did this a lot So now let me turn on the snapshots you’re going to do you see me Or do you do this for the first time I apologize in advance For Um focus face, but yes, This is what I’ve been doing after a few tries. If you want to achieve more these Uh for the 9th floor and beyond, then tell me, Let me know in the comments below So, let’s show the footage. Now: [, Music, ], Uh, A good night for sure, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], Mother, [, Music ]. They, Okay cool, [, Music ]. What do you guys think [, Music ]? Oh [, Music, ], [, Music, ], Eight looks easy enough Or do I need to level up more? Do I put priority On the big guy first I’ll race? You there let it rain. I taste the blood Leave it to me. Yes, Huh Escape Uh [, Music, ] [, Music ]. I will do as I did the last time I will Focus on the big guy. First Huh they Prepare to burst. Twilight also wishes me as you like, Uh. Nowhere to hide Uh, Oh [, Music ]. I reveal myself as you like, [ Music ]. They Let the show begin. I reveal myself [ Music ] Located here. We are [ Music, ] Yeah off the bed. Okay Good night. Let’S try eight for free, Let’s see if we can finally finish it: Oh [, Music, ]! Yes, You are to continue [ Music ], Not too difficult. Oh, I lost your check. Ok, This is the free second half Six minutes. Let’S do it. Oh Wing blade. Nowhere to hide [, Music, ], [, Music, ] I’ll, protect us [, Music, ], [, Music ]. I reveal myself Nowhere to hide Prepare to burst FantasyMagoria Midnight, [, Music, ] Royal Decree, [, Music ]. We got the achievement down Yay Anyway, guys. That’S all for this. Video, if You want to make sure to grant it Excellent, you can watch it around the video There. You see another download down over there Or you can click here to subscribe, Thanks goodbye, guys,

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