Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this Video, I will explain to you About The spiral abyss in the gentian Effect, Thanks for watching the video so far Remember to give it a thumbs up Subscription The bell rang for help The youtube algorithm. Now we get back to the video well, the spiral, The abyss In gentian effect is a constellation, Increasing difficulty in terms of Uh like being able to complete all Floor, Increasing challenges, level, up Monsters, etc.

But then the bonuses are also ever-increasing right. Now, First of all, you wonder how to access it. It’S right here on this musk reef, So this is monsta there and musk Coral reefs here You may see it mentioned as Well. At Some adventure guides or some Uh, The achievements of the trophies that you have to do are To reach this spiral abyss. So the first thing is how to get there So come here. If you open up this one uh kpop, teleport teleport to here, run North East, and then you will come to this Platform. These will be the three statues in the beginning. Do not light up behind them In every direction. You will see A spirit. You need to guide the soul On the three statues.

One time of them. Unlocked then shows this update And then what you can do is you can Climb this ascending all the way Mmmm until you get to the pool and me Back up there, you see this blue One, So you simply fall into the ball and it will If it Takes you directly to the reef, She was not there before In the future. This is the right of the gate Here to enter Catching reefs, or can you just Teleport is not locked directly Here From now on once you open it now, Mother thing with Uh spiral, reefs, sorry for the spiral abyss how they work. Do you have a star system, So let me quickly explain how this works. So you see Here are six of nine and one of nine Every floor.

So one two three four, five, Six, seven! It is the role of each floor in which there are three the rooms. There are three challenges for every room. You can get up to three stars, The stars uh the rewards Given to you, for example, If you end the room with three Minutes left Or if you are defending the tower With 60 From the tower, is available and so um. By doing all of these rewards, you will get More and more M-Rewards at the end Tower. Just click on this A button will say I am available To be replaced, So I managed to get all nine stars For the first and second floors.

I got six of them For the third floor. I managed to finish the fourth round. However, I will not be allowed to proceed. You will never be allowed to continue Onward until you finish the previous one Ground with at least six stars. So if that’s an average of two stars each the room, If you can get it, go to Next floor, if not, then The game naturally knows that you are Maybe not even strong enough. The trouble of trying the next floor, So there is now an achievement right Now To finish uh the eighth floor effectively. Now the thing with this is like a wutai, The mustard tower of the blade and flood, Or is this spiral. Abyss is

Only floors Available now at a later time, More and more will be released. So it’s a nice challenge. It’S a method Test, your skills test, the strength you I have evolved while I was Play the game so far And believe me, even without blemish Monsters, level is already 45 50, So uh we’ll see how they are through Time to reach the eighth floor. So please check the spiral cliff Really fun If you like this kind of individual challenges And the Uh also remember that the clearing It is not enough for you to wipe it off A certain time limit to get stars.

If you don’t get enough stars in Word, you will not be able to continue To the next, So I managed to clean the fourth floor, Uh just because I’m strong enough Stay alive, but I just couldn’t do it. It is fast enough. So when I send in some higher levels More than that, I would be able to Level up and I’ll be able to pass The abyss more Anyway, guys, that’s all for this video, if, Like it make sure to give him a thumbs up, You can watch the Videos There you see another download there Or you can click here to subscribe, Thanks goodbye, guys,

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