Genshin Impact support kokomi guide By: null345729


firstly: this thread is meant to help ppl who wish to build kokomi, not a thread for her strength discussion, so please please keep yourself away from here if you do not have good suggestion.



contrary to the effect of her ultimate, Kokomi is actually an off-field healer rather than an on-field healer.

for comparison:

  • lvl 8 elemental spell (E) : heals 7.04% per tick

  • lvl 8 ultimate spell (Q) : heals minimum 1.3% per tick while at maximum heals 5.2% per tick

  • ultimate spell by herself also have poor uptime

  • in order to increase ultimate spell up time, this would require her to sacrifice a lot of healing power in exchange for Energy Recharge%

As a result, Kokomi elemental spell contribute about 80%-90% of her total healing without taking any field time at all

Therefore, i highly suggest that player who uses Kokomi as healer to never use her on-field or battery her ultimate. Instead, her ultimate can be use to extend her Elemental spell duration

Reaction Driver

Player who wish to use kokomi as reaction driver can consider investing as much stats into Energy Recharge and HP but I personally would not suggest it as it is very prone to performance fall off in future content.

Off-field DPS

Kokomi lack of crit is compensated with the amazing multiplier on her Elemental spell (E), up to 1100% across 20s CD, beating even the ultimate of most carry. Unfortunately, due to split scaling, player who wish to take advantage of her Elemental spell damage could consider sacrificing some healing power in exchange for higher off-field damage.

Talent Priority

Healer & Off-field DPS

Reaction Driver


as a support Kokomi, the best in slot artifact is the 4pc Tenacity of the Millileth with the following stats


  • Circlet: Healing%

  • Sand: HP%

  • Goblet: HP%

Reaction Driver (2pc HoD, 2pc TotM)

  • Circlet: Healing%

  • Sand: Energy Recharge%

  • Goblet: Hydro DMG%

Off-field DPS

  • Circlet: ATK%

  • Sand: ATK%

  • Goblet: Hydro DMG%

Elemental Spell extension

As ppl might have difficulty to identify the best moment to use ult for elemental spell extension, below are some tips:

  • across the 12s duration of her Elemental spell, her Jellyfish will deal a total of 7 tick of dmg/healing

  • this gives the player a total of 4 seconds window to cast ultimate in order to maximize the duration

  • or, anywhere after 4th dmg/healing tick

Is energy recharge worth it?

Personally i don’t think it is worth it.

Under a theoretical scenario where her E could achieve 100% uptime, this would result in a total of 66% increase of her original skill duration. But achieving that would require ideally energy recharge of about 250% or up without another hydro unit, losing a lot of potential stats while having higher probability of wasting it because of moving enemy.

It is much ideal to condensed your healing into initial 7 tick while stationary instead of stretching it out against moving enemy. Reminder: her ultimate only extend your existing jellyfish duration, it does not help repositioning your already placed jellyfish


Best in slot support kokomi is probably Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayer

the 2nd highly contended option should probably be Sacrificial Fragment

Unless the player insist of using Kokomi ultimate for whatever reason, prototype amber is not a good choice for Kokomi aside from the HP% substat

Final Advice

Just please please please stop reading or thinking about her ultimate as it is the main reason to mislead most of her strength as a character. Trying to work with her ult will get you no where and is easily replaceable by already existing character. As of her current kit, she is a decent/great off-field healer, that doesn’t take away damage from your already established damage dealer.

Final Word

above are what I could think of as of now, though I’ve already written more than I initially expected.

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