Genshin Impact Talents Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome so in this video, I’m going to be showing you how to upgrade your talents in Genshin Impact. Thank you for watching the video so far, remember to give it a thumbs up, subscribe and ring the bell to help with the youtube algorithm now back to the video. So once you hit adventure rank 25, the option becomes available to you to upgrade your talents so throughout the game. So far, if you look at your inventory, you’ll probably have noticed in this tab here that you’ve collected a hell of A lot of books uh throughout your journey these books, are actually used to upgrade your talents, but you just can’t use them until rank25.

Once you get rank 25 open your character menu go to talents, and then you have your skills here. As you can see, all of mine are level one so. Let’S see if we selected this one, we can upgrade it. So, let’s level it up and confirm so it says your character must be ascension phase three to level up again. So you can’t like go crazy and just super upgrade to end game skills, but at least you can level upuh at this point.

So adventuring 25, i’m going to, assume uh um ascension phase two as well okay, so that can’t be upgraded that i can’t be upgraded and got okay. This one says ascension rank four, so again, let me do it for my other characters. So, let’s go on to her level up. I don’t have enough money there you go! So once i get more money, then i’ll do this but. This is basically how you upgrade talents and. It shows you how much your skills will group by the sort of percentages in every situations uh pay attention to this anything else. Anything you can do to level up your character, go for it because um.

Why not? Why not it’s something that you’ve collected so far. You will upgrade it along with artifacts, along with your weapons, along with your levels and if you get any duplicate copies when you’re doing the wish system, then you can do constellations and, i think, that’s basically in terms of upgrading your character in terms of difficulty. So it’s not that difficult so. Please take a look at the talent system check it out, like i said, adventure rank 25 and i’m going to assume that you’ll, probably need to, do ascension phase 2. Before you can start upgrading and uh.

It shows you as well when you need to do further ascension phase upgrades before. You can get even more talent increases so anyway, guys. That’S it for this video if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up. You can watch a random video over there you can watch the latest upload down there or…. You can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye

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