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Genshin Impact Team Building 101 – A Foundation Class By: Nilili_


The text version (below) has a few more bits of information; and here’s the video link, where some of the information is more fleshed out – timestamps for the video will be shown below.

00:00 – Today we will go over how to make a solid team for the majority of the content, as far as I can tell/suspect. Resources are limited in this game, so you kinda really want to figure out who to use before you use them, and thereby commit to those characters (I know, it’s shit, but you can test characters even at lvl 1, to some extent). This game really rewards focusing on few characters – less is more. Okay lesgetit.

00:44 – Firstly, you CAN pretty much play however you want, if you really wanted to. So far, I’ve found the game can be quite flexible in regards to team comp – except for in Spiral Abyss floors 9-12, but we’re going to ignore that for this guide. That being said, there are team compositions that are more efficient than others, which brings me to the next point. Oh, before the next point actually, I’m also going to assume you understand basic mechanics of the game such as: what elements there are and which beats which, elemental reactions, puzzles (the various ways you get chests), etc.

00:55 – When we break it down, the 3 main roles: Main DPS, Support DPS, Support. I wouldn’t really say there’s a tank class (hmm but Noelle… but yo she special). Now, as you read the next session, have a think about which of the characters YOU own that fit into what.

01:16 · Main DPS are normally selfish creatures because none of their skills transfer in any way to other characters – we won’t count their application of element on mobs, since everybody can do that. Prime examples are Razor, Diluc, and Keqing. Because of their selfishness, I’d recommend only 1 in a team – would pretty much NEVER have 2.

01:55 · Support DPS are characters where their skills can be used and then left on the field even after switching to another character, whether to do more damage, buff, taunt, etc. Prime examples are Fischl and Xingqiu. I’d recommend 2 in a team, but you could have 3 and sacrifice a Support = you deal more damage, but you have to play with the greatest finesse.

02:41 · Supports are the healers/shielders and although they don’t deal much damage, they play a big role in this game, as tanking doesn’t really exist, so your Main DPS will be taking damage. Prime examples are Barbara (best girl <3) and… I think Barbara may be the only pure support. I’d recommend 1 in the team, but you could have 2 if you want to be extra safe, in exchange for less damage.

03:37 · The rest of the cast can be labelled as a combination the 3 main roles (hybrids). For example: Qiqi is mainly Support, but has Support DPS qualities; Klee can go either Main DPS or Support DPS; Jean is a Main DPS, but dang her Q heals (Support). With this hybrid factor, having 3 Support DPS or 2 Supports can be decently balanced, but it complicates things, so pick your poison.

· To summarize: In any team, I’d say go for 1 Main DPS, 2 Support DPS, 1 Support. You CAN do combinations such as 1 Main DPS, 3 Support DPS; or 1 Main DPS, 1 Support DPS, and 2 Supports, if you feel that works for you, based on your roster.

04:39 – Main rule for MOST content: Avoid using 2 of the same element, or in other words, have all different elements. Why? Puzzles, enemies, elemental reactions, puzzles, enemies.

· PUZZLES: Puzzles require different elements to activate and having to switch to another element is tedious, trust me, there’s no quick-change for party members/teams at the moment, and you can’t change members/teams during battle.

· ENEMIES: When you’re out in the world, you’ll run into a mix of enemies and elements. Slimes are completely immune to their element, and we know the horror of abyss mages. If you don’t have the right element for a certain mob’s shield, it takes a really long time to break. There are also other mobs such as the whopperflowers which are not completely immune to pyro, but take reduced damage. Who knows what else will be introduced as the game goes on.

· ELEMENTAL REACTIONS: By having different elements in your party, you can react with the enemy’s elements, generally giving you damage. Sure, double Pyro can give you that juicy 25% ATK, but so can the right elements to do them elemental reactions. Personally, I find I lose a lot more damage if I don’t have the right elements for the situation.

07:45 · To summarize: A core feature of this game is that it revolves heavily around the usage of various elements, so to limit how many you have in your team will generally be detrimental.

I’d like to continue, but it already feels like a lot of information, and this is the fundamental information to apply. The Anemo and Geo element further deepens the game’s mechanics, but the points mentioned in this class apply to them as well, if you’d like to see a guide regarding these two particular elements, lemme know in the comments.

Again, the video version fleshes some of the sections in this guide out, (mainly role explanation and elements) so check that out if you think it’ll help.

Thanks for reading, I’m also streaming on Twitch today at 6pm UTC+11, which will be in about 3 hours from the time of this post @ https://twitch.tv/pensive_, come chill and ask questions if you like 😊


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