Genshin Impact Stormterror Guide 1 Razor VS Stormterror By: UncleFings


Hi Everyone,

i am the Guy from the lvl 1 Team VS 91 Electro Hypostasis.

I know i sayed i will do a Wolf Guide, but i was doing the Weekly Stormterror Fight with my 2 Acc. so i tought i make a ST Guide first, the Wolf Guide will be out on Yt soon but i will post it here a few days later to not Spam the Forum with my Stuff. If you don’t want to miss it a follow on yt would be Mega Apriciated.

Again Sorry for my Bad english, my main Language is german, i tryed to make the guide in english as good as i can. To show you the full fight i choosed 1 Character, to make the fight as long as possible i think a good guide should show everything or as much as possible. I do mention everything that comes in my mind during the fight, like if you have a Bennet, you should use his ult at the Ground and then Climb with your Main dps as long as it isn’t an Op Goat Girl 😀 She can just stay at the ground and eat Stormterror for lunch from a distance. Cos she has telecenetic powers to eat dragons from far away.

Also you see you can Avoid the Anime Ult on theflor or even reduce it, shields also help and you can stack attack and def food but only use one Potion.

Shields can’t be stacked. You can have 2 but they get damaged at the same Time, this mechanic is explained by Mihoyo so you don’t feel like you have to have multiple shield Characters with you. But they can have different HP Pools so it feels one gets destroyed first.

If you have questions you can ask here or on YT, in the Vid desctription i did ad other stuff i think the Video Is self Promotion enough for one day. Yea i will do hypostasis Guides/Tipps and everything else that comes in my mind, i will make a Team Building guide for someone on Tiktok that can be used for everyone.

My goal is to help you to get trough the game by yourself without have to relay on other ppl or glitching cheating. I saw a couple of ppl do that and i am against that kind of stuff, cos Knowledge, work and dedication is all what you need to beat genshin, having fun. And knowing that Amber is OP.

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