Genshin Impact Star of Deceitful Dreams Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and hello to this video, I will show Part two of the Genshin Impact mismatched stars event, Thanks for watching the video so far remember to give it a thumbs-up subscribe and ring the bell To help youtube algorithm. Now now go back to the video. Well, the event is unlocked now And there’s a new mission available in Springvale. So that’s the way you know if You go to the event and then go to the event details

You can see the second part that is now unlocked. Part 3 and Part 3 will be unlocked in four days. Now. There is a new mission here, and it is. It should already be added to your to-do list, as you can see in the Two-Star Cell Score. What I’m going to do now, I’m going to do the job and then we’ll see what we’re going to do next. Well, I’m done with the task, and now I’m at a point where I can collect more. So if I go To the event details and click on the uh metric wave, then when you scroll down you have this new one, The tasks that have appeared to me and to activate them. You have to click on their site tags, So we activated the first. Then the second, then, let’s do the third Event details Wave.

That’S why i move the camera a little, so you can see where it is and then yeah Here we go well so now I’ll go ahead and do these three tasks and Then we’ll see what we got there once we’re done Well, I did all of the Tasks that came with the event and now I’m here And you can see that Mona has got her symbol on the map. When she talks to Mona, she will put a marker For you just a few meteorite sites, as you can see right there, and if you collect all five Among these, you can turn it into a treasure trove of 20 resin. And then you can talk to her again and Another five would be identified and then another five would happen and I would think up to five would happen Times until you can have it all. You need 100 resins. So what i will do is, i will Now we’re going to collect all of them at least they’re marked on the map, so I don’t need, For example, creating a site directory about their whereabouts or searching for them. Tagged directly in The map we know is exactly where they are

We simply have to go and get them, and this event I think It will last for a while. So what that means is that, if you run out of resin, you can only Wait for it to recharge and get it later, because the resident takes some time to recharge. This event will last for another two weeks and the way to see your progress And also, if you go to the battle lane and you go to this bp period, it says here about saving 18 Meteorite relic and that’s what it is. So this will probably give me five um. Then Meteor cores are associated with the third part of the task that will appear in Five or six days from now. So let me go and collect the five and then see what happens next.

Well, you hit one of the meteorite relic and when you tap on it it really starts. The quest will be bombed with monsters, but it is of different levels and gives Different amount of rewards for that, because I have a core set of level 80. I’M going for this, This is recommended for level 75, but I just wanted to quickly highlight this in the video and They basically look like ley lines, so you can activate them and start ending them. It costs you 20 resins to get the reward now. Arcade Pass. Actually says: do 18 of them and Historically and how it works. With a Battle Pass, you don’t have to collect the reward in exchange. It has to be marked in the Battle Pass, but because the rewards are so great, I won’t skip it. I will actually spend the resin and only do it when you have the resin. As I said, I will Now do five of these until I’m using my resin 100’s, then we’ll see where we are next.

Okay, so we’ve removed as many meteor fragments that were produced as possible. We are now back with Mona to talk to her again because I still have some resin left So yeah again astrology and it’s been flagged now more of us, so pretty cool. So guess that’s what I’m going for! I am working uh for the next few days because I want to make sure the battle pass is finished, So you have to do 18 in total and I’ve done so far. Four! So I’ll do that until that’s done and Then we wait for the third part uh of the event to come, and then we can make the meteorite Because basically guys. This is how you do this second part of uh the event and um.

If You arrived late, let’s say you haven’t, played the game for a few days and you came back. You can still do the first part, so they can unlock more rather than move. So please refer to my other videos. If you want locations where all meteor fragments are located, Hence also you always get a lot of ah parts when doing the follow up Strive, so we can go to the event store and I can still buy a lot of things. So let me buy All those with 150 and then all that remains now is the intelligence of the hero and then finally Uh all you will end up spending. Your spare shrapnel is uh mura, but it is worth it in Hmmm, also in the long run. When calls come in and then uh we’ll see, because we’ll be able to buy Lots of books and lots of things, you need to increase your talents and things like that, and Also this is uh to promote talents to a higher level.

But yes, this is the second part of The event is officially called Star Dream. Deceiver, so tell me your experience with this one, An event that I like this kind of temporary event in Jinji, and it gives more to do on a daily basis. Anyway, that’s it for this video. If you liked it be sure to give it a go, Excellent, you can watch the video there, let’s upload there Or you can click here to subscribe.

Thank you guys.

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