Genshin Impact Team Composition Guide [COMBAT+EXPLORATION] By: Elodin77


Here I have put together a guide on team composition, these are just suggestions, if you don’t care about team composition and just want your waifu team, go for it!

I will update this with any feedback I read in the comments or if it becomes updated.


This is generally suited to the Spiral Abyss, domains or bosses.

Team Composition

I would recommend prioritizing levelling your Carry followed by your Healer. The other team roles are flexible. You may often see both the DPS Assist and Elemental Support being put under the overall name of Support and this is also suitable for basic team building.

—DPS Carry—
Generally you want your Carry to have the highest level in your team. I would recommend your main Carry to be a claymore user as it makes taking down geo defences more convenient. This character would generally focus on physical damage, this is to make them suitable for any enemy.

—DPS Assist—
Your Assist would generally be a sword, polearm or bow user. Their main purpose would be as a substitute if your Carry is low on HP or has died. Similarly to your DPS Carry, I would recommend having them focus on physical damage.

Your Healer’s purpose would be to… heal. They can also double as a Assist in some cases, especially for Jean and Qiqi whose healing scale off their ATK. But some characters such as a Barbara whose healing scales off her Max HP would not be suited for a DPS role.

—Elemental Support—
Your Elemental Support would generally be a catalyst or bow user. Their main role would be to trigger elemental reactions. The character which triggers the elemental reaction will have their Elemental Mastery used to calculate the reaction damage. Therefore having one character with a higher EM can benefit your elemental reactions.

Weapon Types

The following are recommended for any team composition.

A Claymore character is necessary for geo defences (e.g. pillars and shields).

A Bow character is necessary for enemies outside melee range and hitting weak spots.

Elemental Combinations

I would highly recommend having a second character with the same element as your DPS Carry. Any character that can rapidly gain orbs is suitable. This allows you to rapidly charge your Carry’s Elemental Burst (“ultimate”) as orbs of a certain element give more energy to characters with the matching element.

It is important to consider elemental reactions when creating your teams. Some reactions are more suited for certain enemy types and some are less suited to other enemies. You can see a list of elemental reactions here.

Spiral Abyss

For the early floors having the generic team of 4 characters will work fine. However, at higher floors you will need 2 teams of characters. I would recommend having 1 claymore character in each team. Bows are not necessary but recommended against Geo Samachurls which may elevate themselves and allies on top of geo pillars (which can also be broken with a claymore).

You will need a minimum of 1 DPS Carry and 1 Healer in each team. In total this means you will need 2 DPS Carries and 2 Healers that will lead your Spiral Abyss teams to victory. For this reason, I would recommend having 2 DPS Carries who also use claymores as your main characters to focus on levelling for convenience.

I highly recommend checking the enemies in each floor and which part of each chamber they are located in. This will allow you to be more flexible and tailor your teams specifically to defeat the enemies in their respective part of each chamber.


Most of this carries over from the combat section above, however I will list any particular suggestions specific to exploration.

I highly recommend using a character who has sprint stamina reduction. This includes Kaeya and Razor who each have a 20% stamina usage reduction when sprinting.
If you think you will be gliding a lot then it helps to have a character with gliding stamina reduction. This includes Amber and Venti who each have a 20% stamina usage reduction when gliding.

Having 2 Anemo characters in your party will provide a 15% decreased stamina consumption and 10% increased movement speed (and 5% skill cooldown reduction).

Stamina food is very beneficial to exploration as it can provide huge reductions to stamina consumption and increase maximum stamina.

As of November 1st 2020 the following applies:
– Razor and Kaeya buffs do not stack.
– Razor/Kaeya buff stacks with Anemo buff.
– Razor/Kaeya buff DOES NOT AFFECT any characters added to the party after they were.
– Stamina food does not affect whether these buffs stack or not.

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