Genshin Impact The Official Unofficial Unsolicited Complete Teyvat Travel Guide, or, a massive guide for leveling efficiently through your adventurer ranks By: CanonHusbando


Hey y’all! It’s your Husbando here, I recently landed at the peak that is rank 40 as a (mostly) f2p and since I couldn’t find a comprehensive guide for what to do at the various adventurer ranks that wasn’t buried under layers of non-advice in a series of monetized youtube videos I decided to handle it myself. This guide is meant to be a top to bottom but not front to back guide if that makes any sense, I’ll talk about things in broad strokes but leave the granularity and math to people who are better than me at math and granularity, also I’ll try to highlight some mistakes that will put a lasting dent into your account unless you’re willing to put a lasting dent in your wallet. It’s fair to say I made mistakes, please learn from them.

Before we begin I should say that this guide is no more than a list of suggestions I wish I could have referenced from the beginning. I’m not going to get mad if you find some other method of playing the game more fun or compelling, you do you boo, you’re still great. Additionally this is not a “how to rank up fast” guide or “how to solve the puzzles guide”, there’s fun in figuring out that stuff for yourself (or consulting better guides written by smarter, cooler people). I’m also assuming you’ll be using the interactive map from the jump, use it to mark off stuff you find so you don’t waste your time later, be thorough, nothing wastes time like trying to save time badly.

This guide will be sectioned into exploring the game world, leveling your characters and equipment, a level by level guide for spending your time and resin at each adventure rank, and finally I’ll talk about spending real world money dollars at the end, for the purposes of the guide I will be assuming you are free to play (since you can bypass resin limits with purchases)

Before we get into the guide proper I need to set down 2 hard and fast rules you shouldn’t deviate from as you play genshin or you’ll make me a big sad

The Wisdom: You’ve probably heard from another source that 3 star weapons are viable even into end game (and some are even better than 4 and 5 stars for certain support roles) and how you should refine them, and this is true, but most guides don’t explain the dire importance of knowing what you’re eating when you go to upgrade your weapons. I’ll Explain: when you feed a weapon into another weapon to give them exp and upgrade them, the weapon that is eaten is lost forever. The only sources for 3 star weapons in the Genshin are opening chests and rolling the gacha, and while chests do technically respawn your odds of getting a 3 star weapon to drop is low enough to be non existent. What this means is any weapon you get out of a chest is impossible to reclaim outside of spending money and rolling the gacha. 3 star weapons should be considered account locked, and destroying them indiscriminately will come back to bite you once you need them for your support characters down the road. Only use 3 star weapons for upgrading if you already have at least 1 fully refined version of that weapon.

The Wisdom: Look I know there’s a dearth of content right now in late game and some of the levels get super dull but you’ll regret burning these before they’re ripe. I’ll Explain: Resin is spent in domains to acquire materials you use to upgrade your characters, weapons, and abilities, these domains don’t reach their peak efficiency until rank 40, when their rewards are worth more than even rank 39 rewards by a factor of like 30. I will elaborate later, but the rules of play and your leveling goals also change at rank 40 and you will be thankful to have a stockpile of fragile resin saved up so you don’t have to spend days upon days trying to get your favorite spear up to the next rank. Just save em.

Adventure and Exploration guidelines
Before we start talking about any systems It’s important to establish some good practices when it comes to the moment to moment gameplay of genshin impact. For starters, pick up everything. I might seem like a drag but you should be smashing every rock, slaying every woodland creature, and snagging every fish you come across in your journey. 100 of any item might seem like a lot early on, but you’ll need many many big piles of everything if you want to do anything at high level, I’m trying to knock out the cooking achievements right now and have used thousands of meats, start saving early.
The same advice extends to enemies, until your first ascension you should be killing enemies for their exp and mora, and after your first world ascension you should be killing them for their upgrade materials and mora, it takes 72 base rank to materials to make a max rank enemy material and some upgrades take like a dozen of those, start saving early.

Now on to chests, you should open every chest you come across, full stop. chests in genshin impact are your main source of adventure rank exp as well as the draw for exploration, and they’re on a slow cooldown timer, if you’ve played any MMO or moba, you know that if anything is not on cooldown it might as well be burning a hole in your pocket. Additionally chests contain loot, especially early on a good rank 3 weapon can put you on easy street for basically the entire first 20 levels.

Oculi. While you’re running around and exploring you’ll run into these floating crystals marked with a cross shaped sparkle on your mini map, if you collect these you need to mark them off on the interactive map, it’s one of the first tasks on the level to level guide but it’s important to do regardless of how much of the guide you use. There are hundreds of the things and missing just one can set you back hours of progress because you have to check the location of every single one you picked up just to find the one you missed. Keep your map handy, mark the oculi as you find them.

Finally, Genshin has world quests, marked on your map with a blue exclamation point icon. Ignore these as you’re wandering around, as there is currently a gap in content after adventurer rank 30, and you should save these until then unless otherwise noted in the guide. The exceptions to this are the repeatable quests, which appear as “random events” and should be completed if you run into them (these can all be found on the wikis).

Setting your goals and spending your resin
Genshin Impact is a pretty big game with lots of stuff to do and lots of ways to spend your time, luckily for me mihoyo has made my life way easier and included an adventurer handbook, the experience tab of which is a very good guide for where and what you should be doing with your time. In general, your resin and resources should be spent achieving the bare minimum for reaching the next level of the experience tab, which I will be going through as the driving force behind the level to level guide. If you absolutely MUST spend your resin and don’t have a domain to run you should spend it at the leyline of wealth, exp items gained until level 40 just aren’t worth it. Think of it this way, if you run out of exp materials, that’s just one avenue of leveling closed, if you run out of money, that’s ALL your leveling ability gone.

Leveling your party, upgrading equipment, and spending materials
Regardless of how you’re interacting with the gacha, either whaling or saving all your rolls for an upcoming banner, you should keep your team composition in mind when it comes to spending resources leveling your character. Early on in your journey you won’t need to spend a single exp book or mora on your character level, through the entire prologue you’ll get all the exp you need from quest rewards and fighting enemies. At rank 15 or 20 you’ll want to pick a main DPS character, as long as they’re a fit for the DPS role and you find them fun or aesthetic pleasing, and make them your main character. Regardless of what the adventurer handbook says your main priority at any time past ascension 1 should be bringing your main character to maximum level (or one or two levels below maximum in order to not waste enemy exp) as well as max out their weapon upgrade and ascension. The adventurer handbook likes telling you to level 3 characters in order to pass chapters, so besides your primary DPS you should pick 2 chosen supports to level up just behind your main. That leaves a fourth party member who won’t get any leveling love until rank 35 and that’s okay, leave them underpowered and use them for reactions only unless you find them to be a liability.

As for what weapons to use and which accessory sets to use on which character? There are great guides all over the place, this is already going to be long enough for me to get into that.

At adventurer rank 27 you’ll unlock domains that give you access to talent books, which can be used to upgrade your characters default attack combos, their special attacks, and their super attack, your main DPS should get the prime treatment and maximize all their stats as your rank allows, for support characters, consider how their ability set compliments yours, and only level the abilities they actually use. For example, Barbara is a healer with a big burst super heal that doesn’t need the boost, so you’d only want to boost her talent for her special, supports rarely require upgrading their default combo.
(this advice is only as good as your party though, feel free to ignore it if you happen to roll another DPS and want to bring them up to level or even if you get bored by your current team and want to make a change, efficiency fails when you stop having fun.)

Quests in Genshin Impact are separated into 3 categories: archon quests, which are your main driving plot quests and should always be completed at the level they’re unlocked, story quests, which are character stories for the playable characters you’ll run into out in the world (or whale for in the gacha), and world quests, which are your side stories with limited plots which usually reward you with adventurer rank exp. For the purposes of this guide, we’re only completing the archon quests when available unless otherwise noted to fill in for a gap in content later on in the game.

Adventurer rank by level
Ranks 1-5
Levels 1-5 are simple, you’re pretty much railroaded by the main archon quest, so complete that before you do anything else. The quest will give you all the character exp you need so don’t bother spending any exp books to level up (or spend just one so the game stops trying to tutorialize you). During the course of this quest you will pick up the kayea and lisa f2p characters, if you’re not rolling the gacha, do their quest steps first to maximize the exp they get from their quest steps. After you’ve completed “the outlander who caught the wind” archon quest you’ll want to talk to Katherine at the adventurers guild and pick up your adventurers handbook, this handbook is going to be the guiding through line for most of this walkthrough so get to know it. Feel free to complete the blacksmith quest from wagner, it doesn’t give you any adventurer exp and it teaches you how to craft stuff which you will be doing a lot of later. Ignore other world quests except for random events for now (you can look up a guide or wiki for random events).

Ranks 6-10
Your first steps in the adventurers handbook are all about unlocking the world map. Keep your interactive map handy and grab any anemoculus you pass by along with any chests you spot, ore you see, and enemy you encounter. stocking up now (on ore especially) will lift a huge burden later. Start with the statues to the seven, once you unlock one, head to all the teleport points and domains (the diamond shaped map icons) in the now exposed map area. Rinse and repeat for the entire available map (except for the region in the northwest, as that is quest gated). After you’ve unlocked all the teleport points on the map it’s time to hunt down the anemoculus, submitting these to a statue of the seven will give you a boost to your stamina so make sure you’re taking time to turn them in frequently to make exploring easier. After you’ve got all your available anemoculus turned in it’s time for a third pass through mondstadt, turn on the rank 3 and 4 (precious and luxurious) chests on your interactive map and hunt those down as well.

It may seem excessive to make 3 whole trips through the map to collect and explore but trust me it’s worth it, the chest are all on cooldown as are ores, flowers, and all the other collectables you’ll be scooping up along the way, it’s important to get these cooldowns started as soon as possible so if you hit a wall later on, enough will have respawned in the world to give you something to do.

Your handbook chapter 1 just requires you to open some chests and unlock teleporters, this will happen as you adventure naturally, collect the rewards as soon as you can.

Chapter 2 introduces you to artifacts, cooking, and weapon upgrading. Pick a weapon that goes well with your primary damage dealer, if you’re lucky you’ve found a good 3 star weapon in a chest in the wild by now or rolled a 4 or 5 star in the gacha, if not you can buy the sword prototype from the souvenir shop (see rank 9) and forge that. Cooking is simple enough, just use the kitchen in mondstadt or any cooking pot in the wild and throw the ingredients together. The artifacts will come frequently enough from chests, throw 4 of them on your main damage dealer for a stat boost. The final chapter 2 hurdle is hunting down a cryo abyss mage, which should happen naturally as you clear out the map, but if you’re having trouble tracking one down you should consult a farming map.

Chapters 3 and beyond in the handbook should be saved for rank 15

At adventurer rank 8 leylines will become available, these are repeatable combat challenges that reward exp or money (just exp for now) and are your first opportunity to spend resin. Upon reaching rank 8 you should do at least one exp leyline just to keep the resin timer ticking, the rewards aren’t great but it’d be a waste not to. Try to keep plenty of resin stocked up as you’re ranking up so you have enough to take on the next domain/leyline/boss as soon as you reach that rank, just make sure you’re not at cap. If you’re going to be ending a play session before reaching a point where you can efficiently spend your resin in domains or on bosses then you should do leylines until you’re at zero but only then.

At adventurer rank 9 you’ll get a world quest in mondstadt from paimon about a strange shop, go ahead and check it out. This is the souvenir shop where you can spend the anemo sigils you’ve been finding in chests. All the purchases here are one time only so don’t feel rushed into buying anything. Of note are the sword prototype and constelation item, both are useful for empowering your traveler early on, whatever you decide to purchase here and when is up to you however, and it’s a good place to check if you’re in need of character or weapon ascension materials in a pinch. Also don’t be afraid to use this shop as a source of mora, one sigil for 1600 mora is cheap and can be a great option to push you past an ascension cost in case you’re broke.

Adventure rank 10 unlocks the next round or archon quests, go ahead and get started on these and try to knock them out as early as you can, pausing when you rank up to collect your rank rewards and do whatever activities start at that rank. Upon completion of these quests you should speak to Katherine at the adventurers guild for a quest to trek to Liyue Harbor, the second half of the map that’s larger, taller, denser, and comes with its own set of oculi (geoculi this time for the god of geo) and statues to upgrade. Repeat the steps you took when you started mondstadt in liyue: unlock the statues, activate the teleporters, collect the geoculi, and hunt down the rank 3 and 4 chests. Liyue is huge and has many more complex puzzles and many more oculi, this should keep you busy for quite a few ranks.

Ranks 11-15
things are really going to start opening up now, keep on clearing the map of oculus and chests until you hit rank 12.

at rank 12 you’ll unlock your daily commissions, these are daily quests and should be considered top priority if you have them available. Try to aim for rank 12 as early as possible (your first session even) so you can get these started, they reward you with primogems (for rolling gacha) and adventurer experience (for progressing the game) so talk to katherine at the adventurers guild to get these started ASAP. Also unlocking at rank 12 are blossom of wealth leylines, these reward you with cold hard cash and should be prioritized over exp leylines if you need to burn some resin.

Finally unlocked at rank 12 is the one time domain “temple of the falcon” just across the bridge from mondstadt, this is a one time dungeon that rewards you, among other things, a key to a shrine of the depths. You’ve probably seen them out in the wild, they look like gazebos with shiny glowing doors and have valuable loot inside. Clear the temple of the falcon and take the key to any of the 10 Mondstadt shrines you can find on your interactive map to claim your rewards. The loot is random but theres a chance of 4 star artifacts so pay attention to what you get as these can be huge boosts of power early on. You should have also gotten a key from the quest to visit liyue harbor as well.

At rank 14 you’re going to unlock expeditions from the adventurers guild, these are timed missions that gives any of your idle party members something to do. For your first expedition, you should send a character out for the minimum length of time to check off a task in your adventurer handbook, otherwise prioritize the missions that give you ores for upgrading and send them out for as long as you can to maximize your profit, also don’t discount the mission that brings back raw meat and fowl, as you’re going to need a lot of meat in order to finish perfecting all your cooking recipes, like a thousand at least, it’s a lot of meat, probably too much meat.

At rank 15 you will unlock character ascension, ascend your primary damage dealer first by ranking them up to the level cap with exp books then spending ascension materials to increase their cap and unlock their ability. Ascension 1 is a rare exception to the “do the absolute minimum” rule as ascending your characters unlocks their first combat talent, which is essential for building your team, so follow your primary DPS by ascending all the characters in your active party by fighting world bosses and opening their leyline blossoms at a cost of 40 resin. At this point in the game enemy EXP takes a severe drop off in utility, but it’s not nothing, so after you ascend your primary DPS you should bring them to one or two levels under the cap just so you don’t end up burning a few thousand exp on your way to your next ascension, it doesn’t seem like a lot now but it adds up down the road.

Split your resin spending between world bosses for ascension materials and whatever leyline you might need to get your characters ascended.

Also unlocking at rank 15 is the temple of the wolf one time domain at the temple of the thousand winds, clear it and use the key to open another shrine of the depths.

This is a good time to knock out a few more chapters in your handbook, of note in chapter 3 are forging an item at the blacksmith, which you should already have done from his world quest. Processing 3 ingredients which requires you to use the second cooking tab to turn ingredients into other ingredients, these are on a timer but the easier ones are fairly fast and you should have picked up plenty of ingredients by now. Leveling up a character to level 20 is required for ascension so that’s an easy one. And finally leveling an artifact to level 4, you can get a 4 star from one of the nuns in the church, just exhaust their dialogue, level that one up if you didn’t get a 4 star from your shrines of depth.

Chapter 4 gives you a key to a shrine of the depth straight away for turning in oculi so snag that and open another shrine. Enhance more artifacts, collect leyline blossoms, complete an expedition (which you should have at least started at rank 14), leveling a weapon to 20, and hunting an electro mage are all easy to do and repeats of things you should already be doing. You can use the alchemy table in mondstadt to combine upgrade materials into their higher ranked variant at a ratio of 3 to 1, you can also use alchemy to make boost potions out of ingredients found exploring. Be sure to check if any of your unlocked characters has a talent that assists in alchemy and make any boost potion of your choosing to complete the task. Unfortunately the final task, unlock the shrine of the seven at stormterror’s lair, is unavailable, locked behind story progress you can’t access until rank 18, so leave it for now and keep on truckin.

Rank 16-20
Another big rank right off the bat. In this range we’re going to be talking about coop, delving back into the archon quests and getting into the realm of true grinding.

Rank 16 unlocks coop modes for domains and exploration. The answer to the question “when should I be doing coop?” is “always and forever.” Coop has several benefits and you should start working on them early, for starters, there is a series of achievements tied to completing domains and world bosses in coop. One of the achievement steps requires you to complete 100 domains in coop, which translates to 2000 resin, which is a lot, so start early. As for the world bosses you’re in a very special sweet spot right now since your world level hasn’t increased and your bosses are a cake walk for any higher level player who might want to do a boss rush to get the achievements done as well, so join a discord, get a group together, and accept the carry. All of this coop advice is dependent on your temperament really, and you should feel free to ignore it if you don’t have fun playing with others or if you can’t stomach the occasional connection foibles.

Also unlocking at rank 16 are the forgery domains, these cost 20 resin and will net you your weapon ascension materials, at this point in the game this is where you should be spending your resin, at the very least keep your primary DPS at the top of their game. There are two forgery domains in the world, one in mondstadt and one in liyue, and each is on a 3 day rotation that repeats mondays and thursdays, with sunday being an off day where you have a chance of getting any of the drops in the rotation albeit at 1/3rd the rate. Upgrade your primary DPS and 2 chosen supports to weapon ascension 1 and max out their weapons.

Next up is rank 18, starting off you should head towards the temple of the lion one time domain near the falcon coast for yet another shrine key.

After you’ve unlocked the next shrine it’s time to the archon quest “song of the dragon and freedom” which will see you finishing off the main story in mondstadt.

Along the path of the archon quest you’ll unlock the stormterror’s lair statue of the seven (so tick off chapter 4 in your handbook) as well as the final mondstadt teleporters and anemoculi. There are even more chests in the stormterror’s lair area so explore thoroughly.

Rank 19 optional step: Way down the line you’re going to be asked to fight 3 world bosses solo, the electro cube, the anemo cube, and the geo cube, if you take care of them now before world rank up it still counts for progression in the future and you’ll have a pretty easy time about it now when you don’t have to worry about ascending a character several times to exploit the boss weakness. It’s not a big deal but consider it, you don’t need to collect the blossom for the clear to count so this costs no resin to complete.

Rank 20 is another huge rank, unlocking the spiral abyss end game dungeon, along with (as of this writing) two more free to play characters, barbara, a dedicated healer you receive in the mail along with xiangling, a DPS/support split from reaching a certain floor in the spiral abyss.

The first order of business to address at rank 20 is the world level increase, in order to keep up with your expanding power, the enemies of the world have also leveled up, basic enemies will now drop upgrade materials, the world bosses have better loot tables and will drop higher rank ascension materials, and your leylines give better rewards. If you want to swap out any of your new free characters into your party, this is a good time to ascend them. Unfortunately you don’t unlock any more ascensions at this level, so you’re mostly going to be playing catch up if you don’t have your whole crew up to ascension rank 1 with your resin. Avoid forgery domains until level 21 when they rank up next.

Next up at level 20 is the battle pass, like your commissions this is a daily and weekly series of tasks that give you experience towards unlocking upgrade materials, I’ll avoid talking about the paid track here but I find the battle pass still worth doing for the free track. A few things of note, the tasks to complete 20 leyline challenges and to kill 10 world bosses don’t require you to spend the resin to get the reward, just to complete the combat and reveal the blossom. The world bosses respawn quickly enough for you to take them out at your lesiure but the leylines will stay completed until the daily reset unless you spend the resin to collect them, if you’re going to be doing the battle pass, consider completing the four leyline fights as part of your daily routine alongside your commissions.

Then we have the spiral abyss, a series of combat challenges that reward you with loot and primogems, there are many guides that get into the granularity of the spiral abyss but for now you should knock out up to floor 1-3 for your handbook completion and try for 3-3 to unlock the free character.

Ranks 21-25
We’re finally calming down with the new features, these ranks are mostly about continuing the grind for ascension and rank up, you might be running out of chests or world puzzles, and ascending a weapon takes a days worth of resin, it’s okay to slow down here since you’re reaching the end of the available story content, from here on it’s about routine, but there are still things to pay attention to.

If you’ve solidified your primary DPS and chosen 2 supports at this point you should upgrade them all to level 38 or 39, as well as upgrade their weapons to 40.

Rank 21 starts with a trip to eagles gate in dadaupa gorge for the final one time domain challenge in mondstadt for another shrine of the depths.

Rank 21 has us breaking another rule and completing amber’s character story quest “Wind, Courage, and Wings” followed by razor’s story quest “The Meaning of Lupical”. Completing these unlocks the wolf of the north weekly boss challenge. The rewards granted by these challenges increase every 5 adventure ranks, so if you think you’ll be able to manage the rank ups by the time the weekly reset rolls around hold off, if you don’t think you can, knock it out now. The blossom costs 60 resin and comes with a chance to roll a weapon prototype you can forge into another rank 4 weapon.

Rank 21 also sees your weapon upgrade domains get their upgrade, so swap your grinding over to that avenue and ascend your support character’s equipment if you haven’t. The next weapon domain upgrade isn’t until rank 30 so you’ll be using these materials for quite a while, even past your next world rank up.

At rank 22 you unlock domains of blessing, which roll exclusive artifacts upon completion, and are a waste of your precious time and resin until rank 40. Seriously, at this point they can only roll 3 star artifacts, which you will receive a boat load from just from chests. You’ll end up doing a few of these for your handbook completion but just give them a big ignore for now.

Rank 23 is the start of your archon quests in Liyue, knock this out at will, no reason to wait.

Rank 24 gives your first liyue one time domain with the forbodingly named “domain of the forsaken ruins” in the guili plains. Knock that out and start unlocking the liyue shrines of depth.

Rank 25 is special, featuring your first world level ascension dungeon, take care of it and you’ll rank up the world enemies, bosses, leylines, unlock your next ascension tier, and net yourself a whopping 3 shrine of the depth keys to cash in.

world bosses have a new loot table so go ahead and swap your resin attention towards destroying them and ascending your party to new heights.

Upgrade your primary DPS to level 40 and ascend them, your new character level cap is 50, so bring them to 48 or 49. Ascend their weapon as well and bring it up to 50. Once you have the materials from bosses you should ascend and level your chosen 2 supports as well, but keep their weapons at 40.

rank 25 also unlocks the stormterror trounce domain back in his old tower, like the wolf of the north, this is a weekly challenge that ranks up every 5 levels and costs 60 resin, take care of it now or wait to rank 30 if you think you can manage it before weekly reset.

Now is also a good time to get back to your handbook, chapter 5 asks you to unlock 10 recipes which can be bought at the resturants in mondstadt and liyue harbor. Collect 10 leyline blossoms, if you haven’t done this yet stick to the blossoms of wealth. The rest are repeats of old tasks or things you should have completed anyways.

After you ascend your DPS at this level have a look at the “talents” tab on their character screen, you’ll notice you now have the option of upgrading individual talents using talent books. There’s a chance you picked up some of these talent books from chests so if you have em, spend em. Your primary DPS should have all their talents topped off as explained in the leveling guide.

Ranks 26-30
Another set of ranks where you’re mostly shifting where to spend your resin. At any time you have resin and no place to use it you should complete 3 domains of blessing, they’re not going to roll any good artifacts but you need to get them out of the way for your handbook chapter 6.

Rank 26 unlocks quest keys, a way of limiting how quickly you can unlock character story quests that are available after the archon quest line ends. Every 8 commissions grants you a key which you have to unlock from the quest screen, so every 2 days make sure you’re grabbing the key. I was leveling at a pretty good clip at this point and never ran out of keys when I was unlocking story quests post rank 30 but maybe it’ll be an actual block during future updates.

Rank 27 sees you unlocking domains of mastery, your fifth and so far final avenue of character progression (after character level, weapons, accessories, and constellations). Weirdly enough the next level of this domain unlocks at rank 28 so just put this off for now and come back next rank.

also at rank 27 is your next one time domain “the domain of the wayward path” knock it out and unlock your next shrine of depth

Okay now we’re rank 28, time to start the domains of mastery. Make sure your primary DPS has all their talents upgraded and for your support, only upgrade the abilities you use when you swap to them, if a character has a great super, upgrade the super, if they only use their heal, only upgrade the heal. Rarely will you worry about upgrading the main combo talent of a support character. Spend all your resin here until rank 30.

Rank 29 has (sadly) our final archon quest as of the time of writing. Knock it out and wait for the update.

Rank 30 is our next world level upgrade, better bosses, leylines, and enemy drops. Max out your DPS right away and get ready for an even more complex grind, this ascension increases the maximum rank for each tallent by 2, and the upgrades are expensive.

Not only do you have to contend with bosses and talent books but the weapon domains also get an upgrade at rank 30. Split your resin among the 3 sources to ascend your DPS and your chosen 2 support. Ascending your DPS first and leveling to just under the new cap of 60, ascend and bring your main DPS weapon up to 60. Ascend your chosen 2 supports to just under level cap and ascend and bring their weapons to 50.

Now is a good time to clear handbook chapter 6, fighting the 3 elemental cubes solo if you didn’t already take care of them at rank 19, clearing the second floor of the spiral abyss if you haven’t done so in order to unlock the character, and upgrading more artifacts.

The only task worth noting besides upgrades on rank 30 is the one time domain “hidden palace of zhou formula” which you should knock out to get your shrine key.

Without any archon quests to work towards and chests likely running thin it’s time to break out your character story quests and world quests, consult a wiki or the interactive map and complete them in whatever order you like.

Ranks 31-35
Not much happening at this point in the game, keep doing your dailies and story quests you’ve saved up.

Rank 32 lets you unlock the adorable Klee’s story quest as long as you have a story key saved up.

Rank 34 Gets you Jean’s story quest for a story key.

Rank 35 nets you another world rank upgrade after a world ascension dungeon, which means ascended bosses, leylines, and characters. This ascension is important because this phase unlocks your characters second combat talent, which is a must have for your entire party, so take this time to ascend your entire active party, which means you’re going to be shifting your resin focus to all bosses pretty much at this point.

The rank 35 world quest also gives you some more shrine of the depth keys, that combined with those awarded from the world quests should give you all you need to finish unlocking the remaining shrines, that is, after

the final one time domain in the game (at the time of writing) is “clear pool and mountain cavern” which you probably saw sharing a door with the rank 30 domain.

Lastly at rank 35 is handbook chapter 7, you can get rank 4 weapon prototypes from the souvenir shop in Liyue, and clearing spyral abyss 4-3 will for sure get you your free character. The rest is more of the same.

Ranks 36-40
another stretch of not much happening, hopefully those world quests are still lasting because they’re all there is at this point besides dailies and bringing your whole party up to ascension 4.

Rank 36 gives you the final character story mission of the game with venti, who of course costs a story key to unlock.

Rank 36 upgrades your mastery book domains, perfect for topping off all those characters you just ascended.

That’s it, that’s the entire rank spread. Avoid weapon domains until rank 40. If you have resin to burn dump it into mastery books, even for characters who have theirs maxed, things are going to change at 40 so it’s smart to save up.

keep doing your dailies to reach the peak that is rank 40

Holy crap you made it, welcome to the end of days, or to the cream of the crop, whichever tickles your fancy. Things change big time now because your goals for party structure change. Your main focus is going to be the spiral abyss from now on and from floor 5 and beyond you’ll need two full teams of four, which means leveling a second DPS, and whole second team of supports. This is where your saved up fragile resin comes into play, with single upgrades taking several days worth of resin to accomplish, you’ll be glad you saved for this momentous occasion.

Ascend your Primary and Secondary DPS both to max (or one level below max just to be cheeky) level and ascend all support characters to at least ascension 4 to unlock their second combat talents.

Weapon upgrade domains don’t get more efficient than the upgrade they get at 40 so top off all your weapons.

Domains of blessings will now drop 5 star artifacts (though the rate increases again at rank 45) so it’s finally worth spending resin to attempt a top tier build.

Talents beyond level 6 require 5 star drops that have a chance of dropping once per week, per weekly boss, so that’s going to be very slow going and even impossible to complete without waiting, so consider putting these off until rank 45 when the mastery domains top off in efficiency.

Keep working on your handbook.

My overall takeaway for what to do at rank 40 is work towards leveling your second party primarily, do world bosses and weapon upgrade domains until rank 45, then top off their talents at the agonizing weekly rate after that.

You won’t be able to ascend any characters or weapons until adventurer rank 50 now, and without an update with more quests, chests, and automobiles that is going to be very slow going, so put your attention towards the spiral abyss and dailies and weeklies.

As for the great beyond beyond? Well there’s one stat that keeps going up regardless of level or ascension, and that’s friendship, which I assume caps out at 10. I can’t see myself running a character with a maxed out friendship so even at top rank I might have to retire them to befriend another DPS and support team, but that’s a tomorrow problem, this is a today day.

So I hid this topic in the back because the guide is meant for free to play, if you have cash to burn you can just bump your resin and not worry about a single thing this guide intends to say. I myself have the monthly login bonus and I’m probably going to grab the battle pass seeing as I’m at level 43 right now and desperately need to make up for my mistakes leveling by grabbing all the upgrade mats in there. So far I haven’t spent any primogems on resin or any money on the weekly upgrade materials boost, I’ve seen content creators say you should use your daily commission primogems to get the cheaper resin boost and I have severe reservations about that. It’s hard to trust somebody who publicly spends as much money rolling as they do to be in the psychological space needed to relate to somebody who doesn’t pay to play. It’s a gacha game, you’re playing to save for your next gacha roll, save for your gacha roll. If you’re going to spend any money I’d recommend the monthly login, it’s worth the same as like a 40 dollar crystal buy and there’s more satisfaction to getting the gems with your daily login than there is just bulk spending, or at least that’s what I think.

haha wow this turned out to be a lot more work than I had anticipated, I probably wouldn’t have done it if I had known going in but once you’ve hit the point of no return you might as well gun it right? If you’ve made it this far thanks so much for reading, lemmie know what you think, and for the love of goodness sake if I’ve made a mistake or a math error or whatever please let me know, I’ll handle being embarrassed in favor of spreading misinformation. Thanks for reading -Your Husbando.

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