Genshin Impact – The Chi of Guyun – Mây Xưa có “Li”


Hello friends Today I will be doing the World. Ancient clouds have “ Li” For this task. You first need to open an agency on the day of the moving statue in Khinh, Sach Trang Main North South East northwest northeast Southwest. Once activated, we immediately receive the mission. Ancient Clouds have “. Li” Next will launch the 2nd agency. This is the place of the Void Palace. We will be teleported here. This is the 2nd agency location Now need to light up the 4 statues as the instructions. Just now “ Storm ruins” is Phong Long Ruins. You can find the statue facing that direction.

It’S this statue light it up. First Now “ Mount of Ice Snow That Does Not Melt” Towards the white mountains on the map, “, The Land of Clouds and Misty Tien Nhan”, which statue are you looking for in the direction of Hidden Tng, Sn Khnh, Vn nh Looks like this. It is the 4th statue offline “, Everyone’s Liyue City” find the statue that heads towards Liyue. You pay attention that each time you open the chest when you are finished activating the organ, you will receive 1 strong pair for this task. Now it’s agency number 3. It’S located here, Doc, Vo Vong Area. According to the instructions you need to find some strange stones around this place will have clues. The orange rocks Light up. The statue Next is the other bright orange Light up this statue To the other, already bright orange area. So there are 3 pieces of the puzzle. Now, let’s go defeat. Npc quests From this section we can follow the mission position on the map. Thank you for watching.

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