Genshin Impact Sucrose Support / DPS In-Depth Character Guide By: Not-Casuals


Sucrose is probably one of the best kept secret in Genshin Impact. Not only does she have awesome ears, she also is probably the best buffing character in the game and she also can be one of the strongest DPS Caster if built properly. She is often called a “budget” version of Venti, but with 2+ constellations, she actually starts to outshines him as one of the most valuable Anemo Characters! Her insanely powerful and unique kit allows you to not only group monsters together, and proc tons of damage and swirl effects, while reducing enemy’s resistance and allowing your party to do even more damage, she also buffs your entire party’s elemental combos, which, when used correctly, enables more damage than any other character in the game!

In this Sucrose Character Build Guide, I will cover Sucrose as a Pure Support Character as well as a DPS Caster, which can be done by either providing extra Damage and CC potential, or purely with a full Elemental Mastery Build. I will go over her Abilities and Talents as well as explain the different Constellations and the power spikes that she gains from them. I will then talk about her Stat Priority for her different roles, as well as her Best Weapons and Artifact Set Choices. Lastly, I will go over some General Gameplay Tips and Team Comps suggestions.


  • The way Sucrose works is very similar to Venti. Her abilities will trigger swirl effects when combined with other elements, as well as drag enemies towards the center, which enables for easier AOE and Mob Control. The difference with Venti is that instead of being in the air, it stays on the floor, which is arguably better, but, it has a lot less “dragging power” so it doesn’t take mobs from half across the room like Venti. Her Abilities scale off ATK, and if built with offensive stats, she can dish out incredible amounts of damage as well. The other big part of Sucrose’s kit is her Elemental Mastery Buffs, that applies a portion of her EM to the entire party, which can enable insanely big damage output and is easily one of the best buffs in the game.
  1. Her Normal/Charged Attacks is pretty standard, but one thing to note here is that it is an Anemo Attack, which means you can proc Swirl Effects simply by auto attacking which can be very powerful.
  2. Her Elemental Skill (E) will summon a spirit that will drag monsters into the center and explode doing a great amount of Anemo Damage.
  3. Her Elemental Burst Ult (Q) works similarly to her Skill, summoning a spirit that drags monsters into the center and damaging them with Anemo Damage and it will do so continuously for 6 seconds. Additionally, if it comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo or Electro elements, it absorb that element and do extra damage of that type, thus creating extra swirl combos as well.
  4. Her First Talent makes it that when she triggers a swirl effect with another element, every party member of that said element will gain 50 Elemental Mastery for 8 second. A very powerful buff that will create a lot more damage than people realize!
  5. Her Second Talent works very similarly. Whenever Sucrose’s Skill or Burst hits an enemy, all party members will gain Elemental Mastery equal to 20% of what Sucrose has. Note that these do not buff Sucrose herself, sadly, but when used together, you can boost the Elemental Mastery of your carries by incredibly high amounts and create stupidly high amounts of damage this way.
  6. Her Passive Talent is actually one of the best ones in the game, giving you a 10% chance to get double the product when crafting Weapon Enhancement Materials.
  • When Leveling up the Talents, Prioritize the Skill and the Burst. Which one to do first will depend on your build and constellations.


  • The First Constellation will grant her Elemental Skill an additional Charge, so that it can be casted twice in a row. This is incredibly powerful to both activate her EM buffing talents as well as doing a LOT of damage and reactions.
  • The Second Constellation extends the duration of her Ult by 2 seconds, or 33%, which is an amazing buff that makes the Ult much more powerful. Getting this Constellation makes Sucrose pretty close, or even better, than a C0 Venti in terms of power and usefulness.
  • The Fourth Constellations makes it so that every time you perform 7 normal or charged attacks, you will reduce the cooldown of her Elemental Skill by 1-7 seconds. This is absolutely insane for people who use Sucrose to deal Damage, as you will basically be spamming your attacks for swirl reactions, and get your elemental skills all the time for insane burst damage.
  • The Sixth Constellation is an incredible buff, when using her Ult, whatever element it absorbs will cause a 20% DMG Buff of that element for the entire party during the duration of the Ult.

Stat Priority

  • Her Stats Priorities will depend on how you decide to build her. As a DMG Dealer, you would go for Anemo DMG as well as Crit Rate and Crit DMG. ATK and Elemental Mastery will still also be valuable in that scenario. In that case, you would try and itemize as follow:
  1. Sands: ATK / Elemental Mastery
  2. Goblet: Anemo DMG
  3. Circlet: Crit Rate/DMG
  • As a Support, you would try and aim for Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge, to enhance her buffing capabilities and her Ult. But because she still does very good damage, even as a support, you can also use her with offensive stats and do very well. This will depend on how you use her, and if you’re simply trying to go for the EM buff or just for additional Damage/Reaction Support. There is hardly a way to go wrong here, which is why she is so great! In this case, you would try and itemize as follow:
  1. Sands: Energy Recharge / Elemental Mastery
  2. Goblet: Anemo DMG / Elemental Mastery
  3. Circlet: Elemental Mastery / Crit
  • As for Secondary Stats: Crit Rate/DMG, Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge and ATK/ATK% are all going to be very valuable for her, again, depending on how you are building her.


  • There are A LOT of good weapon options here for Sucrose, and depending on your build and constellations, some will be better than others, but, almost every single one of these weapon is amazing for her you will hardly go wrong here.
  1. Sacrificial Fragments is one of her best weapon that you can get from the Gacha. It provides EM as a substat, which can be great especially when using her as a support, and its effect will allow your Elemental Skill to have a chance of resetting its own cooldown. This weapon becomes better the more refinement level it has, but when you have constellations 1 and 4 specifically, you will be using the Elemental skill A LOT.
  2. Mappa Mare is another great option with Elemental Mastery, and available for F2P players being craftable. The effect is also very good to increase her damage output, even as a support.
  3. Lost Prayer, Solar Pearl, Widsith and even Blackcliff Amulet are also all amazing options if going for a DMG oriented build, as they provide Crit Rate or Crit Damage, which is one of the best offensive stat in the game, as well as they all have absolutely amazing effects
  4. Thrilling Tales of the Dragon Slayers is also a very powerful option, when using Sucrose as a pure support, as it is easily refinable, being a 3 star, and gives an incredible 48% ATK Buff to a party member, which goes hand in hand with her Elemental Skill Buffing Capabilities.


  1. 4-Piece Viridescent Venerer is by far one of her best option, as this set is insanely busted, for both Supporting (by reducing enemies Elemental Resistance) and for Dealing Damage (by buffing Anemo and Swirl DMG) This set alone can increase the damage of Sucrose and her entire party by huge amounts, anywhere from 20% to 300%, due to the Elemental Resistance Reduction Alone, and is a must on most Anemo Supports. We have an entire video on our channel about this Artifact Set and the math behind it specifically if you are interested!
  2. In the early game, 4-Piece Instructor is a very powerful option as well though sadly Instructor does not have a 5 star version, and will have to be replaced in the late game.
  3. 2-Piece Wanderer’s Troupe and 2-Piece Instructor can also be very powerful for an additional 160 Elemental Mastery if thats what you are going for, and you can also mix and match with Exile and Scholar Sets at different stages of the game!

Team comps and Tips

  • Sucrose is probably one of the best Anemo support in the game, often compared to Venti, who is a 5 star, but the problem with Venti is that in later levels of the Abyss, when there are a lot of Bigger Monsters who are imune to the pull effect of his ult, he loses a lot of his value as it is a lot harder to consistently trigger his Swirl effect and take advantage of his ult. Additionally, it keeps mobs in the air, which limits the ability of certain characters to interact with them. Meanwhile, Sucrose’s abilities and auto attacks all trigger swirl quite easily, and keep mobs on the floor on top of that, making her superior to Venti in some situation, as well as easier to use for some players!
  • The great thing about Sucrose is that she can be paired extremely well with an Pyro/Hydro/Cryo/Electro users as her Ult synergize with all these elements. Especially when using the Venerer set, you will be providing them with incredible bonuses while also doing great damage output. The only Characters that she will not pair as well with are the ones who do not utilize their elements a lot (for example heavy Physical DPS builds)
  • When using Sucrose, you have to make sure you understand well how Elemental Mastery works, so that you can utilize her buff to their optimal capability. EM only works on the character who’s element Triggers the Elemental Reaction, for example, if a mob is applied by Fire, and you use Childe’s Hydro to trigger a Vaporize Reaction, Childe’s Elemental Mastery stat is going to be used to calculate the extra damage. This works the same with all Elements, even if the character is not out in the field, so just make sure to trigger reactions with the Characters who are receiving the Elemental Mastery Buffs for maximum damage!

Hope you enjoyed this guide! Let me know about your opinion of Sucrose, and how you use her in your team, as I know there are many more great and interesting builds for her that I might now have covered here!

Stay Tuned for our upcoming Zhongli and Xinyan guides coming out as well as Diona/Beidou and many more!


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