Genshin Impact The Childe/Tartaglia setups interrogation By: raitozan


Hi everyone ! Hope you’re doing good with your pulls !

here’s my main interrogation on Childe’s setups right now. Before explaining myself, I need to tell you that i’m not a whale on the game, but, i still can afford to spend some money on it, like for the BP or the blessing of the welkin moon.

I pulled Childe (C0) last wednesday, and if i’m lucky, before the banner expires, i will be able to pull another 5* (yeah i did saved a LOT of gems) and so maybe get Childe C1, which will helps me a lot with his E Cooldown.

So i passed the last 4 days watching theorycrafting and guides on him, and i know that early guide could be wrong on the best things to do with him, but what was said a lot is that the best artifact setup for him would be 2x noblesse oblige + 2x gladiator. But today i see some guides popping up adressing other setups that could maybe be better than this (and a lot funnier imo):

-The Retracing Bolide set with Noelle as a shielder support (equiped with the petra set for double shields bonus), can be run as well with Beidou C1 with her Q being a shield AND the electro Auto Attacks that goes really well with Childe’s.

-The thundersooth set with Fischl or Beidou C1, that makes the electrocharged insane

I also think Evaporate has been a little bit over-estimated as the best reaction for him due to his high attack speed making the hydro effect being set before the pyro one so the evaporate is procced by pyro instead of the Childe’s hydro AAs (I still understand and know that setting pyro and then switch into Childe’s melee ultimate is insanely good, that’s not my point here).

i’ll start investing in artifact farm and don’t want to invest ressources and time in a set that will no be the best, or at least viable, so, What do you think about those statements ? Did you tried the noblesse+glad AND the bolide or thundersooth sets to compare them ?

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