Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Guide Difficulty 5 Multiplier 1.8x Map 5 AFK By: digitsguide


Hey Again, This guide is just about completing an achievement or challenge of “Guests Flock from Afar” . we will complete the challenge “Clear a stage at difficulty 5 or higher in Theater Mechanicus without building more than 12 Mechanici throughout the stage

This challenge seems to be very difficult to complete. but if you follow this guide then you can easily achieve and unlock this challenge. you just need to setup Wave 1 and Wave 2.

Wave 1:– You just need to place one freeze combo along with electro mechnici in west and one in south of the map followed by mine at end in upper zone just for security.

Wave 2:– Go in upper area of both side and install Pyro in front corner of zone along with another freeze combo of Hydro+Cryo.

Note:– You may need to wait for extra points to complete this setup. And don’t forget to remove mines and keep counting of total mchanici under 12 to complete the challenge.

Wave 3:- if you did not complete the setup in wave 2 itself then just do it now. and grab popcorn + beer and chill.

Wave 4:– AFK

Wave 5:- AFK

Note:- Don’t use ay fearless, fickle and any other mystic arts buff or debuff and it may mess the plan to complete the challenge. This is too simple to achieve.

In case you wanna watch complete video setup ->


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