Genshin Impact Ultimate Guide to Farming Mora! By: Not-Casuals


Hey everyone! Im back with another guide, this time, about how to farm Mora in Genshin Impact! As most of you probably know by now, you will need Mora in very very high quantities for the late game, and upgrading a single character and his artifact can cost you millions by itself!

Now, other than some special quests such as Nameless Treasures, and the Bank chest with 200k Mora, there aren’t any magic tricks to farming it, but in my guide, I aim to show every way that you can obtain Mora, as hopefully some of these could be helpful to keep in mind when farming/leveling!

If you would like to check the video version of this guide, feel free to click on the timestamps below, or go directly here:


1- 0:23 Ley Line of Wealth
This is probably the most obvious way to farm Mora, but also, probably the worst way, as Resin is such a premium currency in this game, farming Mora this way should almost never be done after the early levels, unless specifically trying to get the Battlepass quests for doing Leylines.

2- 0:58 Trading Sigils for Mora
This is probably the BEST way to actually farm Mora while doing other content. Once you have emptied out both Jewelry shops in the 2 main cities, these vendors will allow you to trade in 2 sigils for 1600 Mora. Sigils are an infinite resource, which means that you can farm it indefinitely without cap, so you will be able to turn a lot of sigils into Mora the longer you play this game.

2:31 How to Farm Sigils: There are a few ways to farm Sigils, the main one being turning in Geoculus and Anemoculus into the Statues of the Seven, which will grant you a few hundred Sigils of each total. The second best way is chests, which all of us farm on a daily basis as it is one of the main source of Adventure Rank XP as well. Chests will give anywhere between 1-5 Sigils each (of the respective zone in which they are found, so Geo Sigil in Liyue chests for example) There are also crates floating in the water, near the beaches, that will grant you a few sigils, and mora, when opened, and these can be found EVERYWHERE! Same thing goes for small rocks on the side of cliffs and mountains, which will grant you a few Sigils if you can spot them!

3- 3:55 Chests and Monsters
Every chest you open and every monster you kill will grant you some Mora. Most chests give a few hundred to a few thousands, while monsters give a few dozen each!

4- 4:46 Quests, Adventure Book and Bosses + Elites
Every quest in this game, main story line or optional, will grant you a large sum of Mora. Additionally, all the content found in the Adventure Book will also grant you a lot of it. This includes Commissions as well as objectives. Every Boss fight and Domain that cost Resin also grants a good amount of Mora, but the real trick here, is the repeatable elites/bosses that you can find in your Adventure Book. These guys can be easily navigated to using the book, and will spawn every few hours. Their main purpose is to farm Ascension Materials, but they cost absolutely no Resin to do, and they all drop a very significant source of Mora. For those who say they have no content left, there is hours upon hours of gameplay available to you by farming every single one of those, every single day (multiple times a day too) and you will get yourself tons of Mora and Artifacts this well along with nice Ascension Materials!

5- 6:04 Abyss
Another way to farm Mora is obviously going to be the Abyss, though most of it is gonna be a one time reward, the values in the Abyss are very high, so you can farm a good chunk here easily. Additionally, once you reach Abyss levels 9 and higher, you will be able to do some levels that will respawn every week, and that will be a great source of weekly Primogems and Mora

6:35 Battlepass
The Battlepass is another great source of Mora, for both F2P and Spending players, there is millions of Mora available through it, and the value is exceptionally good for members who have unlocked the full pass!

7:00 Shop and Stardust Exchange
Lastly, you can also use your Stardust, that you get from the Wish system, into a significant amount of Mora every week! This will benefit the players who spend, more, than the F2P, but that shop doesn’t have a lot of items worth buying, other than the Mora and the monthly Fates, so over time, it will be a reliable source of Mora!

7:38 Tips for a lot of FREE MORA!
There are also a lot of very rewarding quests and hidden chests that will grant you tons of Mora. I encourage you to visit our video about the bank chest for 200k Mora as well as the Nameless Treasure quest for 100k Mora, and keep your eyes peeled for more of these, as there are many!

Thats it for my guide! Hope you guys can get some value and were able to learn something new! Thank you to everyone who comes to our stream and watch our guides every day, and hope that you are enjoying the game as much as we are!

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