Genshin Impact Standard Banner is BAIT / Guide! By: Deku_Media

r/Genshin_Impact - PSA: Standard Banner is BAIT!

I made a guide/PSA for new people that aren’t familiar with how gachas work.
I was sick of my friends being cursed out about how bad the rates are by people who don’t play gacha & didn’t read the fine-print. They rolled on the standard banner & got weapons, instead of Jean or Diluc.

Characters in standard banner are ALWAYS available to roll!
Event banner characters are LIMITED & ONLY available during their banner!

So. Essentially, there’s 10 weapons on standard banner & 5 characters.
If you want 5-star characters, you’re better off rolling your primogems on the event banner.
On event banners if you roll a 5-star it will ONLY be a character. No weapons.
And if you want a SPECIFIC 5-star character, you should wait for their rate-up.
When you roll a 5-star, it has a 50% chance of being the banner character.
And when you roll a 2nd 5-star character on that banner, it is guaranteed to be the banner character.
Every 90 rolls you’re guaranteed a 5-star character.
So, every 180 or less you’re guaranteed a banner character.
The price point for this after first-time top-up packs is about $450.
Pity remains intact, based on banner TYPE.
The three types are: Event, Weapon & Standard.

Acquaint Fates are obtained through gameplay progression & should be used on the Beginner Banner first, then on the standard banner.
Intertwined Fates are rarely obtained through in-game promotionals & are usually obtained by exchanging your primogems for them. They are used to roll on the event banners.
Primogems are obtained through daily commissions, chest, completing missions & many other common tasks. These are converted into both types of fates & are best converted into event banner wishes, if you’re Free-to-Play & want characters.

I’ve seen there might be some discrepancies between the way the banner percentages explained between the American & CN clients. But I can’t read Chinese. So I’ll just leave it at this: for non-whales, you should wait for Event Banners that have rate-ups on characters you want. Keep an eye on your pity in “History”. Many people (myself included) say they tend to get their 5-star at 80 rolls, instead of 90.

I think I covered most of it.
Here’s a more detailed vid:


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