Genshin Impact Tress Location with minimal movement (Video/Line Map) By: Odd-Roof-8840



Quick Tree location guide w/o much movement, meaning moving from one spot to another. This guide is aimed to help players to be at one small spot while ensuring that Trees would respawn on time aside from Cuihua Wood which is from Apple/Sunsettia Tree. These are the mats that I gained in 4-5 hours probably, though most of the time is used on finding sweet spot instead. Just a quick note, my Fir and Cedar Wood isn’t the best since it requires a lot more movement, there’s better places for sure but I’ll just post the video regardless.

Pine Wood (

Bamboo (

Sandbearer Wood (

Birch Wood+One Cuihua Tree (

Cuihua Wood (2:16 the tree seems to be bugged and I need to hit the right one so that the left would drop Cuihua Wood. Weird, unsure if it’s only me) (

Not Optimized

Cedar Wood (

Fir Wood (


-When farming Cuihua Wood, best to not loot Apple/Sunsettia that drop. The reason being is to make you differentiate the trees. The loot won’t disappear though there are times where the Apple/Sunsettia will respawn on the tree again if you teleport too far or something. Regardless, don’t pick them up so that you can differentiate them.

-Teleport Waypoint for Cuihua Wood. I think it’s necessary with how limited the spawns are and how it requires much more movement. Though, you can probably put the Waypoint before the entrance to Hillchurl. I put mine closer to Eagle Gate myself to ensure that I can do a full rotation w/o any issue but I believe it should be fine if the waypoint is placed before the entrance to Hillchurl.

– Two Anemo character. Decreases Stamina Consumption by 15%. Increases Movement SPD by 10%. Shortens Skill CD by 5%.

-Razor/Kaeya. Basically passive talents that reduce stamina consumption is great addition to speed things up.

-Food, stamina consumption food if you want to ensure that you can constantly sprint. Barbatos Ratatouille is great.

Total Mats Required (Unsure if true as I got it from someone)

According to the list at honeyhunter, in order to craft 1 of every single item, you’ll need:

300 Iron Chunks

312 White Iron Chunks

210 Fabric (uses silk flowers)

220 Red Dye (uses sunsettias)

121 Yellow Dye (uses berries)

152 Blue Dye (uses mint)

314 Birch wood

154 Cuihua Wood

416 Pine Wood

248 Sandbearer Wood

88 Bamboo Segment

328 Fragrant Cedar Wood

372 Fir Wood

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