Genshin Impact Tips on Resource Management for Noobs By: hehexdd3


I am a f2p player, who started playing genshin on the first day it was launched on mobile. The following points are coming from a level 56 noob who has beaten spiral abyss a couple of times in the past and spends half an hour on the game per day. I am not going to say that I had perfect resource management when I was a noob, but I wish I did. I completely flunked my resource management test in the early game, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. I am going to list a couple of mistakes I have made in the past and I see people still make, and additional tips on resource management. This guide is aimed at those who are under AR 40 and a meta>waifu player. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Character priorities

TLDR, Main dps> healer/shielder> buffers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>sub dps

In my opinion, the main dps is one of the most important aspects of your gameplay, as it carries your entire team. In the early game, energy recharge always lacks, and it is your main dps on the field that carries you with auto attacks and skill. Therefore, I recognize the main dps as the top priority when you decide where to spend your resources.

Why would I rate sub dps so low on the tier list, you may ask. It is because of how viable most dps are when they are at a lower level, that they absolutely do not need that much resource for them to work effectively. For example, Xingqiu is a fantastic support for pyro main dps. You do not need that much level for Xingqiu to constantly apply hydro onto the enemy. Instead, use resources you would use on sub dps to further powercreep your main dps. But, remember, not investing in them absolutely does not mean not using them.

Healers and shielders are way more important to put resources into. As healers cannot properly provide enough healing if they do not have enough raw stat. When you are in the early game and you are pretty bad at the mechanics/ unfamiliar with boss moves, it is healers or shielders that enable you to stat check the opponent with your main dps. Also, healers are great for co-op survivability, as people in co-op are either extremely stupid or on autopilot. This is worse when the server just started and every AR 45 noob is trying to farm Blizzard Strayer.

Level Management

Before your character reaches lv 40 unascended, it doesn’t really matter as you don’t need to fight a boss to ascend your character. Generally before Ar 45, you want to keep your healers 10 levels lower than your main dps, and keep your sub-dps 20 level lower than your main dps. Sub dps generally do not rely on their A4 talent, so it is fine to keep them at level 50 or something in a very early game.

Overview of the Resource Management

What you want to farm currently is completely dependant on your AR. It is suggested to decide who your main DPS is at AR 35, and avoid changing your decision. As you should be grinding levels for your main, weapons, and talents. After you reach AR 45, you want to farm artifacts with your long-saved fragile resin. Farm a domain until you have a set of 4 set pieces with the correct main stat. Do not farm for substats yet, and do not throw away four-star pieces. After you farmed a set for main dps, farm a four-set VV with full elemental mastery on each goblet, sand and circlet at Valley of Remembrance. Farming Noblesse is only optional. One of the great domains for versatile artifacts is Momiji, where you farm when you finally want to invest in your sub-dps.

How to invest in your main dps?

Since I have talked a lot about how important a decent main dps is, the only question left is how should you invest in them? There are 4 aspects that you can improve on characters. Level, talents, weapons, and artifacts.

Level is pretty self-explanatory, most new players will not forget to level up their favourite character, so I am going to skip on teaching you how to level up your characters.

Weapons are arguably one of the most important factors on your damage output, if not more important than your character levels. Try not to put three-star weapons on your main dps. If a four-star option is not available, then do some research on how to get your hands on some of the decent craftable ones. Do not pull on weapon banners no matter if you are f2p or a whale. It is an abusive banner, and we should not support it.

Only level up necessary talents. Do some research before blindly upgrading them.

Artifacts. This is the single most important factor in your damage output. If levelling up your character, weapons and talents are building the base and the framework, this is the actual building part. For main dps in the early game, you should prioritize getting as much attack as possible (or health if you are using something like hu tao). For goblets, circlets and sands, you always want to go for attack percentage. Getting crit and crit damage, or elemental damage is extremely suboptimal in the early game. You won’t get enough crit for crit damage to work, and you won’t get enough energy recharge to make your elemental damage goblet work most of the time. Another good stat to look for in the substats is actually elemental mastery. A bit of it can go a long way in the early game. For choice priorities, TLDR, should be correct mainstats> star level> correct 4/2 sets> substats.

Common mistakes made by people

There is nothing worth your fragile resin before AR 45. Don’t use it. If you are bored, go exploring or co-oping.

You should not be farming artifacts when you are not farming the last lv 90 one. If you insist on farming it after listening to so many players stoping you, and breaking rule number 1 when doing so, you probably cannot be helped.

Now, this point might be subjective, but, investing in the current two four-star geo character is extremely counterproductive. Especially, Noelle, is extremely weak as a shielder, as her e only has only 50% uptime, and the healing is mediocre. Everything about her kit is heavily dependant on constellations. Not having them will make her effectiveness extremely handicapped.

In my opinion, you are only getting about 30% to 40% of this character when you are not at c6, compared to other 4 star characters, which are generally 70% to 80%.

For Ningguang, she cannot rely on reaction to deal damage, and her base stats happen to be not so great. Unless you have a five-star weapon and a Zhongli, which most of you reading this probably don’t, I do not recommend investing in these two characters. Ningguang performs as a quick-swap carry in the late game when you have her c2 unlocked, and this type of playstyle is not suitable for the early game. Her normals are weak, and charge attack cannot benefit from the transformative nor amplifying reaction. She is not weak at all, but not having artifacts, a Zhongli or a five-star weapon just does not make her suitable for the early game.

Most people tend to think that if they level up their artifacts, their progress will be disturbed. It is not the case at all. When you level artifacts, there are chances of you getting 2x or 5x the original exp you put in. Meaning that getting a POGGERS +20 five-star artifact from a garbage +16 four-star artifact is not impossible. Plus, you get to suffer less because you deal explosive amount of damage in the early game.

Yeah yeah, I understand. You have grinded for weeks and weeks, and you have finally gotten your first five star at AR 35 or so. And now I am out here telling you that you should not use them as your main. In fact, using characters in their most suitable position is the best way to get more value out of your favourite husbando or waifu. You like your waifu or husbando to feel powerful when you use them, don’t you? So making suboptimal decision might not be the way.


This is pretty much the end of the tips I can give as an experienced f2p player. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the megathread or in this thread. I will try my best to answer all of them. Also, constructive criticism is welcomed and if you want to add anything, feel free to comment.

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