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Genshin Impact Ultimate Farming Map Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to this video, I will introduce it to you Really great resource to help you with farming. Every anime wipes the kernel, Teleporters all statues, Various mining areas in the game, Living things and plants. Ok, So he kept turning around [ Music ]. Thanks for watching the video so far Remember to give it a thumbs up Subscription The bell rang for help. The youtube algorithm Now go back to the video. So There is this site that I will link to In the video description. It is Interactive map. It shows all the different birth points in the game And also who developed

They did a really good job Function Because you can turn off. Let’S things Say you already have everything All the fees you want to receive these You can run. It then Also turn it off and, above all, You really can Determine which ones you already have So which of the items you require, Or you can have it just one time like This is an example.

Once you get it, you can click on it and say I found that one. You can click the “ Found” tab. Then People leave comments. As you see, What do people say To help you just in case you are You get to this point and don’t know if, Above you at the bottom, sometimes In the cave Whatever, and when you click the signs have found, You will be asked to log in Uh via Uh gmail, or something like that for You can save your progress. So you never lose your progress. It will only be saved in a cookie And you delete your record. Then You have to do everything again will be Linked to your login.

So you can log in every time And you can select what you have done. I find resources like this to be Incredibly useful because it’s big the world And, let’s be honest, we’re only going to Get bigger Um. Then that’s just animocyanus. You have too These different materials, for example. I really need this. Unfortunately, now it still is The application is under development. Not all of them are properly classified. So, for example, these are nocturnal Items you need on a future mission, But here they are called 752. So you have to pay attention to Icons.

The symbol is a look of a big giveaway At the symbol. Compare it to what you need in the game And get I get it this way, but I found such This source said to be Very useful. For example, when you are Search for a crystal Pieces to make one of the four stars Weapons, I found there An abundance of crystal pieces About the Stormmeter layer, so attach it to the description From the video for this type of resource. It Really good I’ll be very high. I recommend this It’s very useful and we’ll see how The game evolves over time. Then. Hopefully, too, This world map developer. He continued to develop it as The world itself gets bigger and bigger, Bigger and bigger [ Music ] Anyway.

Guys, that’s all in this video, If you like it, be sure to give it a try. Excellent! You can watch a random video. There is another download for you over there Or you can click here to subscribe, Thanks goodbye, guys,

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