Genshin Impact Teambuilding Guide By: niaowl


this post was born out of spending a night on the teambuilding megathread and getting frustrated at the lack of information provided about rosters and the uneducational way advice is given. its fine for what it is, but it eventually creates a lot of players out there who know what things are good, e.g. diluc is good, melt is good, bennett is good, but dont exactly know the details of what makes them good.

DISCLAIMER: it shouldnt need to really be said, but much of this is my own opinion and analysis. id be happy to be told im wrong if the numbers dont back me up, but im confident in most of what i say

before i dive into all this teambuilding bullshit, here’s the quick advice id generally give to anyone who’s looking for help with teamcomps

  • start by mentioning what content youre trying to tackle. an overworld team is going to look very different from an abyss floor 7 team; is going to look different from an abyss floor 10 team. what are you trying to tackle, and what trouble are you having with your current setup?

  • if youre trying to clear abyss, dont think you can run the same team over and over. if youre on the power curve, taking advantage of the floor-specific will be crucial for timely clears. this is what my roster looks like at AR46

  • list every character you have, even the level 1 ones. they can seriously make the difference

  • it would be nice to see all your weapons as well!

… but i was a teacher, so i cant just leave it at that. consider the rest of this post as me trying to teach men how to fish.


the balance of a teamcomp generally needs to keep these things into consideration: energy regen, reactions, and skill/buff uptimes. the ideal teamcomp wants to. . .

cast their important ults off cooldown with (energy regen) have those ults make a big impact on dps through (reaction) and have the impact from those ults last through the entirety of your layered (buff uptimes)

if youre not sure what im talking about, take razor and kaeya as an example:

  • they should always be ulting one after the other, off cooldown (or at least have it recharged off cooldown.) this is achieved through proper energy regen, whether that be particles or stats,

  • the 40% res down from superconduct makes a big impact on his dps

  • kaeya ult also lingers for 8 seconds (or a whopping 15 if you have c2) which means the superconduct debuff, which lasts 10s, is provided for all of razors ult (with some technicalities)

as for what characters in particular you want to run, why dont we start with the stars of the show?


the core of any team is gonna be your main dps. to preface, i’m going to say that with enough investment and love, anyone you want can make a serviceable main dps! ..but some are still going to be better at it than others

the “higher tier” characters in (my opinionated) order: diluc, klee, C6 childe, razor, C0 childe, keqing, ningguang, xiangling, fischl, and in some cases, bennett. zhongli works as well as xiangling does as a physical carry, and share a lot of similarity (polearm users that arent part of either halves of superconduct) but i will admit to not knowing much about zhongli dps theory and leave it at that

who you want to pick out of your roster to be your dps depends a lot on the weapons and supports you have. diluc and razor are easy picks because one is the best dps in the game and both synergize well with kaeya, who is free. claymore dpses are also easy to gear because animus is the 2nd best 4* claymore behind serpent spine

for a dps that trickier to gear, id say catalysts have pretty bad craftables, but solar pearl is easily accessible through a little wallet opening. bows and swords have slightly bad craftables too, but swords have more gacha drops (lions roar and flute.) compound bow is basically a fischl-only dps bow at the moment. prototype rancor is pretty good at what it does, but you dont particularly want to be doing physical on sword users anyway. phys keqing is an exception but black sword (wallet) is still miles better


not going to bother ranking them this time, there’s too many ;w; but xingqiu is really good. perhaps bennett is mathematically better, but i just love the way xingqiu plays and that his ult follows you. i wish i could have two xingqius

both xingqiu and bennett are standouts and good enough on their own to slot into any team, but theyre particularly good with diluc/klee, which is just another drop in the ocean of what makes them so good, really.

to gauge how good a character would be at support, consider how much time they need to be on field. the more you need to swap to supports, the less time your dps spending hitting things. xingqiu demands very little field time because of his high E cooldown, and his ult is cast once then lasts for-fucking-ever

bennetts incredibly short cooldown on E makes him demand a lot of field time; it just doesnt matter because his burst is [that] good. it also makes him more reliant on ER and therefore, a lot better on diluc and klee comps. go figure!

another key part of a support is their lingers. that is: how long do their effects last while theyre not on field? the queen of this is fischl, whose E and Q both put down oz, who lasts for 10s. its just a shame she doesnt offer much in terms of reactions. maybe there will be a cryo-physical carry who needs her one day.

this is one of the reasons pyro is in such a good spot right now, too. there’s xingqiu, who’s an insane reaction support, but there are zero good pyro reaction supports. bennett is the best pyro support, but all of his skills are one time applications of pyro, which make his use as a setup for a cryo or hydro damage carry really bad


we’re going to need to take a short break to talk about reactions

though almost everyone knows by now that pyro is the best element by far, and lot of people have complaints about geo because of a recent archon sized controversy, the REAL worst element is electro. but thats neither here nor there unless your name is keqing. all that matters is that you have access to the reaction(s) that do the most for you. for razor, its superconduct. for childe, its vaporize, melt for bennett and diluc, and so on.

vaporize and melt are always going to be your carry’s best reaction, unless they’re physical. this puts pyro, hydro, and cryo characters in an innate advantage. swirl and crystalize are mediocre until you start grinding for artifacts. though theyre not part of any damaging reactions, viridescent venerer and archaic petra are crazy good support sets.

you could notice that theres something missing from this discussion. its electro! it doesnt have any access to x2 or x1.5 reactions. its best reaction is superconduct, which is for benefit of physical “element” rather than electro itself. both overload and electrocharged deal good damage on paper; but overload has an annoying knockback, and electrocharged will lose damage ticks when applied too quickly. this is why i wholeheartedly believe electro is the worst damage type by far.

so now knowing what reactions your carry wants, you know what supports you want to match with them. look at your roster and see what kind of composition matches support and dps well. start with a core of two characters, and go from there.


to start, i’m going to present a few two-character combos that i think should always be together if you have them. i find their synergy so strong that you’d need a very good reason to separate them.

razor and qiqi → qiqis cryo application is pretty slow, but it lasts a long fifteen seconds. its a good thing that superconduct doesnt care about rapid application, and that razors ult doesnt last longer than fifteen seconds. unlike diona and kaeya ult, it can follow you around for the whole fifteen seconds too. diona ult is stuck on a field, and kaeya ult ends after eight seconds, which means it doesnt apply more if you kill the enemy after its ended, or switch targets. qiqi’s E wont be up again in time for razor’s next ult, meaning she cant solo support for him, but it makes frees up a lot of time for your kaeya or diona to rebuild ult. it means you dont need to invest in them as much, because they need less energy regen

venti and jean → with a venti and jean comp, youre going to do a lot of character swapping. what you get out of it is that everyone in the team has enough energy to ult off cooldown. to truly make the most out of a comp like this you’d have to invest more resources than normal, since everyone is ulting all the time instead of one carry doing most of the damage. still, its a lot of fun and a lot of power. i would recommend not ulting with jean off cooldown, as its not that much damage and frees up some rare time to swap to a high damage character who can reach inside venti ult like diluc, keqing, ningguang (suffers no benefit from VV set but it doesnt even matter) or even chongyun if you dont have anyone else

xingqiu and diluc/klee → yeah this combo is just fucking insane. while xingqiu ult is active klee and diluc get vaporize on every single attack; that is all

DPS bennett and chongyun → chongyun field turns bennett autos into cryo, then bennett melts with E. nice! this is also literally the only (good) comp where chongyun can support

what about diluc and chongyun? → diluc should have a 100% uptime on his pyro enchant and you absolutely do not want to override it with cryo

with two slots filled, who should take the next one? if its abyss we’re talking about, then this slot would be dedicated to whoever makes your life easier. diona on a diluc team to break electo shields? sure! why not, sounds perfect. diona is really good at breaking shields.

for a less freedom filled answer, this slot is to shore up any weaknesses that couldnt be covered by just two characters. most frequently this issue will be energy regen. while a xingqiu without sacrificial sword is still good, he’s far from casting ult off cooldown, so you’d need someone to fill in the gaps. pick anyone that goes well with your dps or support, try not to mix hydro and cryo, because it eats up the hydro to apply frozen, which i dont value very much. for example, if your bennett support isnt having ult up fast enough, use a xiangling support to make pyro particles for him, while still being a good damage support.


typically, people save the last slot for their healer. i actually listed all the characters i think are capable of being solo healer for a team earlier. bennett, qiqi, jean, and barbara all have lots and lots of healing and can keep a team alive on their own.

i would say jean is clearly the worst at HEALING until you reach ascension four. the full 80 energy just feels SO bad to regen on her own, and its even hard to keep up with venti on the team.once she unlocks that second passive though, all of those problems just vanish. if you’re wondering about first passive: never autoattack with jean unless its just one or two while swap is on cooldown. its a waste of time and damage. overall, she’s still the worst “healer” of the characters i’ve grouped together in this section, but she more than makes up for it in “support” power. her E has a crazy attack ratio and viridescent venerer set makes her invaluable to an elemental carry team.

in terms of overall team composition, i’d say barbara is far and away the worst. she has extremely low energy regen to none at all, has a very long cooldown on E, scales off HP, and needs to attack to heal. still, because two of the other solo healers and two of the other hydro characters are five stars, it very often makes her necessary for abyss. the only way you can avoid it comfortably is if you have childe.

qiqi heals for so much its almost a bad thing. she can outheal everything in the game, so you should never die with her on the team. the strange thing is that she’s so good at healing and not much else, so no stat is particularly good on her. just stack healing power i guess? cant go wrong with that

bennett is bennett. one size fits all healer thats amazing for any team 👍 but especially pyro dps or venti+jean comps since they feed his ult very well if you dont have a favonius sword


ive said what i set out to say when i started writing, so to be honest i have no idea how to wrap this up. i feel like im in english class at high school all over again.

i couldnt find a good place to slide in a talk about resonances, so ill just go through them now. most of them are just plain good. the exceptions are anemo, which is okay; hydro, which is bad; and electro, which is bad. electro is bad. cryo dps has a ton of potential because of their resonance! we just need a good character and artifact set to finish the puzzle. fingers crossed for ganyu and ayaka, everyone.

now all of you diluc and klee owners, go on and clear floor 12 for me, okay? ;w;

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