Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss Guide and FAQ By: PiFbg


Hey everyone,

I was very excited to pull for Xinyan on the Zhongli banner and I managed to get her decently fast. I had pre-farmed and saved up all kinds of materials the past week so I instantly got her to level 70/70 with maxed talents. Then I took her straight into floors 9 to 12 of the abyss.

I did a lot of testing and I am quite happy with her so I decided to write a short guide on how to use her 🙂

Before I write anything else let’s get one thing straight:

XINYAN is a great SUPPORT CHARACTER, she is NOT A DPS! (or at least not a very good one)



What is her role in your abyss team ?

To fill gaps in your composition. She is NOT there to do insane damage numbers.

What gaps can she fill?

  • Claymore user (mainly to break GEO shields with or in rare cases to Shatter frozen targets)

  • Pyro elemental resonance (+25% atk buff for your whole team)

  • Debuff removal (she is one of the very few characters in the game that can dispell nasty auras)

  • Pyro element – for breaking Cryo shields

  • Pyro element – for setting up wombo combos with Vaporize or Melt

  • Elemetal Shield (250% strong vs pyro)

  • 15% Physical damage boost for your main carry (works AMAZING with Xiangling and/or Razor)

Do I need constellations to play her?

No. Her constellations will only be useful if you want to play her as a DPS and just slightly useful if you are using her as a support/gap filler.However, even with the constellations her PHY DPS is still slightly lower than the other physical carries.

C0 Xinyan is perfectly viable for the last 4 floors of the abyss.


How / why / where to use Xinyan in each Abyss floor

Note* Team 1 = T1, Team 2 = T2

Floor 9: T2

On floor 9 she can go in either T1 or T2.

I personally prefer Noelle for dealing with 9-3 T1 (vs Earth King kong + Sonic the earthhog), that’s why I use Xinyan on T2.

Floor 10: T2

The reason you want to use Xinyan on floor 10 T2 are the pyro auras that shoot exploding balls of death that keep chasing you. Xinyan’s pyro shield has 250% additional pyro absorption which lets you facetank the exploding balls without getting damaged or stunned. This way your main DPS’s uptime is increased A LOT and you finish the level much quicker. I generally use a 2nd pyro in her team on this floor to get the sweet resonance party bonus.

Also a good tip for 10-2 T2:

The last part where you have 2x hilichurl archers and one abyss mage scattered all over the place:

I your main DPS is electro (e.g. Keqing or Razor) you can use Xinyan’s pyro shield to create overcharged reactions on the hilichurl archers to easily blow them faaaar away from the edge of the room and group them with the other enemies on the floor. It’s much quicker than relying on charged autoattacks pushback.

Floor 11: T1

11-3 is the problematic chamber and it features cryo fatui and geo fatui. Xinyan is the answer to both.

She also helps your team out on 11-2 vs the shield mitachurls and 11-1 vs the small shield hilichurls.

Floor 12: T2

Her main purpose on Floor 12 is to remove the icy debuff that drains your stamina like crazy.

Only Xinyan, Benett and Jean can remove this. (and barbara, but u freeze yourself so it’s not worth).

Ideally you want to have Xinyan on T2 and either Benett or Jean on T1.

The reason Xinyan is better on T2 is because 12-3 has a geo fatui shield that needs to be broken down with a claymore.


Example team compositions and synergy

  • Childe, Xinyan, Benett, Barbara

A build that focuses around Childe.

Lots of ways to setup huge damage for Childe Q via Melt.

Great energy regeneration for the whole team.

2x Pyro and 2x Hydro resonance !

Barbara boosts Childe’s damage if she has C2.

The previous version of this combo (Xiangling instead of Xinyan) had serious problems dealing with Geo shields, now this is no longer an issue! (Yay!)

Barbara and Benett in the same team = immortal team that can not die with 2 healers. (not to mention Xinyan Shield)

When Childe is on E cooldown the team can dish out either Physical or Pyro damage to compensate for downtime.

Xinyan greatly buffs Xiangling’s offensive abilities due to the 2x pyro resonance, her shield +15% physical dmg and with elemental particles generation, which means Xiangling can use her OP as fuck ultimate a lot more. It’s a suuuuuper sweet combo that just works great !

You can use whatever other 2 characters you want to fill the composition.

Xinyan + Razor (DPS)

Wolf boi gets even more insane damage thanks to +15% from her shield.

Xinyan + Fischl (DPS)

NOT a good combo! The range on Xinyan’s shield is super small and can be very akward to make full use of it on Fischl.


Artifact sets and weapons

I currently love using The Whiteblind 4* craftable claymore.

Especially if you manage to get some refinements it shines on her (as a support AND as also a main DPS only if you have Xinyan C6).

Not only is it easy to obtain but it really makes her shield veeeeeeeeeery tanky on Floor 10 T2 on it’s own. Seriously, when I was testing it I didn’t have any other +DEF artifacts and the shield was nearly unbreakable just from having a level 70/70 Whiteblind.

If you want to go for a more dps / dps-support oriented playstyle then any claymore with energy recharge is fine, also the battle pass claymore and obviously any 5* claymore.

edit: If the leaks are true then her best in slot 4* weapon for DPS will be the NEW CRAFTABLE CLAYMORE introduced in patch 1.2

As I mentioned before her shield is super tanky especially vs fire enemies and mechanics.

However vs most damage types it breaks fairly quick until you get Xinyan a nice

Retracing Bolide (2) set

which increases your shield by +35%! You WILL notice the diffference.

Other than the 2 pieces Retracing Bolide you have plenty of options and can build the rest of her artifacts any way you like.

This really took a lot of effort to write (and gameplay test) so I hope you guys find it useful!

TL:DR: Xinyan is very good and f2p friendly character that provides a lot of utility and good synergy with a lot of characters.

Her being the best element in the game (Pyro) combined with the best weapon type (claymore) and also her amazing ROCK STAR personality make her a great addition to your team and you don’t actually need any constellations on her if you want to play her as her intended role – support.

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