Genshin Impact – The Tree who stands alone.


all right uh welcome back this is Minyak well today we’ll be looking at the quests  the tree who stands alone yeah let me check yep the tree who stands alone okay yeah in it this is actually in Mingyun village yeah I got it from the old guy in the back right there, not the old guy old ghost. so  yeah this is what I get for not reading the… skipping the lines so first thing you want  to do is go inside the house right here yeah then you can get..

Continue the quest okay that’s pretty much what i’ve been actually looking for a few hours  and then first things first is you have to collect all the will so if you want  to collect the will the first thing you have to do is go to the down below inside the mine  near the lake that’s the first one you want to collect for the will okay the will wasn’t there before your chunk  lousy older brother all the characters are taking their sweet blah blah blah that’s losing all hh hell the treasure is mine blah blah blah blah yeah that’s what I’ve been doing skipping all the lines  yeah and what look look what it got me I got stuck inside in the quest yeah this is a side quest it  does not have any voice acting okay next thing you want to go is the mine to the north oh okay to get the second piece of the will so basically the story of this quest is well the family  actually fight over a treasure that the father has buried so three brother is actually fighting  over the treasure chess blah blah blah yeah you know coming from first mine I’m done for blah blah  yes well basically the story is about three brothers who actually fight over an inheritance  well, a treasure chest buried by his father  so we are going to go counter well counterclockwise for the mine that we have to go well it’s because that the ending is actually on the  west side of the mine yeah the mine on the left side yeah to go to the one, this mine you have to go enter it from the north part of the mountain hey I haven’t actually cleared the mine I have to clear it up first right i’m only level 16.

Slime  now what you want to do is go inside the mine go to the underneath right here and grab some  stuff like whatever it should be nocticulous jade here also because this is still Mingyun village probably some nocticulous jade. all right you go over underwater and go to the north part here and investigate yeah so the  the second brother is actually uh fighting over the treasure. all right now let’s go to the last mine well because the tree where it’s buried on next to the west side mine so that’s why you want to  go to the west side mine last if you go to the west side mine first or you know second or third then you have  to go back over to the west side mine to you know complete the quest again and complete the quest right so this is the last mine for the fourth piece of the will using Noelle she is very good yeah, Noelle is good at tanking using earth base geo I have to clear this one up first die already I’m actually under level when I’m doing this quest okay so yeah go get the last of the will well maybe I’m going to grab some stones okay yes all right so the last piece is right here well it’s actually in the back of the cart right okay so this is the father yeah he’s reminiscing that all his children already left him  left him okay so to complete the quest now to find the treasure uh you need to go outside here that’s why you want the west side mine last yeah so the treasure is underneath this  there’s no end to this another test object.

Some more mobs. steady as stone. freeze! have a taste of this burnt they actually are bright people ai, if ai is a real person and they are really smart do their job for them and just rob them. ah all clear then grab the shovel right here to finish the quest yeah the loading sucks in this game I don’t know why well maybe because of latency. so the three basically they all knew the location of the treasure because  their father did not actually what the what his their father treasures is not exactly  you know gold and stuff it’s like a toy and stuff like from they were children so there are nothing here well we will get uh I don’t know whether this is going to be a fix uh equipment but uh if I’m not mistaken I got I got purple on this like four-star artifact okay let’s open up the chest all right so we have heroes wits, exile flower and mystic  so yeah the exile flower is uh tier 4 artifact well four-star artifact all right okay okay that’s it for the tree who stands alone I hope this uh video helped you guys uh  you know finish this quest I was actually stuck with it  all right thank you for watching this is Minyak signing off

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