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r/Genshin_Impact - A universal Spiral abyss (corridor) guide

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00:29 *Spiral Abyss*

The Spiral abyss is this game’s end game activity. The abyss consists of floors with 3 chambers. Conquer those chambers to climb to the next floor. Each chamber has 3 bonus objectives to earn stars. you will need to earn 6 out of 9 stars on each floor to be able to unlcok the next floor. At first you will only have 8 floors. These floors are the Abyss Corridor. The rewards from the Corridor do not reset. After the Corridor, you will unlock the Abyssal Moon Spire which currently has 4 extra floors. the rewards from the Moon Spire do reset every 2 weeks.

01:00 *How it Works*

Each floor has a Leyline Disorder. This could be a buff for a specific element to your team and extra damage on a specific type of reaction. The disorder will be active on the entire floor for all 3 chambers. Then, each chamber has a specific set of enemies that appear. That way, you know what their weaknesses are and to counter them.

01:18 *How this guide will work*

Each Floor has enemies with specified levels. Your main DPS on that floor needs to rival that level. For your support characters, be sure to level them as high as you can after you leveled up your Main DPS. But.. From floor 5 onward, you will have to split up into 2 teams. So you will need 2 Main DPS. Be sure to follow the guide to see on which characters you would best invest if you are lacking materials to level up multiple characters.

If a floor would require 2 of the same element and you would not have them, it is still possible to clear the round but you will have a harder time or you will need to Level up higher and have high level artifacts.

Speaking about artifacts, When I mention a Main DPS. The general consensus for these are ATK based Artifacts. A general artifact build for a DPS is an ATK% Hourglass, Elemental or Physical% Goblet, depending on what kind of dmg your DPS does and a CRIT DMG% Circlet. this is just generalized. If you have all ATK. That’s fine as well. If I talk about support characters, you will need to build them with energy recharge and or elemental mastery. Since you will use your support to create reactions and try to fill up the Burst gauge faster.

With all of this said. Let’s begin!

02:24 *Floor 1*

Ley Line Disorder: Pyro damage is increased by all party members by 75% and Overloaded DMG is doubled.

Chamber 1 consists of electro slimes.

Chamber 2 consists out of Hilichurls and Mitachurls with shields and axes.

Chamber 3 a hilichurl, shield mitachurl, large slimes and a Cicin mage.

All Lvl 25.

As the Leyline disorder already makes clear to you. Pyro is the way to go. You can setup your party with a pyro user and Electro user. If you have 2 pyro users, be sure to put both of them on the team for an extra attack boost. The pyro character does not have to be your main dps but it will be greatly appreciated if it was. a great setup would be:

Main DPS , Support Pyro, Electro Support, and any fourth

You don’t even need the fourth. Fighting with 3 is as possible as anything. But if you have a healer, put them in! Your main can also be anything. Just make sure your have either main or support pyro and an electro support.

There is no real strategy for this floor. Just be sure to stay healthy and combine Pyro and Electro for overloads and extra damage.

03:24 *Floor 2*

Ley Line Disorder: Cryo damage is increased by all party members by 75% and the duration of the Frozen status is greatly increased.

Chamber 1 consists of Electro slimes.

Chamber 2 consists of hydro slimes, a blazing mitachurl and a hydro abyss mages.

Chamber 3 has a hydro samachurl, blazing mitachurl and hydro abyss mages.

All Lvl 40.

The disorder gave it away already, cryo will be your ultimate bet here. Should you have access to 2 cryo characters, your crit rate against frozen characters is increased. The Cryo can surely be your Support as well. An example setup:

Main DPS, Cryo support, electro support and pyro support.

Electro for electro-charged reactions and Pyro for Melt reactions.

The only strategy you will need to utilize is maximum frozen time. Try to freeze the hydro enemies as much as you can. Then melt or superconduit them into oblivion.

04:15 *Floor 3*

Ley Line Disorder: Increased Swirl reaction DMG by 300% and it’s AOE by 100%. Anemo DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%.

Chamber 1 has a collection of many slimes and hilichurls

Chamber 2 has a collection of basically every treasure hoarder

Chamber 3 consists of a Ruin guard backed by Blazing Axe Mitachurls.

All Lvl 45.

The current Anemo characters in the game all have at least one ability that can gather enemies in eather a cyclone or in a smaller skill that sucks them together. Utilize this as much as possible with any support hat you have available. Anemo reacts with everything except Geo so whcihever is your strongest support, put them on the team. Two anemo characters will shorten your skill cooldowns as well. That’s something to keep in mind.

The real strategy here is to place support skills in the chamber which you can use to setup a swirl reaction with your anemo character. By gathering the enemies in one spot, you can have many swirl reactions which lead to a buttload of elemental particles for your burst and you’ll have a great upkeep of skills and bursts.

05:18 *Floor 4*

Ley Line Disorder: Electro DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75% and Electro-charged reaction DMG increased by 150% and its AOE increased by 100%

Chamber 1 consists of hydro slimes, some hilichurls and a hydro abyss mages

Chamber 2 has hydro slimes, some more hilichurls, a blazing axe mitachurl and abyss mages

Chamber 3 has more of the same.

All Lvl 50.

In this chamber it is advices to run with Electro, hydro and Cryo. The reason for this Trio is that you can freeze the hydro enemies with cryo and superconduit them with Electro. They will get a decreased defense this way and you can easily defeat them with electro based attacks afterward. The reason for a hydro character in this setup is for the hilichurls and mitachurls. You make them wet and then electro-charge them for extra damage and damage over time. If you could add a pyro character as well, you can take out the cryo enemies a bit faster, but electro can do the job as well.

Running double electro will grant you more elemental particles on reactions.

06:16 *Floor 5*

Now from this floor onward is where it gets tricky. The road forks into 2 paths so we need 2 teams on each side of the road.

Ley Line Disorder: When your character’s HP is over 50%, ATK and DEF are increased by 25%. BEsides this, when you have over 80% hp, Atk speed is increased by 20%.

Chamber 1 first half consists of Cryo slies and an electro hilichurl shooter. The second half has a pyro abyss mage.

Chamber 2 both halves consist of Treasure hoarders but they have similar weaknesses to the enemies in chamber one.

Chamber 3 first half has an Electro Cicin mage acompanied by handyman treasure hoarders while the second half has a pyro agent with electro treasure hoarders.

All Lvl 55.

We can safely deduce that we need a pyro character in the first half and a hydro character in the second half. From this point onward you will need to back them up with great support or a greater DPS if the necessary element is only support worthy in your team.

So team one needs Pyro for either main DPS or Support. If your Pyro is your main DPS then I would suggest an electro support and if possible a healer. Pyro and electro can be easily switched places here.

Team 2 needs Hydro. Most Hydro characters are support so Be sure to have a strong Main DPS which you can support with your hydro character.

The strategy here is to kill the cryo slimes asap with pyro abilities. and when you encounter the abyss mages, reduce their shields to dust with your hydro attacks or abilities. When it comes to chamber 2, if you notice you’re having trouble, you can put an anemo character in either team to gather them much easier.

07:44 *Floor 6*

Ley Line Disorder: Using an elemental burst increases all party member’s ATK and DEF by 6% which stacks up to 10 times. From 5 stacks onward, ATK and Movement speek are increased by 30%.

Chamber 1 first half consists of Cryo enemies and hilichurs, the second half are pyro enemies and hilichurls

Chamber 2 first half has a buttload of enemies of varying elements while the second half is more Pyro focused.

Chamber 3 first half is more Geo focuses while the second half is entirely pyro focused.

All Lvl 60.

Just like the previous floor, we need a Pyro in the first half and a Hydro in the second. To best aid these elements in each of these chambers, you would need Anemo and Electro to back them up. Ideally both teams would like like this:

First team: Pyro, Electro, Anemo, Geo

Second Team: Hydro, Electro or Cryo, Anemo

As I said, This is the ideal world which is not for everyone. If your first team has Pyro and Electro. That is enough to be able to survive. A healer would be a nice luxury here.

For the second team, Hydro and Electro would be sufficient as well. But if you can’t, Cryo would be a suitable replacement for the Electro spot.

The goal here is to pop as many bursts as humanly possible. That’s why having Anemo characters on either or ideally on both teams would aid this greatly. Since the swirl reactions will grant more particles for your burst regeneration. I added geo to the first team since in in chamber 2 and 3, there will be enemies with geo shields. A geo character canbreak these more easily but it’s not impossible to do without one.

Again, the strategy is to poor out the weaknesses of the enemies first. Encounter a cryo slime? Pyro skills. Encounter a Pyro Abyss Mage? Hydro skills. Suck them together if possible with Anemo especially in chamber 2.

09:25 *Floor 7*

In my opinion, one of the harder floors.

Ley Line Disorder: Crits will generate elemental particles and orbs. Will occur once every 15 secs when a crit is landed. Crit damage dealt is increased by 120%

Chamber 1 first half has Cryogunners, hydrogunners and Electro hammers. Second half has Cryogunners, pyroslingers and anemoboxers.

Chamber 2 first half has Cryogunners, geochanters and electro hammers. Second half has Geochanters, Pyroslingers and Anemoboxers.

Chamber 3 first half has Hydrogunners, Anemoboxers and Electro hammers. Second half has Pyroslingers, Electro Hammers and Anemoboxers.

All lvl 65.

What makes this Floor especially hard is the fact that these skirmishers will pop their shield rather quickly after being engaged. Their shields can only be ripped to shreds by the correct element.
Hydro shields need to be cancelled by electro. Electro shields by Cryo. Cryo shields by Pyro and Pyro shields by Hydro.
The Anemoboxer only shields their teammates in regular intervals but can be dispatched rather quickly, so it doesn’t necessarily need Anemo.
But the Geochanter summons a geo shield which needs to be cancelled by Geo.

You will need the correct elements in both halves to make this work or you will run out of time since you don’t do enough damage when their shields are active.

And the Cryo Skirmisher is a pain the ass since he does SSS tier damage which is hard to dodge when you are near him.

For the first team I would suggest:

Pyro, Electro, Cryo and Geo.

Your second team will need:

Pyro, Hydro, cryo and geo

The issue here is since you actually NEED the elements, it can be hard for many people because you might not HAVE these elements 2 times. so we will need to compensate with raw damage. If you don’t have 2 cryo characters, put your only one in the first team. I wouldn’t state character names, but sinc eyou got to this floor, you will have received Xiangling. Which means you can put Amber in the first team and xiangling in the second. You can switch it around but I believe this is better. If you roled on the beginner banner, you will also have noelle. Put her in the first team and Geo traveller in the second. Lisa and Kaeya in the first team and Barbara in the second. This will be your ultimate team setup if both teams have a Main DPS among them. Like I said, I don’t like naming specific characters but this floor is a major pain in the butt and you need specifications in slots.

The chambers will go as follows:

First 2 skirmishers spawn and upon their death, 3 skirmishers take their place. After the 5 are defeated, that half of the chamber is done.

If a chamber has a Hydrogunner, this one NEEDS priority as he heals a buttload to his companions. Defeat him ASAP. Then you shift your focus to the Cryogunner while evading the other skirmisher left.

Whenever they pop their shields, swap to the opposing element and dispatch their shields and continue the damage with your Main DPS.

If there are multiple Skirmishers on the battlefield, aim for this priority list: Hydrogunners, Cryogunners, Anemoboxers, Electro Hammers, Geo chanters and then Pyroslingers.

Pyroslingers are extremely easy to dodge and they won’t come at you. So keep them last.

Geochanters only cast a shield to protect their allies so he will be mostly rooted to one spot so not really that much danger.

Electro hammer has quite a range on his charge attacks but still easily dodged. only look out for his 3 part swings. You might think his pattern is done but another swing might be around the corner.

The anemoboxer sucks you into his melee range so be especially careful when you see him to this.

The cryogunner swings his weapons back and forth in a wide arc spraying cryo on your face. You will eat an enormous amount of damage if you stay inside this and the attack lasts forever.

Taking his shield out from afar is the way to go since he falls to his feet afterward. Then you kill him.

Hydrogunner heals, so He must go as soon as possible.

13:00 *Floor 8*

I was genuinly surprized about this one. it was easier than floor 7 in my honest opinion.

Ley Line Disorder: When HP is under 60%, ATK and DEF increased by 50%. When HP is under 45%, Normal ATK and movement spead increased by 30%. When HP is under 30%, Crit rate increased by 20% and Crit DMG by 40%.

Chamber 1 first half has Cryo and Hydro abyss mages Second half has Pyro abyss mages

Chamber 2 first half has a ruin guard, backed by a bunch of hilichurls. second half as well but pyro based hilichurls.

Chamber 3 first half is a cryo regisvine and second half a pyro regisvine.

All level 70

You might have already guessed it since it is obvious from the other floors as well.

First team needs pyro and second team needs Hydro.

I would suggest to pair both of these with Electro if possible for better reactions on all chambers. The reason I found this floor easy is due to the fact that the bosses in here are focusable. Sure the ruin guard backed by the hilichurls might pose a bigger threat, but with the right focus, it’s really easy.

If possible and you have 2 anemo characters, be sure to divide them amongst the teams as well to gather those hilichurls. On chamber 2, be sure to stay close to the ruin guard and focus him first since he can shoot the rockets when you get far away.

The regisvines just need their shields depleted by their counter element. Then just burst them down!

We all have done the regisvines now so it will be second nature disposing of them.

And there you go! All floors completed! You can now level up some more and try to get 3 stars on all of the chambers if you weren’t able to do it before.

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